14 Apr 19

Well there’s no confirmed entrants, or even a confirmed formatting for the next PPV. But SkyBet have today released the early betting odds for the annual multi man ladder match. At this moment in time, the bookmakers favour Drew McIntyre to become Mr. MITB with odds of 5/2. Andrade is the second favourite at 8/1, […]

13 Mar 19
Thomas Attwater Level 2 FMP

Costume Designer What does a Costume Designer do? – A Costume Designer creates the costumes for the actors/extras so that they can get into they characters. A costume can really tell you where or when a production is taken place. Like to say if you’re in the American old west, You’ll may were something like […]

22 Sep 18
Corporate Dispatch

Libyan businessman, Husni Bey, told Libyan Express on Thursday that branding the decrees issued by the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj as an economic reform package is an overstatement in reality as those decrees have nothing to do with any economic reform on the ground. Bey said he wished Al-Sirraj lifted subsidies or […]