18 Feb 19
The Ink on the Page

Last year the North Carolina Libary Associations’ Roundtable for Minority Ethnic Concerns (NCLA REMCo) invited me to join their Cultural Conversation’s slate.  Below is the webinar I led, titled “Exploring (de)Authenticity: Impact on PoC, Implications for Practice.” The webinar reflects a joint effort between me and the racial/ethnic minority academic librarians who offered me data […]

16 Feb 19
De Derde Dimensie in het Onderwijs

In de 60er jaren van de vorige eeuw begon ik als leraar natuurkunde op een Havo in Rotterdam. Die eerste ervaringen hebben diepe sporen nagelaten in mijn verdere ontwikkeling. Sporen die doorlopen tot aan mijn proefschrift in 2016[1], en tot aan de paragraaf die ik nu ga schrijven.

14 Feb 19

Polarisatie over CO₂-heffing is onnodig, een compromis ligt binnen handbereik (Remco de Boer, Expert/fd, 14-2-19) Voor het oprapen Een compromis over CO₂-reductie in de industrie ligt voor het oprapen. Dat partijen dat nog niet hebben gedaan, zou je ‘politiek’ kunnen noemen. Liever vergroten ze hun verschillen uit dan dat ze die overbruggen. Maar daarmee nemen […]

13 Feb 19
Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News

A crypto asset exchange, LATOKEN has agreed to list tokens of REMCO software, a distributed utility token-generating platform for money transfer. “With this new listing on the LATOKEN trading platform, the REMCO security tokens will allow smooth conversion between token and fiat. LATOKEN’s innovative approach appealed to us,” said CEO of REMCO Software, Peter Ojo. […]

12 Feb 19
OD Musings

Your board plays a crucial role. Are you maximizing the way they contribute to your organization’s goals and success? The last thing you want is for board governance to be just a box that you check; whether you’re the CEO or a participating board member, nonprofit or corporate. I am often asked for recommendations to […]

12 Feb 19
Security Token Newspaper

Remco has just entered into an agreement to list its tokens on Latoken, a leading digital assets trading platform, through a licensed broker. This agreement is an important foundational element to the ongoing REMCO Security Token Offering, one of the first security token listings in the world. REMCO Software is building the world’s first distributed […]

12 Feb 19
Daily cycling domestique

The journey of young riders into the pro peloton has varied an incredible amount over the last 20 years. From the height of the era of doping to the era of electric motors (This is a joke), riders have always found different ways to enter the pro ranks, at different ages and with differing levels […]

12 Feb 19

Such a lot of cycling since I last put virtual pen to paper…and it’s still only February! There’s been action on the roads on three continents, the world cyclo-cross championships and track action from Berlin, Copenhagen and Melbourne. Contrary to (un)popular belief, they don’t race the wrong way round on the Aussie tracks, but even […]

11 Feb 19
No Treble

I got to catch bassist Remco Hendrix playing a the Duvoisin booth at NAMM, and it led me to check out more of the company’s instruments. This week we’re looking at their Fat Standard Bass “Satin Prince of Olivewood,” which was part of a limited run of instruments featuring olive tops.

10 Feb 19
Enschede Canals concept

@rubenjalbrecht realized we were far behind on schedule and needed to subdivide tasks evenly so that we all had focus on the right thing. I send out a message for each person containing a to do for the next weeks. I did this to make it clear what needed to be done an who will […]

09 Feb 19
Radio Control and Control Line

Remco Shark never used in box Battery driven U-Control Racing Car – Buy – Remco Shark never used in box Battery driven U-Control Racing Car

08 Feb 19
Paul Donker Duyvis Photography

Gerard Fieret – Sanne Sannes – Paul Donker Duyvis Models & More Gerard Fieret (1924 – 2009) “Ik wil het allemaal hebben. Mislukte foto’s bestaan niet.” – G.P. Fieret Er is vrijwel geen oeuvre zo eigenzinnig en merkwaardig als dat van Gerard Petrus Fieret (1924-2009). Deze markante fotograaf legde op obsessieve wijze alles vast […]

07 Feb 19
Electronic, Battery and Wind-Up

Vintage Rare 1964 Remco U.S.S. Hawkeye Pom-Pom Gun with original Box – Buy – Vintage Rare 1964 Remco U.S.S. Hawkeye Pom-Pom Gun with original Box

06 Feb 19
The iStill Blog

Today I visited Gert and Remco from Den Hool Whisky. They make whisky, from grain to glass. The barley is grown on their own farm. They malt the barley in house. They use a fully specced iStill 500 to mash and distill their whisky and produce, in the winter months, around a barrel per week. […]

06 Feb 19
The Security Ledger

Researchers have discovered a new cyber-espionage campaign targeting the organization representing the exiled Tibetan government.

06 Feb 19
JP's restobar

JP’s RESTOBAR Get a glimpse behind the scenes with JP’s Restobar’s blog. With cooking tips, seasonal recipes, culinary trends and background articles. We enjoy sharing our culinary secrets with our guests. Did this whet your appetite for mor The chef de cuisine at JP’s Restobar, the light and airy restaurant next door.has been cooking since […]