22 Feb 19
Duck and Cover

This market is all the money. Since 2008 they have been buying this market straight up, without pause. Money flows into the system and that money has to go to work. While the added money dilutes the product, it takes more of it to do the same job, hence stocks go up! When the music’s […]

20 Feb 19
Duck and Cover

Weather as a guide to your future happiness, and a mea culpa It may snow at the lower elevations here in Southern California, the first time in fifty years. Lyndon Johnson was president then, and we were going deeper into Vietnam. The Great Society was a distant prelude to “Making America Great Again”, and nothing is more ironic than […]

20 Feb 19
Duck and Cover

No kidding when investors are afraid they buy gold. Here’s the chart since 2007, it actually got a bit dicier in 2011, and at that point, Operation Twist I believe, things calmed down noticeably. Complacency is the opposite of panic? Just to appreciate the potential in this ratio, gold actually lost value during the financial […]

18 Feb 19
Duck and Cover

We step back a little here and get the bigger picture. We can see the first major high which results in a pullback at B1. The previous high, now support on the SPY is 277.15 or so, and we are barely above that this AM (2/19) and I would be not be surprised if we […]

15 Feb 19
Duck and Cover

Reference the left side on this chart on the other post, Day Trading the SPY. The conclusions from that chart: Markets often collapse of their own weight. In trading terms “exhaustion”. Now we have another chapter in the story. After the selloff from 273 1/3, the SPY dropped to around 268. At that point it […]

13 Feb 19
Duck and Cover

Oracle is a cloud computing company. Been trading in a wide range, if you want to consider that volatility take off one point right here. The support line looks solid and there are far more tests at the resistance level, which is where this seems to want to go. The AD line is not too […]

12 Feb 19
North of Oxford

A few places to visit on the web Everything Literary Reflecting themes of nature, environment and ecology. Everything Literary in Boston Everything Casey Wildlife Conservation The Literary Page Beyond Borders Books and Coffee And you can visit with our contributing editors Diane Sahms-Guarnieri g emil reutter […]

09 Feb 19
Duck and Cover

I had another post with lots of charts, but I made the mistake of trying a new feature, and to paraphrase the banker in that episode of South Park where Stan deposits $100, the banker says “and poof it’s gone..” Oh well maybe the reprint will be better, bad WordPress, very bad… The size […]

08 Feb 19
Duck and Cover

Apologize for the grainy photo. Its a multi-day chart, 5 minute I believe. Let’s call it anatomy of a top, in real time. Because I don’t have all the answers. We begin with the high at A, on 2/5 at 11am. We didn’t know it was the high until later than day, and we could draw […]

03 Feb 19
Duck and Cover

Bob Dale was the best weatherman in San Diego, ever. In those days the national weather service wasn’t the deep state think tank that it is today. Bob knew weather because he was a pilot, he looked at the weather the way a pilot would see it. He was a treasure trove of information in […]

31 Jan 19

The radiator is composed of tubes that carry the coolant fluid, a protective cap that’s actually a pressure valve and a tank on each side to catch the coolant fluid overflow.The radiator cap acts as a release valve set to open at the maximum pressure point. According to this study, over the next five years […]

30 Jan 19
Rick Carey's Collector Car Auction Reports

Worldwide Auctioneers brought an unusually varied docket to their Scottsdale auction which kicks off the succession of auctions in parallel with Barrett-Jackson. Older cars were particularly prevalent, both in the sense of their age and in regard to their aged appearance. Barn finds? Absolutely, but also several unrestored or repainted largely original pieces such as […]

28 Jan 19

One of the most lively series of conferences on applied category theory is ‘SYCO’: the Symposium on Compositional Structures. And the next one is coming soon! • Symposium on Compositional Structures 3, University of Oxford, 27-28 March, 2019. The Symposium on Compositional Structures (SYCO) is an interdisciplinary series of meetings aiming to support the growing […]