23 May 19
Duck and Cover

I didn’t bother to draw the lines, the IEF, 7-10yr bond fund, principal value, has been in distribution since late March, with particular emphasis on the recent rally from about May 1. Owners of this security are selling into strength. This is the complementary DTYS, 10 yr yield, it has been under accumulation during the […]

22 May 19
Corp! Magazine

On May 11, WMU-Cooley Law School and Lansing-based Cardboard Prophets joined together for the second “Street Law Stand Down” in Lansing’s Reutter Park. In addition to legal services, governmental and social agencies were on hand to offer various services to the area’s indigent.

21 May 19
Duck and Cover

This chart is very bullish I think, since speculators in these leveraged ETFs don’t hold on to them long, and accumulation really is antithetical. There was an unconfirmed new high on the 13th and we can take a lot from that as it occurred on a modest volume. I am also liking the way price […]

19 May 19

A few of our MSSC team just finished their 5th dryland Speed Skating session with Katherine Reutter-Adamek..she is a World Champion and 2 X Olympic Medalist…she is right smack in the middle of the photo…she is the Right Stuff..     I look forward to using some of her techniques and drills this summer at […]

19 May 19
Black Tacho Exclusive Cars

A strive for technological advancement in motor car performance drove the motorsport industry in the 1920s and 1930s, resulting in some of the most iconic race cars of the period, which served as great sources of national pride. The advent of World War II saw Professor Ferdinand Porsche forced to shift focus to a car […]

17 May 19
News Archives Uk

Albany County Albany Petra Maxwell bought a property on Hamilton Street 380 from Nancy Wawrla for 412,000 USD. Matthew Toporowski Purchased a property in the 36 First St. by Michael Watson for $ 280,000. Jeremy Dudley and Kristina Clarke bought a property on Cambridge Road 45 from Justin Hawkins for $ 240,000. Sharon Heyward bought […]

16 May 19
Duck and Cover

“You didn’t think little Donald Segretti did all this, do you?”… Above is the Dow Jones Industrials from 1990 to 2000. This was a period of strong stock market gains and the A/D line was strong as well. The 90’s was the decade when electronic trading was first announced. Once stock traders were no longer […]

15 May 19

PT KONTAK PERKASA SURABAYA – Mobil tertua yang pernah diproduksi oleh Porsche pada tahun 1939 adalah mobil pribadi dari pendirinya sendiri, Ferdinand Porsche. Mobil ini adalah paling bersejarah dari semua mobil yang pernah dibuat Porsche dan sekarang dilelang di Monterey RM Auctions pada 15 Agustus mendatang. Mobil ini merupakan ambisi Ferdinand Porsche yang ingin membuat […]

08 May 19
Duck and Cover

More on the end of Trump. The Mueller report was embarrassing in ways only an unsophisticated red state voter would understand. Somebody pulled back the curtain on the Great Oz. He is impotent it seems, a criminal without a gang. He is a drug dealer selling aspirin. There were some funny movies about that. News […]

04 May 19
Duck and Cover

Those who lived through the 70’s remember a few things. A lost decade for the stock market, unemployment, inflation, warehouse stores and generic products. High gas prices. We still have the warehouse stores and high gas prices. I feel ready to post My Gold Manifesto. To start lets say what’s wrong with gold as […]

01 May 19
North of Oxford

. By g emil reutter . Poet Michael A. Griffith writes in the opening poem of this collection, Polyglot: . To know true meanings and speak plain as whales tell no lies in their arias and bees are never false in their dance . To whisper a word to the wind and make the hurricane […]

01 May 19
News Directory

DRAWING – It is a good time for developers in Lansing region. Lansing City Council approved the Red Cedar project along Michigan Avenue last week. Construction work has commenced on the foreshore corner of Abbot Road and Blackwater Avenue in the center of East Lansing. This is another development in the Lansing area to maintain […]