Rico Nasty

16 Jul 19
Wrasslin Guy Reviews

Raw is Raw was happening on a real long island in the city of apples, New York. Mr Potato Head Speaks What a way to consummate the Galaxian Universal world Champions title for Bork Lessner by listening to some real good country music through the speakers on his world championship title of the universe. Mr […]

16 Jul 19

Rico Nasty proves she’s not one to be played with in her 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle. Rico Nasty also keeps it consistent with the creativity in her 2019 XXL Freshman interview.

16 Jul 19

Stop telling women what to rap about I go on several journeys when shuffling through the latest mixtapes, albums, and…

16 Jul 19
Musteno's Blog

07/15/19: Note: MustenoBlog.wordpress.com. A news synthesizing blog to inform, educate and entertain. As Albert Einstein said: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” This is Blog #119. To read the others just continue to scroll down. They are in order by date. Some are about politics (Mon), others are about the Military (Weds) and still others […]

15 Jul 19
Cassius | born unapologetic | News, Style, Culture

Hot girls were around generations before ours, and there’s levels to this sh*t.

15 Jul 19
Baffled Stereo

If you’re oblivious to the immense female talent that’s currently thriving in the rap world, here’s a few resources…

15 Jul 19
In Da News TV Daily

In response to Jermaine Dupri’s comments on People TV on Thursday, Cardi B stated that she raps about what she raps about because that’s what it seems like her fans want to hear. Jermaine Dupri, is not only the founder of So So Def Records, but is also a well-known producer responsible for numerous hit […]

14 Jul 19
99th District Tea Party

The president of the United States on Sunday urged some women in Congress to go back to the countries from which they came. The problem — beyond the nasty historical overtones of such a sentiment, of course — is that three of the four women about whom he is talking were born in the United […]

14 Jul 19
Rap Music Ratings

Anger Management – Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats – 7.8 Despite this tape being 19 minutes in length, it may be short but it’s anything but sweet. From opening track Cold, Rico goes for the throat. Her delivery is sharp and malicious over some booming production from Kenny Beats. It gets more melodic and softer […]

12 Jul 19

Though not a rapper, Ari Lennox joined her fellow women in hip-hop in frying the 46-year-old producer for his ill-informed comments.