23 Apr 19
Luiz Store

Relojes RipCurl son para disfrutar del tiempo, no importa el deporte que practiques, dónde viajes, con quién estés, vayas donde vayas, tu reloj RipCurl siempre irá contigo. El reloj de RipCurl son los más durables y resistente.

Relojes robustos, funcionales, elegantes, con diseños actuales y novedosos, relojes preparados para medir el tiempo en cualquier condición, incluso en situaciones extremas!

18 Apr 19

Today’s surf was nothing special. Small Winkipop, no signs of any good waves coming through the hallowed Bells lineup, but oh well, A start is a start. 58th time around the sun down in Victoria for the Ripcurl Pro Bells Beach. The morning started slow. Really slow. Call at 6:45am. On hold till 7:45am. 7:45 call, […]

16 Apr 19

Mobile phones, can you imagine living without that magical device in your pocket? Phones have become an integral part of our everyday life’s, with 87% of people owning a phone over a laptop, and over 49% of consumers using their phone to access social media (Yellow Social Media Report 2018). Mobile marketing has grown exponentially […]

15 Apr 19
Caravan Correspondent

The Ripcurl Pro Bells Beach is on from Wednesday 17 April to Saturday 27 April 2019. We landed in Torquay just before the event this year and took a look at the famous surfing hot spot of Bells Beach.

15 Apr 19
Pacific Union College Admissions Blog

As one of our most interactive departments, visual arts is known for producing student work of the highest quality. This artistic and collaborative community strives to provide real-world experiences, preparing students for their future careers. Learn more about PUC’s department of visual arts at and discover the creative pathways available to you in a […]

14 Apr 19
Stefan, on the run

Friday, April 12th, 2019 Day 14 of Mayan Discovery by G-adventures tour Todays G-adventures itinerary: “Enjoy a free day to explore the Mayan ruins of Tulúm, visit one of the many cenotes or the diving mecca of Cozumel. Enjoy dinner at a G Adventures-supported community restaurant with a youth-focused art program. Your G for Good […]

14 Apr 19
Stefan, on the run

Thursday, April 11th, 2019 Day 13 of Mayan Discovery by G-adventures tour Todays G-adventures itinerary: “Full travel day to reach Playa del Carmen, the last stop of the adventure. Head to Playa del Carmen, located on the beach just a 45-minute drive south of Cancún. Enjoy some nightlife, buy last minute souvenirs and relax and […]

12 Apr 19

Recently I caught up with Vice President of the club and Torquay Boardriders nominee for the Ripcurl Pro Trials ‘Harry Mann’ to chat to him about some moments from his illustrious surfing career as well as talking about his roles in the Surf-Coast region helping to develop our rising junior stars.  Mann, a former competitor on […]

04 Apr 19
Grimesy surf journal

‘Wow, there’s not much beach today.’ This sentence encapsulates the deep knowledge I had of the ocean until about 3 years ago. The tide continuously rises and falls? Who knew? Rips? They are a mythical legend designed by parents, to scare children into sitting down quietly until their suncream’s sunk in, right? A behaviour management […]

31 Mar 19

Shameless in its hypocrisy, utterly stupid in its transparency Jenny Hill and her team claim honours they WERE NOT awarded, in a bumbled bit of cheap campaigning chicanery. For all that, The Pie owes Jenny Hill an apology or does he? Could it be that he err short-changed her when writing about the LGAQ last […]

20 Mar 19

Here’s some of the links I found for the bikinis. I have a couple of discount codes below for specific websites, go check them out! Thanks for watching, like, subscribe and share!!! High [NCS Release] – JPB | NoCopyrightSounds (No Copyright Music) Our Social Media’s: Instagram: @cassnrache Cassidy- ◍ Instagram: @cassidylevin ◍ Twitter: @cassidylevin Rachel- […]

18 Mar 19

Découvrez en vidéo les plus beaux maillots de bain et toutes les tendances de l’été 2014 ! Retrouvez toutes les plus grandes marques : Banana Moon, Roxy, Ripcurl, Acacia Swimwear, Huit, Insight, Kiwi, Albertine et bien d’autres. A découvrir sur

17 Mar 19

A bikini must look good and feel good! Rip Curl’s #MyBikini Summer 2016/17 range covers all of these needs. From the land and sea patterns of the Del Sol Collection, the technical advancements of the Mirage collection to the design of the Mia Flores Collection, Rip Curl’s My Bikini Summer 2016/17 range is perfect for […]

16 Mar 19
Dougal Adrift

I soloed the Nullarbor, and made it with podcasts, 90’s & 00’s music blaring out, and maintaining a chilled speed of 80km (My van is a vintage 1990’s  starwagon that I may not have had serviced since my Kirup days🤫).