22 Apr 19

Fu una sera, di domenica, al ritorno da una lunga passeggiata. Comincia così Il lume dell’altra casa (L. Pirandello), una storia, secondo noi, d’un giovanotto che, dopo aver subito l’abuso violento del padre, ha represso, in modo diligente ed instancabile, la propria personalità… lo fa per isolarsi / proteggersi dai suoi ricordi indicibilmente dolorosi. All’inizio della […]

19 Apr 19

The fastest growing restaurant group “Godavari” has launched a unique concept for the Downtowns naming it as “Vaanga – A Crazy Indian Joint”. This is a unique concept that is designed for Downtowns especially with a lot of Corporate traffic. The first location was opened in Downtown BOSTON with a tremendous response. Vaanga’s unique concept […]

06 Apr 19

L’uccello impagliato (L. Pirandello) è una meravigliosa storia che esamina i concetti di destino e sorte. (Un lettore americano, dopo aver finito la novella, potrebb’esser tentato di dire che L’uccello impagliato è “off the chart” o “out of sight” o “tru dat”!) Iniziamo oggi con le definizioni. ‘Destino’ si riferisce a uno ‘stato o risultato predeterminato o […]

03 Apr 19
Toga Care Aps

10 years of art & culture work in Kathmandu. An evaluation of what we have (and haven’t) achieved with the part of our Tings Project only a few know about.

BUSINESScomPASSION as we call it.

23 Mar 19
Marianna Morè

“For four terrible days a tenacious storm chased them on the waves, while the ship enjoyed that struggle. The sailors gathered on the forecastle to praise the agility and solidity of the vessel. And in the meantime Henry was exultant like a young god. The excitement of the wind was his excitement. He stood on the […]

19 Mar 19
Shop Set Save

Jela ke ebon kwalok juon naan ejab mol. Aolep abwinono ko am, im jemelele ko, naij wod aer uak makeke ne kwe dore ilo comment kan. KOBA MARON ej #2 elikin #1 EO ar mij ion drabel bwe kij woj en maron in mour non ad kanaan. Ilo etan JESUS CHRIST GOD BLESS. Wunin eo […]

18 Mar 19
Diplomacy Old and New 2018a

  Public Diplomacy is the ability to communicate, to create alliances and to achieve greater influence in the global scene. This term was first described in the information material of the “influence public attitudes in the formation and execution of foreign policies. It comprises dimensions of international relations beyond traditional diplomacy. In the era of […]

17 Mar 19
Shiga Rivers - Greg Peterson in Japan

Field recording of strong wind blowing through a bamboo grove with many dry and fallen trees, aircraft and nearby traffic

08 Mar 19
Kentang Translation

AKHIRNYA MAIN HEROINE DAN WAIFU DATANG ~~ (*^▽^)/          \(*´▽`*) Chapter 7: Putri Kerajaan yang tidak dapat menjadi rekan pahlawan Penerjemah : Kentang-Sama

07 Mar 19
Kentang Translation

Chapter 6 Keluar !!! yaah hari ini tidak ada yang spesial. SELAMAT MEMBACA ~~ TN : DEMON LORD ARMY = Pasukan Raja Iblis ╰(✧∇✧)╯          ╰(✧∇✧)╯ Chapter 6: Pahlawan Lit dan Red yang biasa Penerjemah : Kentang-Sama

03 Mar 19
Ritto Online

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

12 Feb 19
Traveling Teacher: Adventures and Lessons of Teaching in a Foreign Country

Recently, Pat, Lydia and I took a road trip to Khao Yai national park. It’s located about an hour from Ongkharak and 20 minutes from Prachin Buri, where Pat lives. It’s full of wild monkeys, elephants, snakes, waterfalls and gorgeous views. Dinner Dates As I mentioned earlier, Khao Yai is a national park in central […]

10 Feb 19
Free Karaoke Download

Karaoke of Ritto Ritto Chhu Ma by Siva Pariyar [Filmy Karaoke] Download at http://bit.ly/2tht5Mx We provide only some reference links of specific Karaoke (Music Track) to help newly bloomed singer who wants themselves to keep singing or doing Sur Sadhana all the time. We are not responsible about privacy governed by other 3rd party site.

10 Feb 19
Fullerton Observer

Nine pedestrians were hit by a suspected impaired driver in the area of 100 W. Santa Fe, in downtown Fullerton at 1:48am Sunday, February 10th. Fullerton PD arrived on the scene to find a Toyota Tacoma had driven up onto the sidewalk striking 9 pedestrians before hitting a tree and coming to a stop. Multiple […]