20 Jan 19
Domesticity at its finest!

My mom asked me what I should get for someone who recently had a baby. The more babies I’ve had, the fewer baby items I’ve kept. Having just another thing to pick up doesn’t ease my mothering experience. I have become pickier about what I buy and about what I allow to stay in our […]

13 Jan 19
MCM Mama Runs

Over the last year, I’ve found myself focusing more and more on making better choices – fewer processed foods, products with fewer questionable chemicals, and products that are better for the environment. It’s not really a “new” thing for me – I work for a company that specializes in assisting organizations that promote water conservation […]

11 Jan 19
The App Sphere

BeFrugal is a mobile function that compliments their website and combines cash-back, coupons, freebies, giveaways, sweepstakes, and resources for finances to save on huge purchases, traveling, and retail and food purchases.

19 Dec 18
Frequent Miler

Travel Mileage/Points Increases Merchant Best Rate on 12/18/2018 Best Rate on12/17/2018 Banana Republic 5 (2) mi./$ 4 pt./$ Best Rate History Banana Republic Factory 4 (2) mi./$ 2 mi./$ Best Rate History Cate & Chloe 5 mi./$ Best Rate History D Delight LLC 5 mi./$ Best Rate History Eileen FIsher 4 (3) mi./$ 3 mi./$ […]

23 Nov 18
Tall Writer

NOTE: check for availability, release date, and other information. This holiday season express your love to family and friends with some outstanding gifts that blend practical use, fun, and innovation. The Comfy sweatshirt/blanket speaks for itself. It’s very comfortable, reversible, and fits everyone. The Denali home collection offers comfortable coverage in warm or cold weather […]

22 Nov 18
Clarks Condensed - Family, Easy Recipes, Cricut Ideas, and More

Not sure of what gifts for your baby at Christmas should be? Here is a list of fun and practical ideas that will be perfect for any baby! Gift for Baby at Christmas Baby’s First Christmas. The most magical day of the year! Well- it’s a milestone, to say the least. Whether it is your […]

19 Nov 18
Surgeon Wife Life

There are a LOT of girls in my house! Here are my gift suggestions for little girls, based on my personal experience, in case you have a little girl or know a little girl and are buying for them this year!

03 Oct 18
The App Sphere

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