Rogue State

25 Apr 19
Wondering Eagle

Zach McCoy who pastors at the EFCA’s Redemption Church in Houston, Texas wrote a post a few years back on why we need each other. Zach was trying to sell people on his view of church. This is me just asking a lot of questions and posing a response.

25 Apr 19
Repeating Islands

Catherine Morris analyzes the Brexit saga and its effects on UK-Caribbean relations. See the St. Lucia Star for the full article. Morris writes: With Britain facing yet another deadline — present an approved divorce deal to the EU by October 31 or risk whatever political goodwill remains — the formerly staunch European trading partner faces […]

25 Apr 19
Life After Elizabeth

It’s like Sydney is the brother who is Brad Pitt attractive, good at sports, intelligent and annoyingly perfect at most things, while Melbourne is the shorter less attractive one who makes up for it by being cultured, artistic, and wears a leather jacket with Dr. Martens boots.