27 Nov 18

A stereo system is a way of playing sound that appears more realistic as the sound comes from two speakers or channels. Amplifier is a device that increases the signal strength of an electronic input. Stereo or AV (Audio/ Video) receiver amplifier receives low power electronic sound from an outside source and amplifies or increases […]

30 Oct 18
david susilo UNCENSORED

all photos were taken by Dancia Susilo I heard the name Roksan when I was growing up in Australia. Some of my friends’ parents owned the company’s CD player and integrated amps, usually coupled with the Dual turntable, wired with Monster Cables, and set up with Monitor Audio speakers. I never really had the chance […]

14 May 18

Having been in the Audio industry since October 1978, I pride myself in giving exceptional customer service to my clients. I have been representing various brands for the past 18 years and find myself always on the lookout for what is new and exciting in our industry. It’s a fun job, but someone’s gotta do it!


10 May 18
Shutter and Butter

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

03 Mar 18
Martin Anastasovski Blog

Statements made by UN mediator Matthew Nimetz following his meetings (Feb 2) with Macedonian foreign minister Dimitrov and President Ivanov, invited a response from the Greek diplomatic corps which doubled-down on the country’s position regarding the identity of Macedonians. In order words, the government of Greece stated publicly that the identity of the Macedonian people […]

28 Feb 18
Roxanne Rociento

I. CNN(CABLE NEWS NETWORK) – CNN Philippines is a franchise of CNN in an american cable satellite and satellite television news channel owned by the Turner Broadcasting System. It was once called Solar News System before it became official in October 2014, its first airing in the Philippines locally is back on January 2015. To […]

27 Feb 18

I recently managed to pick up a broken Roksan Kandy MKIII Integrated Amplifier from a friend. The unit would power on but wouldn’t switch to the different inputs and therefore couldn’t produce any sound. After taking the unit apart and performing some diagnostics I found that there was a break in the switching circuit board. […]

23 Jan 18

Os equipamentos de áudio da inglesa Roksan Audio agora são distribuídos no Brasil pela Mediagear e você encontra aqui na Bridge Áudio. Confira um pouco da história do fabricante neste post e no link para seu site. ABOUT ROKSAN A British company founded over thirty years ago, Roksan is one of the most recognised names in the audio industry. […]

18 Jan 18

my packaging class

Roksan Samoğlurothman, packaging design for locally produced products, 2017.

17 Jan 18
Audio Gold

Great power amp very detailed and balanced sound.
Roksan have the rep!
Input Impedance: 38 kΩ
Input Sensitivity: 700mV RMS
Signal Inputs: Left & Right channels
Signal Outputs: Chain Output L & R Channels
Power Outputs: Loudspeaker, L & R
Output Power:> 85 Watts continuous, into 8ohm; both channels driven; 120 Watts continuous, into 4ohm; both channels driven
Power Supply: 330VA Ultra Low Noise Toroidal Transformer
Current Output: 50 Amps Peak to Peak
Damping Factor: & gt; 140 (8ohm)
Frequency response: -3dB, 100kHz
Gain: 30.7dB
Harmonic Distortion: <0.003% 1 kHz – 8 ohm <0.003% 1 kHz – 4 ohm Signal to Noise Ratio:> 116dB (ref 70W, 8ohm)
Dimension: 432 x 330 x 70 (W x D x H) mm 432 x 330 x 85 (including feet)
Weigth: 10 Kg

10 Jan 18

Roksan Kandy L3 Integrated Amplifier w/ MM Phono Stage – Made in England – Buy – Roksan Kandy L3 Integrated Amplifier w/ MM Phono Stage – Made in England

29 Dec 17
Clau's thoughts

As 2017 comes to an end, I have been inspired by people’s reflections and musings on this past year and have decided to join in (and create a blog?!). It is often that I find myself amazed and scared by how fast time passes by. Unable to truly comprehend how quickly things change, I do […]