24 May 19
taeyoung lee photography

집에 굴러다니던 똑딱이 필름카메라를 발견해서 필름을 넣고 사진을 찍어보았다. 기억이 어렴풋하지만 대략 15년은 더 이전에 구입했던 것 같은데 아직도 쌩쌩하게 잘 기능을 해주니 감사할 따름이다. 필름카메라의 거의 끝물에 그러니깐 비교적 후기에 개발된 카메라라서 그런지 다른 똑딱이 필름 카메라에 비해서 잔고장이 적기로 유명하다. 36mm f2.6의 밝은 조리개에 1/1000초 셔터타임을 지원해주는 고마운 카메라다.

23 May 19

Rollei Rolleiflex 6006 (6×6) 220 Roll Film Magazine – 100% SUPERB! — QCC Pride – Buy – Rollei Rolleiflex 6006 (6×6) 220 Roll Film Magazine – 100% SUPERB! — QCC Pride

23 May 19
Down the Road

I’ve updated my review of the seriously small Rollei 35 B, a 35mm camera.

23 May 19
Photo A Day

Film with an ISO of 100 is not easy to shoot in the often dark Pacific Northwest. Shooting it with a zone focus Rollei 35 adds to the challenge. But when it works, the results can be fabulous. May 17, 2019       May 18, 2017     May 19, 2019 For a review […]

19 May 19

Time has a habit of slipping by quietly, and if you aren’t hyper-vigilant, weeks, months, or years can pass between seeing old friends. This year I wanted to get better at that, and make sure I carved out opportunities where possible. Visiting my old teenage festival pals down south was especially important, as it had […]

19 May 19
Chiusano Photography: The Blog

We spent the month of February in Sarasota, FL at a rented upper floor of a house of some friends. I took a lot of what I would call “snapshots”, but also got some interesting photos which I include below. I had three cameras with me, one my Rolleiflex 3.5f  film camera, and two digital […]

19 May 19
Photo A Day

Finished a roll of Ilford HP5 Plus 400. Developed and scanned by Moonphoto Date Unknown August 2017 Date Unknown May 11, 2019 May 18, 2019  

17 May 19
Casual Photophile

Ricoh’s user manual describes the GR1v in the typically understated fashion used by many Japanese companies as an “Ultra Slim 135 Film Format AF Camera.” And it’s certainly all of that. It’s also gorgeous, solidly made, and exceptionally capable. If this machine were made in another country, its manual would inevitably use a more self-celebratory […]

17 May 19
Chuck The Writer

With the exception of photographing a few snowflakes during the winter, the cameras have stayed on the shelf for WAY too long.  And I needed to get them back in my hands and back out shooting. Trust me.  I’ve got an itch that only a camera can scratch. Last Saturday, I packed my three-dimensional Nimslo […]

17 May 19

Nikon FE, Rollei RPX400 tirata a 3200 ISO e Rollei Infrared 400 lungo il cammino d’Assisi. Ideato e realizzato da Gerardo Bonomo. Un articolo a quattro mani: Andrea Zambelli, fotografo e cineasta in erba ha percorso 185 chilometri lungo il Cammino d’Assisi, armato di una Nikon FE e un obiettivo Nikon 28mm, oltre a diverse […]

15 May 19
Market Reports Updates...

Global Action Camera Market Report covers detailed competitive outlook including the Action Camera Industry share and company profiles of the key participants operating in the global market. The Action Camera market report provides an in-depth overview of Product Specification, technology, product type and production analysis considering major factors such as Revenue, Cost, Gross and Gross Margin. View […]

12 May 19
F/8 and Getting There: Film Photography in the Digital World

So I was downtown, running errands and I came back across the tracks into the old city. I had to slow down, not because of the tracks (my suspension is piss-poor to begin with) but because there’s a defunct gas station where the cops hide out just on this side of the tracks, as if […]