Rolly Toys

18 Jul 19
saarths world

Good morning friends, I hope you all are good,today I want to share with you,”your home any pets?”,some people like pets.I know some people home pets like cat,puppy…etc. you can read my title “Bingo or Rolly”,this is story of two puppies brothers,both can make a good team work and also slove the problem of Bob. […]

16 Jul 19
Corpus Christi Home

Today I don’t eat any kind of animal. I was taught by my grandmother not hurt animals. When I was about six years old I did horrible things. I would catch a bee with my hands and then let them go. I continued this activity until I got strung. I got mad at the bees […]

06 Jul 19
Charlotte L Tracey

In November of 2006, I got a seasonal job working at Toys R Us. They were hiring basically anybody who walked through the door because it was the holiday season and they needed SO MANY PEOPLE. Working at Toys R Us was a lot. There were early mornings and a lot of late evenings where […]

04 Jul 19
Golden Era

Ryan Alexander Jeanson was born on February 11, 1999. When he was just three years old, he was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome; “An inherited condition characterized by an X chromosome that is abnormally susceptible to damage. Affected individuals tend to have limited intellectual functions.” The google dictionary has a poor tendency to “define” who […]

03 Jul 19
S/V Violet Hour

As we sailed past Cape Scott, the northwesternmost cape of Vancouver Island, a mix of elation, relief, and “is-that-it?” filled our heads. The passage we had worried about for so long ended up being kind of easy, and about half fun / half boring. That’s pretty typical of cruising though – things are never exactly […]

28 Jun 19

Part of being a parent is making sure your baby reaches his milestones on time to ensure that his development is on track. But do you sometimes feel pressured for your little ones to exceed the expectation and reach their milestones ahead of time? Like, your baby should learn how to walk before he turns […]

25 Jun 19
Momma's Little Reviews & Giveaways

Summer is officially in full swing, so how are you keeping your kids busy? Now that school is out, I can hear the “Mom, I’m bored” ringing in my ears! I’ve put together a list of 2019’s hottest summer toys on the market right now. So whether you have a JoJo loving diva, or a […]

20 Jun 19

While some of pop culture’s android and cyborg characters exist to be exploited in the nude, many of them save the exposed peeks for special occasions. Sure, you have Franky from One Piece whose cyborg chest is constantly showing. We have Bloodberry from Saber Marrionette, whose robot tits are the nips-end of many jokes. Hell, we have Astro […]

19 Jun 19
Tail & Treats

The list of odd things dogs do is as long as a peace of string. In this article we cover the top 10 odd things dogs do, and the reasons why.

18 Jun 19
Can't Get There From Here

Bee has been waiting such a long time for this moment. It crushed my mama’s heart every time Bee asked, and explained logically why she “deserved” a room renovation, and then I had to tell her we couldn’t do it right then, because I didn’t have the money. Saving up, pennies here and there, and […]

17 Jun 19
A Broken Keyboard

This spring our ELA teacher asked us to write a story. I was unable to complete the story as I had wished, but I was able to complete the 11 page it to a small extent. Greyscale Sydney Cagnetta “I am colorblind.” The words slipped out of Ellyanah’s mouth, the tendrils of something people rarely […]

05 Jun 19
New England Finds and Fancies

This past weekend I hit one very good church sale and some tag sales. This church sale had a $10 early bird fee but I was able to pick up several good items. The only thing I got in the toy area was this Steiff reproduction Rolly Polly teddy bear. I think he’s so cute […]

01 Jun 19
Ex-Bell Guy

Setting the Stage 2017 was a tough year . . . physically and mentally. I had undergone shoulder surgery in November and was informed playing in the MG would put at risk any chance I had for a full recovery. As we all know the shoulder is a large joint hosting a myriad of muscles; […]

27 May 19

IMN Media is back with another mixtape/playlist. Just in time for another holiday. IMN Media’s Memorial Day Priorities are a list of hot Rap/Hip-Hop records. Curated for Memorial Day by DJ Rico Banks. Download the full mixtape below. Listen to the “IMN Memorial Day Priorities” playlist here on Spotify. Tracklist 1. Lil Ronny MothaF ft. […]