Roots 73

13 Dec 18

I gasped for the cold morning air in a sweat. It was eight thirty- a wave of relief rushed over me; I wouldn’t be late that day. Although it seemed a simple Thursday, it was a Thursday I had been waiting upon for quite some time. After a hardy breakfast and a warm shower, I […]

12 Dec 18

Co-director of ‘House of Flying Arrows’ and sports writer and author Daniel Harris speaks to dartsweb Daniel Harris is a sportswriter, author and, filmmaker. He is also a huge darts fan and co-directed the Fulwell 73 production ‘House of Flying Arrows’ – which focused on the science, drama and evolution of darts – a film […]

12 Dec 18
Ameer Academy

Initiatives like DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) were designed to bring development and operations teams together to deliver better software. However, a recent report has found the shared accountability these initiatives promote is actually causing problems. OverOps’ Dev vs. Ops: The State of Accountability report found DevOps is creating chaos and confusion when it […]

12 Dec 18
anahita writes

The continual use of the faravahar both in a secular context in the diaspora and in the Muslim-dominant Iran does not align with its Zoroastrian origins, but the faravahar’s consistent ability to be redefined throughout history makes this lack of cohesion justifiable and has allowed for the symbol to remain prominent throughout history.

12 Dec 18
An Adoptee Centric Connect Group

Here are the completed poll results we promised our followers and the online adoption community. For the non-adoptees who might come across this article, we’re happy you are here. There is no one in the adoption “arena” who is more experienced about what it feels like to be adopted than adult adoptees. Our experiences are […]

12 Dec 18
World Site News

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The number of homicides has hit the highest number since 2008 when there was 154 The number of killings in London has reached the highest number for a decade.The fatal stabbing of an 18-year-old man in Eltham on Tuesday night has meant there have been 130 homicides in the capital…

12 Dec 18
Ivana D'Accico

Over the last decades, the art world has seen the rise of a new professional figure: The Curator, traditionally a scholar working behind the scenes in a museum environment, is increasingly becoming more and more visible – acquiring agency and power.  Duties shifted from exhibition and collection care to taking on greater administrative and managerial […]

12 Dec 18
The Bean Field

Preface My essay seeks to deal with a concept that is often overlooked by environmentalists, the notion of spirituality. Modern society has left little room for the spiritual aspects of human life, and along with an increased separation from nature, it has left us as a species spiritually bankrupt. Modern, Western society places humans outside […]

12 Dec 18
Matt's Network Musings

Introduction This article sets out to show how ntopng, the web based traffic and security monitoring analysis tool can be installed on Cumulus Linux VX. ntopng can gather and report on all sorts of network traffic to provide real-time traffic and active host visibility,traffic sorting by application, top talkers, top applications, top AS’s and much […]

11 Dec 18
History Myths Debunked

Well, yes and no. Ironically, the German Christmas tree came to America from England, courtesy of an English queen. The Christmas tree is a German tradition that can be traced back to the 1500s to Strasbourg, which is now part of France. (See Myth #73)  But it was a minor tradition confined to the Alsace […]

11 Dec 18
The On Being Project

A century of reflections.

11 Dec 18

Watch “Chris Tomlin – Whom Shall I Fear [God of Angel Armies] [Lyrics]” on YouTube Shalom! I hope today is a beautiful day in the Lord for you, wherever you are. Today, I was preparing for a little Bible study that I lead, but the lesson in our materials was a bit dry & disjointed. […]

11 Dec 18
Cricket Fan Hub

CURRENT SQUAD(ODI): This is the list of all ODI players of England cricket team: Name  Role Matches Runs Wickets S/N Eoin Morgan(c) L.H Batsman 211 6526 — 16 Jason Roy R.H Batsman 67 2446 — 66 Joe Root R.H Batsman 118 4896 20 20 James Vince R.H Batsman 06 131 — 14 Jonny Bairstow Wicket […]