08 Jun 19
Patrick Rosenthal

Beitrag enthält Werbung Heute zeige ich Dir, was ich beim letzten Grillabend auf den Grill geworfen habe: Hähnchen im Knuspermantel, Zucchini Galettes und Roast Beef für einen leckeren Asia-Salat. Dazu gab es die wohl weltbeste Erdnusssoße. Ja, Würstchen & Co. werden auch weiterhin auf dem Grill landen, doch ab und zu brauche ich auch etwas […]

01 Jun 19

Meskipun bahan-bahannya sudah ada selama berabad-abad, ide sandwichnya tidak setua yang Anda kira. Sebagai seorang anak, tidak ada yang menghangatkan hati Anda lebih dari selai kacang dan sandwich jelly yang dibuat dengan cinta oleh ibu atau ayah. Mungkin Anda menyukai milik Anda tanpa kerak, diiris menjadi empat bagian, dengan selai kacang renyah alih-alih halus, atau […]

16 May 19
The CAPA Chronicle

Denise Woods On Tuesday, April 30th, 5 busses full of students, leaders from different organizations, and normal civilians went out to Harrisburg to talk about police accountability and hold a rally about Antwon Rose. This was all organized by the Youth Power Collective. People were able to sign up using a tiny url link going […]

16 May 19
The Cross-Eyed Pianist

I always consider audiences and players when I’m writing – that triangle between composer, audience and performer is the holy trinity of composition as far as I’m concerned!

13 May 19
Alameda Merry-Go-Round

Today, the Merry-Go-Round concludes our series of columns on the major challenges confronting new City Manager Eric Levitt and his staff in the coming years. Nobody asked us, but . . . the most difficult task Mr. Levitt may face is finding the right role for our local government to play in remedying the shortage […]

29 Apr 19

Jonathan Rosa è un educatore e consulente dell’educazione che ha lavorato a lungo all’interno delle più grandi scuole internazionali in Svizzera. In parole semplici, aiuta una giovane persona a scegliere la scuola giusta e cosa vorrà fare da grande. Quando ha scelto di aprire la propria società, offrendo servizi di consulenza a famiglie, collegi e […]

20 Apr 19
Cllr Fraser Macpherson

I have received a number of further complaints about the amount of litter regularly in both Forest Park Road (pictured below) and Rosefield Street : I have therefore raised this with the environment manager for the area regarding the need for more regular street sweeping in both streets.

01 Apr 19
More Dolce Vita

[tabby title=”DE”] Werbung | In freundlicher Zusammenarbeit mit CHRIST Herzlich Willkommen zu einem neuen Beitrag! Ohne Schmuck? Ohne mich! Ich verlasse das Haus niemals ohne Schmuck, deswegen gibt es heute meine persönlichen Pieces, die ich nahezu täglich trage- von Ketten, über Ohrringe bis hin zu meiner neuen Lieblingsuhr! Kette in Form von einem Wassertropfen Diese […]

01 Apr 19
Smexy Books

There are a lot of new releases this week, mainly because I added a cozy mystery/mystery-suspense/suspense-thriller section. I’m moving new release posts from Tuesday to Monday and my weekly review posts to Tuesdays. It just makes more sense that way, and it also helps me out time wise. Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, joyful […]

01 Apr 19
The Friedman Sprout

April 2nd is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, so in celebration, Sprout social media editor, EJ Johnson covers a brief history of the beloved peanut butter and jelly sandwich. April is an important month. It marks the end of winter, for one, but this means nothing for us Bostonians, who know winter is more […]

26 Mar 19

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