17 Dec 18

Vervanger voor: Eio/Kalorik Futura/Vision.Inhoud verpakking: 4x Stofzak 1x Microfilter 1x Motorfilter Geschikt voorAKA: BS 49/2. ALASKA: BS 1600. ARIETE: Aspirium: 2372, 2382, 2386 BETRON: 1100, 1300, C 1100 E (BS 50/1)Exclusiv. Handy. BLUE AIR: Ecoline: ECS 1400E BRINKMANN: 1300, 1400, BS 48/1, Topline. CHROMEX: CH 286. Chrom'system: (CH 227)Chrom'tronic: (CH 271)Eco'system: (CH 269)Electronic (CH 274)Sensor'system: […]

16 Dec 18
Gwin Gal Inside and Out

  Welcome to the Over The Moon Link Party 154   Well, its mid December and Christmas is upon us! Marilyn, Bev and I will be taking the next two weeks off, but will resume the link parties in the new year on Sunday evenings as usual. Merry Christmas from us and feel free to […]

16 Dec 18
Technology Arena

[ad_1] The Rotel RA-810A is a classic stereo amplifier from the late 1980s. I remember it as being well made and having a decent sound. However, it does have a couple of drawbacks. First, like all amplifiers from that era, the RCA phono inputs on the back are designed to work with turntables, CD and […]

16 Dec 18
June Cleaver 21st Century Style

This is a great recipe to give you the taste of fajita without too much work.  This recipe was seriously flavorful but it was so good that my tiny human whom isn’t a fan of rice truly enjoyed it.   Ingredients: Rice: 2 C Water 1 T Butter 1 C Basmati Rice 1 package Fajita […]

16 Dec 18
Misty Dawn Mississippi Mom

Hi friends! It’s been a busy week here with the Grimes’ family! Everyone is moving at warp speed tying up loose ends to finish 2018 out. The girls have had sport pictures, a band concert and tons of tests this week while Papa Grimes has been working lots of overtime. I’ve been staying busy myself […]

16 Dec 18

Vervanger voor: Universeel gebruik, geschikt voor meer dan 51 merken. Inhoud verpakking: 10x Microfiber stofzak, 5 laags filter media 1x Microfilter Stofafsluiter Geschikt voorAFK: BS-1500, PS1400W3, PS1600W4, PS1600W6. AEG: ERGO ESSENCE. BESTRON BS1226-DVC1300S-DS1800. BOMANN: CB925-926-941-942-948-957. BSK: TEK VC20E3. CHROMEX: JC831-CH296-CH5040-CH965. CLATRONIC/CTC: BS1204-BS1205-BS1211-BS1212-BS1215-BS1219>BS1221-BS1223, 1225, BSS1600 MT, SSB101. CONTACT: H5006. DAEWOO: VP50-VP77-VP95B. RC105, 107, 108, 160, 161A, […]

16 Dec 18
The Compulsive Canadian Gamer

So last year I upgraded to a AV8802, and while it was an amazing receiver, it still lacked a few things I had on a wish list in the back of my mind. One of the major things was when I moved to Atmos, I lost the ability to use my front Height speakers and […]

15 Dec 18
Outsiding Fun & Fitness

posted December 15, 2018 by Gina A free 7-day flexible weight loss meal plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner and a shopping list. All recipes include calories and Weight Watchers Freestyle™ SmartPoints®. The holidays are always so crazy, so I hope these meal plans can help simplify your life! If you’re new to my meal […]

15 Dec 18
Dad Lover Family

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14 Dec 18
Survival of the Unique

Well, it’s Friday night and I’m currently chowing down on the BEST Taco soup recipe that I’m going to share with you guys and preparing for a self-care night in my sweats, a comfy t-shirt complete with movies, wine and cuddles with my puppy dog & kitty cat! So about that taco soup recipe… YOU […]

13 Dec 18
Play with your food

We’re still into quick and easy for the holidays. I’ve got no more time for cooking than you do. But I still love to eat and eat well. This week’s recipe is more of a guideline. Check what’s In The fridge and go from there.   You’ll need: Protein cooked chicken or crumbled bacon or […]

13 Dec 18
Dave Denyer: The Reel-to-Reel Rambler

When an addiction takes hold, there’s no knowing where it might lead. Here, hi-fi journalist Ken Kessler’s love of all things tape takes a turn for the surprising… My name is Ken Kessler and I’m an addict… and this disease – a new-found love of tape – manifested itself in a strange way at the […]

13 Dec 18
Scalable Cooking

One-pan chicken enchiladas

12 Dec 18
Parrisian Thoughts

I would say Happy Holidays but I’m never in the spirit during this time of year. Christmas is normally a time of merriment, family and “the reason for the season.” This holiday means different things to people, but to me it means stress and depression.  Before I had a Lo, I would be somewhat excited […]

12 Dec 18
Trying to Adult

If you haven’t learned already, I hate dishes and therefore I prefer to dirty as few of them as possible.  Thus, this queso has been a great go-to for any potluck.  Ingredients One Pound Ground Turkey One Block Velveeta Cheese Two 10 oz Cans Rotel and Green Chilies Taco seasoning I recommend serving this recipe […]