Royal Prerogative

22 Jul 19
C21st Left

Apologies for the long delay in updating this series of posts on Brexit: Essentially the situation has not changed since my last post on 1 June: It is still clear that Brexit cannot run much past October 31 and either a general election or a second referendum must be scheduled by then to […]

22 Jul 19
Newsy Today

The result of the Conservative Party's vote to find a successor to Theresa May, which will be released Tuesday, is going to consecrate Boris Johnson. His opponent, Jeremy Hunt, the current Foreign Minister, has announced in advance the outcome of this closed circle election by declaring himself ready to work with the former mayor of […]

20 Jul 19

Tony Venn-Brown who features in the article below used to be Hillsong’s leading evangelist in the 1980s. A kind of Australian Billy Graham. Tony married and had two children. Circa 1990, Tony left his wife and children, abandoned his evangelical Christian faith, and entered the Sydney gay scene. Since then Tony has been wrestling with […]

19 Jul 19
With Compliments

  [These are serialised extracts of all the fifty books referred to in a book published in 2015 called ‘The Top Shelf, or What Used to be Called a Liberal Education’.  The extracts are as originally published, and they come in the same order.] 28 THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND IN THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY T B […]

19 Jul 19

Welcome to the Prayer Motivator Devotional Broadcast #742. This is Daniel Whyte III, president of Gospel Light Society International. The simple purpose of this podcast is to encourage you, exhort you, and motivate you to Just Pray. This podcast is not necessarily for people who already know the secret and power of prayer and who […]

18 Jul 19
UK Constitutional Law Association

Introduction The treatment of ouster clauses in R (Privacy International) v Investigatory Powers Tribunal has been said to violate parliamentary sovereignty.  This post disagrees.  That assertion, it argues, misapprehends the rule of law as founded upon the sovereignty of ‘Parliament’ by ‘the High Court of Parlyament’ as recognised in the Crown and Parliament Recognition Act […]

17 Jul 19
Queen of Heaven

In that day I will raise up the booth of David that is fallen… the mountains shall drip sweet wine, and all the hills will flow with it. Amos 9, 11, 13 And in that day the mountains shall drip sweet wine… and all the stream beds of Judah shall flow with water; and a […]

17 Jul 19
A Note To Black Men

Before you call me a blasphemer, a Satanist or spread all sort of lies, rumours and gossip about me for making a case for Satan, just hear me out and read with an objective mind. This article may or may not damage my reputation but I am willing to take the hit. As my good […]

16 Jul 19

Editors’ Note: Robert Bonner continues HistPhil’s forum commemorating the 200th anniversary of Dartmouth College v. Woodward with a post on how Dartmouth College marked the occasion. Students at Dartmouth College launch the calendar year with two extravaganzas: a snowy Winter Carnival followed by a glitzy “Dartmouth Idol” talent competition. In 2019, a different sort of […]

16 Jul 19
Sugar And Spice... Among Other Things

“Summer would not be summer without Ice-cream. Ice-cream is the favorite currency of love.” Puck For my kids, summer translates into picnics, beaches, barbecues and of course, never to forget it, “the ice-cream“. Being in the National Ice cream Month (July) with the end of the week marking the National Ice cream Day (third Sunday of […]

15 Jul 19
How to connect blackberry to pc via usb

Motorola moto g dual sim (3rd gen) windows – Motorola Moto G4 review: A better buy than the Moto G5, but should you wait for the G6? Moto G 3rd Gen – How to insert Sim Card & Memory Card! 3G/4G?, time: 2:12 One motorola moto g dual sim (3rd gen) windows flood light argos […]

15 Jul 19
My News - Lawson Akhigbe

In recent days certain government backbenchers have proposed a new avenue to deliver a “no deal” Brexit. As Sir Edward Leigh put it: “There are only two choices given the EU won’t change the deal and there’s no chance of parliament passing it. One is cancel Brexit: an intolerable denial of democracy. The other is […]

15 Jul 19
Raikespeare's Corner

Happy Bastille Day to all French and Francophiles reading my blog that has conspicuously little to do with France. Today is the 230th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, a date which serves as a focal point for popular knowledge and interest of the French Revolution – without hyperbole, one of the most important […]

14 Jul 19
James Bowden's Blog

Introduction Over the last five weeks or so, two of my closest constitutional compatriots have independently of one another brought up the same issue with me on the subject of section 16 of the Constitution Act, 1867, so I thought that this wonderful nerdy serendipity called for a fun little blogpost on the subject. They […]