17 Feb 19
Entertaining WE

I was folding away some laundry the other day when I noticed a hole in my J. Crew sweatshirt. It’s about the size of my pinky nail, but threatens to get bigger, and it’s located in the very inconvenient place of my sweatshirt’s collar band. “I should mend that,” I thought, until I realized I don’t…

15 Feb 19
Kalkine Media

Regis Resources Limited (ASX: RRL) is into gold mining and is engaged in the development and exploration of gold within Australia and Africa region. McPhillamys Gold Project in the Central Western region of New South Wales and Production of gold from Duketon Gold Project in the North Eastern Goldfields have been key to the group’s […]

14 Feb 19
Kalkine Media

The Uptick in gold prices to their highest level in nine months and consolidation around $1314 is providing respite to investors who participate in the commodity market by investing in mining stocks. One of the most significant problems for gold miners is replacing the reserves they mine, which is difficult to do through exploration and […]