Rubies Costumes

23 Apr 19
Brianne's Book Reviews

About The Book It’s Spring in Pawpaw County, Indiana. Everybody has a bad case of hanky-panky pants. Senior sleuths Ruby Jane Waskom and Veenie Goens are on the run, chasing down cheating heart jezebels and shaking child support out of deadbeat baby daddies. Everybody in the small town of Knobby Waters, Indiana, knows Avonelle Apple, […]

23 Apr 19
QX Magazine

London queer history is to take place next month as the costumes and dresses of legendary drag queen and grand damme of Madame Jojo’s Ruby Venezuela, raising funds for her ashes to be shot in a rocket over Soho. Ruby was a bastion of the LGBT drag scene from the eighties onwards, patronised by celebrities […]

22 Apr 19
Anka's Blog

Fashion is a beautiful creativity,Fulfilling the urge of something new ,latest! Fashion may be an imagination, inspiration from nature and a thought and a hard work of a team or a designer alone. It is also a peer pressure. But sometimes It is a result of a heavily invested R&D, the innovative concept,which is seeded […]

22 Apr 19
Southern Daisy Sewing and Designs

I’m very excited today to introduce you all to the “Ultimate Sewing Apron.” This is an idea I had a few months ago for a utility apron, custom designed to fit YOUR specific needs as a seamstress. Do you use rotary cutters? Quilting gloves? Can you never find your tape measure? How about those pesky […]

22 Apr 19

Happy Easter Peeps! We had an amazing week of break, filled with kismet and synchronicity and Florida sun. Some of my besties were in St, Augustine at the same time we were and brought some of their old friends. Plus my oldest and dearest already live there so the worlds collided. Then when we moved […]

20 Apr 19
Ruby's Adventures

Instagram is a place where people share photos with accompanying captions and hashtags that link themes presented in photos or short videos. Instagram is a massive arena for large brands, educational institutes, business’ as well as celebrity branding and peer to peer social networking. It’s glamorous, brightly colored and makes us feel connected to those […]

19 Apr 19

For years, he was my angel baby. Beautiful.  Quiet.  Attentive.  Cheerful.  Reserved. In silent awe of everything around him. Especially his brother. Indications of what was to come began appearing around half past two.  The disagreements at the playground (“Don’t worry, Mommy.  I get that kid.”), the unprompted announcements to strangers on the elevator (“No […]

18 Apr 19
Archy Worldys

The prima donna gave the first solo concert in ten years. The stars of politics, pop and sports glittered brighter than Kremlin rubies this evening. Valentina Matvienko, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Tatiana Navka, Galina Volchek, Valery Leontyev, Svetlana Loboda, Dima Bilan, Mark Tishman, Anastasia Spiridonova and many others honored the main singer of the country that evening. […]

18 Apr 19
Shit Mother and I Can't Dance

Pittsburgh, PA – 1944 My father, Gene, grew up in horrible conditions with an evil, alcoholic, black magic practicing , troll of a woman. She looked like Witchy Poo, (for us 70’s kids) and had about 30 Styrofoam wig heads all around her creepy attic apartment. They each had a different color and style of […]

17 Apr 19
National Post

We’ll call it the “Garfield Rule” — not the comic, the actor. It holds that any performance by Andrew Garfield, on screen or stage, will be worth seeing, no matter the content. After watching “Under the Silver Lake,” a self-described “neo-noir thriller” by writer-director David Robert Mitchell (“It Follows”), I’m still a firm believer in […]

17 Apr 19
Sahra Freschi

MISS VIRTUAL UNIVERSE – “One night at the Louvre: Artworks by enchanted artists who rests beneath starry skies.” STYLECARD: DRESS+STOLE: Ghee – Maresa Gown SLEEVES: Lamu Fashion – Princess Serenity GLOVES: Purplemoon – Dark Couture SHOES: Glamistry – Crocus JEWELS: Lazuri – Classic Pearls HAIR: Lelutka – Pristine bun PRESENTATION OF THE OUTFIT: MVU ♛ […]

17 Apr 19
cosplay costumes

Go as a pirate wench to your costume party. You can be a stunning lady pirate. You can choose a pirate blouse match a skirt. To complete your look, you can wear an eye patch. What kind of pirate would you like to be? Read this article to read about the different pirate costumes. Pirate […]

16 Apr 19
Gonzo Library

Once again we find ourselves looking at another riff on Scooby-Doo. I say riff because Josie and the Pussycats is indeed a corrupted clone of the Great Dane, more on that down below. Josie and the Pussycats was originally a comic series falling under the Archie Comics family and is nothing like what Hanna-Barbera produced. Hanna-Barbera’s […]

16 Apr 19

The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for April 15, 2019, featuring THE VIKING EXPERIENCE (lol) and night one of the Superstar Shake-up.