03 Jun 19
Growing Green

Grow Greener with 25 Plastic Free Swaps For plastic free July this year I want to make sure I’m keeping up with my past changes and adding some new ones. I wanted to hold myself accountable and what better way to do that than show you all my #growinggreener plans for the month! Instead of […]

13 Apr 19
Arugula & Rocket

Set contains 2 snack bags and 2 sandwich bags.

Dishwasher safe.


25 Sep 18
My Restless Roaming Spirit

Have you ever bought a new car and immediately begun seeing others exactly like it everywhere you go? Same model, same year, same colour. Weird right? Well, it’s actually because of something called the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, also known as the frequency illusion or recency illusion. Basically,  your brain is super excited that you learned something […]

19 Sep 18
Cedar Coast

*This post contains affiliate links which support Cedar Coast as an organization. Thanks!* Well it sure didn’t take long for it to feel like fall did it? Here on the coast September 1st came and Boom! Cool weather and rainy skies have become the norm yet again. So today I wanted to give you guys […]

12 Aug 18
Twin Cities
Lunchboxes take a lot of punishment. They get smashed into backpacks. Their zippers get yanked. Their insides are leaked on and speckled with food. So, perhaps last year’s lunchbox is ready for retirement. When looking for a new one, think about what your children like to bring to school. Do they pack sandwiches or something that needs a rigid container? Do they need to chill their lunch? Do they want pockets for napkins and utensils? Of course, style is important, too. We have highlighted pattern trends, including sequins, tropical animals and video games. Without a lot of effort, your children can find a bag that blends fashion and function. An Aztec print meets ombré (gradually blended colors) in Lands’ End’s ClassMate EZ Wipe Lunch Box. The molded shape means your chips won’t get crushed. The inside is easy to clean. There’s also an outside pocket and clip handle. ($24.95. Also in solids and several other patterns.) Yoobi pairs an eye-catching pattern with a rectangular shape in its Flamingo Lunch Bag. The size and shape make it well-suited for bento boxes (Try a Russbe 1.6 quart box, Container Store. $8.99). It’s soft-sided with a double zipper and features an interior mesh pocket. ($12.99 at Yoobi and Target.) Dinosaurs are gone, but dinosaur designs live on. Pottery Barn Kids offers four dino patterns on its Mackenzie Cold Pack Lunch Bag. The large, insulated bag includes a soft freezer pack that velcros onto strips inside. There’s a zipped outside pocket and inside mesh pocket. The outside also has a mesh drink holder, a handle and a clip-on carry strip. ($29.50-$32.50. Also in several other patterns. ) It would be hard to be in a bad mood with Yoobi’s Smiley Face Lunch Bag in hand. The unusual shape is fun and the size is generous (nearly 10 inches in diameter), but make sure your food and drink containers fit inside. The insulated soft bag features a mesh inside pocket. ($12.99 at Yoobi and Target.) Skaters should check out the Staples Kids Lunch Bag in the skateboard pattern. The bag is actually darker than the one pictured, with a gray background and muted blue trim. The insulated bag features two zippered compartments to separate foods at different temperatures. No additional pockets. ($9.99. Matching backpack available for $22.99.) [related_articles location=”right” show_article_date=”false” article_type=”automatic-primary-tag”]Sequins add sparkle to this Monique Lhuillier Silver Sequin Heart Lunch Bag. With a swipe of your finger, the heart goes from silver to pink or pink to silver. The insulated and waterproof bag includes an outside zip pocket and drink pouch. The molded inside is easy to keep clean. ($24.50 at Pottery Barn Kids.) If your child a gamer or coder, he or she might like the pixel pattern on the Thermos Fashion Dual Lunch Kit. The bag has two zippered compartments and a padded handle. This bag has thinner insulation than other bags, so if your child is looking for a light bag, this also deserves a look. ($9.99 at Office Depot. Also in pink.) Camo gets a bold look with Lands’ End’s Classmate Printed Soft Sided Lunch Box in lava orange. The rounded rectangular shape is a sleek profile but wouldn’t be the best choice for large bento boxes. The bag includes an inside mesh pocket, outside zip pocket, clip handle and mesh drink holder. ($19.95. Also in solids and other patterns.)
25 Jul 18
Repeat One, Repeat All

Now that it’s been 6 months into our zero waste commitment I wanted to give you a long look into our kitchen and all of the great swaps that we’ve been able to make along the way. It has been challenging but enriching. Hopefully for those of your out there looking to make the change, […]

20 Jul 18
Repeat One, Repeat All

One of the most important keys to living zero waste is being prepared. If you always have a container or non-disposable bag, you’ll be equipped for most situations that might otherwise force you to make a difficult decisions. I try to spend a little time each night or before each outing thinking about what we […]

11 Jul 18
Going Zero Waste!

Today is July 10th, marking the tenth day of my zero waste journey! It is so crazy to think that it has been less than two weeks since I’ve begun paying vigilant attention to the products I consume and waste; it feels like it has been forever! I haven’t been perfect, and I can definitely […]

11 Jun 18
Living Life as a Leading Lady

During a recent Home Goods shopping adventure, I came across Russbe Eco-Friendly lunch containers. I didn’t know I could get so excited about lunch packaging, but as a person with Type A tendencies and incredible organizational skills, these containers made my LIFE (easier and cheaper, by the way)! I’ve linked Russbe’s site above, so you can peruse […]

30 Apr 18
Cedar Coast

Hello Everyone! I know we have all been craving spring this month, but the rain just won’t let up! Ugh. I’m over it and my green thumbs are starting to itch and I want to plant some herbs and flowers soon. Oh well, it is just not meant to be, and as a result, I […]

13 Apr 18
That trip didn't suck

Let’s be honest. On a long or even short road trip, gas stations can cause you to overspend in seconds. And they always have items I’ll never see on the shelves at my Wal-Mart. How can this $10 or more SNAFU be fixed? A few ideas below! Put together a snack list based on your […]

04 Apr 18
Repeat One, Repeat All

Apart from recycling glass jars into food containers, trading paper products for cloth, and buying groceries free of plastic, there are a few other ways to make your kitchen greener. I don’t understand the obsessed with trading in their straws for fancy metal ones. I don’t think I’ve used a straw in 10 years or […]