S Luce

16 Dec 18
Hither and Yon

This time last year the big 50 was fast approaching and without family or friends in Adelaide I was facing the depressing prospect of it just being me shaking my booty at the party. And so with quiet desperation I flung my frustration at the universe and waited. And as it does the solution arrived […]

15 Dec 18
Periplo I Revolucionando la forma de ver el mundo

Prepara la cámara y ve a tomarte la foto para presumir en IG.

15 Dec 18
Carboni's Travels

DEEP MAYA EXPERIENCE Palenque, Chiapas a.D.2004 (versione italiana di seguito)   The geckos had been screaming all night like monkeys, flattened against the ceiling of the shack, or hidden among the bark’s creases on the branches, heavy with emerald leaves, suffocating the surrounding space. The four travellers in the shack had not been in the […]

15 Dec 18
La Aventura De Melissa's

La navidad en mexico tiene una gran variedad de tradiciones y costumbres. Ellos de divierten en fiestas familiares como las Posadas y el día de Reyes, así como los platillos típicos de tamales y dulces. POSADAS La cultura mexicana se prepara para la Navidad nueve días antes del 24 de diciembre, esto es, el 16 de […]

14 Dec 18
La Civetta (the University of Bristol's Italian Magazine)

By Elisabetta Varriale L’Italian Film Festival di Cardiff, diretto da Luca Paci e Luisa Percopo, è un festival del cinema italiano che si tiene regolarmente nella capitale del Galles e che porta sugli schermi gallesi un ritratto anticonvenzionale dell’Italia, descritta in tutta la sua bellezza, complessità e nelle sue contraddizioni. Il Festival di quest’anno, svoltosi […]

14 Dec 18

Morning luce:* I am home now. My back hurts. Just old feeble man problems, dont worry about it. I had to go get a new truck battery last night. It was a rushed necessary thing and totally cut into.my pre work relax time. But its Friday so its fine. So…I hope you’re well. Are you […]

14 Dec 18
Autocentro Baistrocchi

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14 Dec 18
The Movie Boards

Netflix and Spike Lee’s 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, Inc to release the time travel drama See You Yesterday. Based on the award-winning short film, the feature centers on two Brooklyn teenage science prodigies, Claudette “C.J.” Walker and Sebastian J. Thomas, who build make-shift time machines to save C.J.’s brother, Calvin, from being wrongfully […]

14 Dec 18
Tulsa China Hutch

I first began my journey into the world of silverplate flatware when I inherited a set that had belonged to my great-grandparents. My siblings were highly disappointed as they believed it was solid silver, being the eternally curious human being that I am I had to find out for myself (it was silverplate, not sterling). […]