21 Mar 19

Tesla’s “S3XY” model range is now complete. Built on the Model 3 platform but with room for seven, the Tesla Model Y is aimed squarely at the mid-sized crossover SUV market. Its spartan interior borrows heavily from the Model 3, including the panoramic glass roof and 15-inch central touchscreen control display, while offering 66 cubic […]

20 Mar 19
Le conseil du PECO

Les appels à Elon Musk à se retirer alors que le PDG de Tesla semblent devenir de plus en plus forts. Le mois dernier, la SEC a demandé que Musk soit tenu au mépris de l’un de ses tweets et, plus tôt ce mois-ci, un investisseur majeur de Tesla a déclaré que la compagnie irait […]

19 Mar 19
Tesla Unplugged

Couple of weeks ago Tesla unveiled the V3 Supercharger with peak charge rate of 1000 mph. They also updating their V2 Superchargers to charge at 145 kW, up from 120 kW. Individuals can see up to ~18% improvement on charging times. Then this past Thursday, Tesla unveiled the Model Y to complete its S3XY lineup. […]

19 Mar 19

Model Y will be the new kid on the block that completes Tesla’s lineup (S3XY). The SUV will start at $39,000 for the standard range but will also come in long range, dual motor and performance variants. It looks very similar to the Model 3 but it sits a little higher and it has a […]

18 Mar 19
GMAN car reviews

Tesla Motors has finally unveiled its newest car, the Model Y. On March 14, the CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, showcased the Tesla Model Y to the public saying that it will be much popular than any other Tesla Model ever made and he is absolutely right. Many people are eager to get their […]

18 Mar 19

Recently the well known electric car company Tesla revealed a new car named “Tesla Model Y”. The Long Range Model Will Be Available In 2020 With A Starting Price Of 47,000$ With 300 Mile Range, While The Standard Range Will Be Available In Spring 2021 With The Range Of 230 Miles And A Slower Overall […]

17 Mar 19

Here’s why you should think twice before thinking about sharing photos of your children on social media WSJ Tech   Elizabeth Warren who is running for president in the U.S. says Facebook just proved her point as they banned her campaign ads in which she promoted her idea and campaign language #BreakUpBigTech – what would it […]

17 Mar 19

Tesla Brings “S3XY” To Life With Model Y Launch  CleanTechnica Tesla discontinues Model 3 Mid Range battery pack  Electrek Musk Says Right-Hand-Drive Tesla Model 3 Could Arrive In UK By June  InsideEVs 2021 Tesla Model Y – First-Look  Kelley Blue Book Tesla Pickup truck: decoding Elon Musk’s teaser  Electrek View full coverage on Google News from Top stories – Google […]

17 Mar 19
Pulse 2.0

Here is a comprehensive overview of what you need to know about the Model Y including features, specifications, price, and release date.

17 Mar 19
News Archives Uk

<div _ngcontent-c14 = "" innerhtml = " The competition for Tesla's Model Y could come from two expected players – and possibly a less probable one.Tesla Motors Eles Musk, CEO of Tesla, kept the hype and drama to a minimum last week, while the company's latest vehicle, the long-awaited Model Y, a crossover / Lite […]

16 Mar 19

Tesla Model Y Will Be World’s Safest Crossover & Quickest Affordable Crossover  CleanTechnica Elon Musk releases teaser image of Tesla’s ‘cyberpunk’ electric pickup truck  Electrek 2020 Tesla Model Y, Mazda rotary, wider VW electric plans: The Week in Reverse  Green Car Reports Tesla Brings "S3XY" To Life With Model Y Launch  CleanTechnica Here’s a Closer Look at Elon Musk’s […]

16 Mar 19
Archy Worldys

cars Published on March 16, 2019 | by Matt Pressman March 16, 2019 by Matt Pressman Originally written on EVANNEX, After so much anticipation, Elon Musk appeared at the LA Design Studio in Hawthorne, California, and introduced Tesla's latest addition, the Model Y. Fortunately, Model Y seems to have a lot in common with Model […]

16 Mar 19
Nachrichten Welt

Autos Veröffentlicht auf 16. März 2019 | von Matt Pressman 16. März 2019 durch Matt Pressman Ursprünglich geschrieben am EVANNEX. Nach so viel Vorfreude trat Elon Musk im LA Design Studio im kalifornischen Hawthorne auf die Bühne und stellte Teslas neueste Erweiterung, das Model Y, vor. Glücklicherweise scheint das Model Y mit Model 3 viel […]