26 Apr 19

New Sachtler 3006 Fluid Head & Tripods System 30 EFP 2 MCF MFR # 3012 – Buy – New Sachtler 3006 Fluid Head & Tripods System 30 EFP 2 MCF MFR # 3012

13 Apr 19
Liam VanderPloeg

This video has been nominated for a CME Award for best corporate video. Huge thanks to Sim Digital for letting me use their Arri Alexa Classic DEV to shoot around all the Seneca Campuses in the area for a project which will be played for all the graduating classes of 2019. Arri Alexa Classic Zeiss […]

12 Apr 19
Talk To Tech

The MKBHD Gear Tour 2019! Literally all of the gear! Shoutout to B&H for sponsoring this video! THE LINKS: RED Monstro 8K: Sigma 24-35 Cine: Sennheiser MKH416: Auray mic stand: Sound Devices 633: Quasar Science QLED Arri SkyPanel S60C: Skypanel stand: Skypanel softbox: Apurture 300D: Karen: […]

03 Apr 19
Film and Digital Times

CVP has been doing business for 30 years in the United Kingdom and Europe. Now they have opened a veritable playground for camera crews in a unique showroom in Newman Street, London. Their CVP Fitzrovia townhouse is called CVP Creative Experience and has five floors of production equipment from major manufacturers, including Sony, Canon, ARRI, RED, ZEISS, Panasonic, Blackmagic and many more.

With NAB 2019 approaching, it’s good to review CVP’s impressive showing at BSC Expo 2019. Their exhibit serves as a model for many expos to come. The exhibit area was thoughtfully laid out–with lots of space and room to move. There was a lens bar, Macro area with little live creatures, studio setup area on tripods and heads, handheld arena, gimbal and drone park, monitor wall, and an enormous bar and lounge area.

02 Apr 19

Sachtler System Ace M aluminium with Fluid Head, Ace 75/2 D Tripod, Mid-Level Spreader & Bag (1001)


25 Mar 19

Sachtler System Ace XL FT MS included :

  • Ace XL Fluid head (2150-0004)
  • Tripod Flowtech 75 Mid-Level Spreader with rubber feets
  • Padded bag 75 (9116)
  • Carry handle (S2051-1057)
15 Mar 19
The Beat: A Blog by PremiumBeat
Learn how you can build a professional cinema camera package that is ready for any type of run-and-gun shoot or studio setup. Let’s get something out of the way — this won’t be cheap. This is a professional setup with some top-of-the-line gear combined with some budget-friendly accessories. Now, let’s move on. So what does it take to put together an incredibly flexible camera package? Something that you can quickly and easily use on set. Something that serves the needs of the DP, First AC, sound technician, and more. Imagine a camera that, once assembled, could shoot any type of scene with multiple support systems. Shoot over the shoulder, on a gimbal, with a tripod, with a slider, or even sitting on the ground. That’s the challenge the team at Corridor took on, and here’s what they came up with. The Gear So what gear did the Corridor Crew use? B&H has a compiled list of the support gear, but we also hunted down the camera package itself. If you want to build something similar, expect to spend at least $35,000. Camera RED GEMINI 5K ($19,500) The Corridor Crew has been using RED cameras for years, but they recently decided to switch from the HELIUM 8K to the GEMINI 5K. That’s because the GEMINI offers much better low-light shooting. If you feel like splurging with a few thousand more for the HELIUM 8K sensor, you’ll be starting around $24,500. If you want to save a little, you can go with a DRAGON-X 5K, which starts at $14,950. Lenses Sigma Art Series Lenses (Price Varies) Obviously, you’ll want to choose the lenses you’d want for your own types of projects, but the Sigma Art lenses are beautiful. Support Gear This is where you can substitute options based on budget — but keep in mind that the crew selected many of these tools for their wireless capabilities, which creates more freedom on set. SmallHD 702 Bright On-Camera Monitor ($1,499) SmallRig DSLR Action NATO Handle ($48) Sachtler Sandwich Touch and Go Adapter with Touch & Go Plate 16 ($351) Syrp Magic Carpet 3.3′ Medium Track with Carriage and End Caps Kit ($329) Manfrotto 502AH Pro Video Head with Flat Base ($159-200) Letus35 Helix Jr. Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Encoders ($1,799) Letus35 Helix Juice Box Battery – 5200 mAh ($175) Teradek MDR.ACI Wireless RED Camera Control ($2,199) SmallHD FOCUS Bold 500 TX ($1,499) SmallHD FOCUS Bolt 500 RX ($1,499) Teradek RT Thumbwheel S Standard Wired Controller ($399) Teradek RT Latitude MDR & MK3.1 Slave Cable – 24″, RA to Straight ($79) Wooden Camera WC-150800 Rosette Hand Grip ($195) Teradek RT MK3.1 4-Axis Wireless Lens Controller ($1,599) SHAPE ARRI Standard Studio Bridgeplate with 15mm Rods ($351) Sennheiser ew 500 Wireless G4 Handheld Microphone System ($1,295) Bluetooth Adapter ($ Varies) Element Technica Mantis (Discontinued) Bluetooth Headphones Some of this gear has been discontinued, but you can find suitable replacements. It’s all about knowing where to spend money, and where you can save money. All images via Corridor/Corridor Crew. Looking for more on film and video gear? Check out these articles. Introducing the Yeti Nano from Blue Microphones BREAKING: Blackmagic Design Announces the New URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2 Here’s What’s New in Panasonic’s EVA 3.0 Firmware Update BREAKING: SmallHD Releases New 7″ FOCUS Monitor with 1000 Nit Brightness Sony Announces a New 135mm G Master Lens at F1.8
13 Mar 19

Nikon D5 DSLR Body With Sachtler 1001 Tripod / Camporter Camera Bag #1557 TP – Buy – Nikon D5 DSLR Body With Sachtler 1001 Tripod / Camporter Camera Bag #1557 TP

13 Mar 19

Nikon D5 DSLR CF Version Body With Sachtler 1001 Tripod / Camporter Camera Bag – Buy – Nikon D5 DSLR CF Version Body With Sachtler 1001 Tripod / Camporter Camera Bag

10 Mar 19
Camera Jabber

Unless you’ve planned to shoot blurry footage for creative reasons it’s imperative that you give your camera steady support when shooting your videos. In this guide we explain the key camera support options you can choose from for shooting videos.

06 Mar 19

ABOUT THE TALK The talk will discuss the historical photographic process before the era of manufactured photographic celluloid films and gelatin silver prints as practised by early pioneers such as Sachtler & Co, Carter & Co, Kleingrothe, Henry Schuren, G.A. Schleesselmann, the famous G.R. Lambert & Co., and various other Europeans who opened studios in […]

02 Mar 19
David Love TV Log

In terms of the kit that we will be using during the shoot, lighting kit such as Sachtler lights and Scorpion lights will likely be used when filming. I am comfortable with these pieces of kit as I have used them on productions before. I understand how to set up these lights, as well as […]

05 Mar 19
Das Eiskunstlaufblog

Mit 31 Paaren hat der Eistanz-Wettbewerb eine zahlenmäßig starke Besetzung gefunden. Um die Medaillen werden aber nur wenige Paare kämpfen. Hier einige Paare in der Reihenfolge der Entries. Marina PHILIPPOVA (18) / Vadym KRAVTSOV (19) aus Österreich: Sie absolvieren ihre erste internationale Saison. Beim Junior-GP von Ljubljana belegten sie den zwölften Platz. Anschließend starteten sie […]

13 Feb 19
Research Reports

Currently, digital transformation is taking place at a rapid pace in the photo and imaging industry.  The ecosystem of the photo and imaging industry has expanded significantly. Sales of products used for capturing photos such as cameras, lenses, tripods, and camera bags are on the rise. Tripods comes in different lengths, heights, weights, and load […]

13 Feb 19

Système comprenant une tête fluide FSB8, un trépied ENG 75/2 D, un triangle SP75, ainsi qu’un sac DV75 S, idéal pour oeuvrer dans les domaines B&I, ENG et Education

12 Feb 19

World’s Fastest Tripod Now Even More Versatile and Flexible With Detachable Ground Level Spreader.