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16 May 19

We might not be able to change the whole world all by ourselves, but by making small improvements in our own lives and inspiring other people to do the same, a snowball effect may occur that can positively affect our planet in time. So, what are the things we can do to bring positive change […]

23 Apr 19

Leather Wallet Market 2019-2025 report supplies an analysis of the competitive picture and greatest players from the regional industry. On the competitive landscape, the global Leather Wallet market report consists of complete profiles of key market players, product information, capacity, sales and share by gross profits supplied for improved understanding. Additionally, global Leather Wallet market forecast […]

26 Mar 19

THE BEST, MOST DURABLE MESSENGER BAG – With tons of space and pockets for organization, our Front Pocket Messenger Bag looks equally great in the courtroom, boardroom or on the mountain trail. The durable design and thick leather help to protect laptop computers and valuables.
CONVERTS TO A BACKPACK – Carry the Front Pocket Messenger Bag over the shoulder, crossbody, by the center top handle or as a backpack. By looping the removable shoulder strap through the center back O-Ring and attaching the 2 clasps to each corner back D-Ring respectively, the messenger easily converts into a comfortable leather backpack.
100 YEAR WARRANTY – We are so confident in the quality of leather designs, we back everything we sell with a 100 Year Warranty. Our company motto is “They’ll Fight Over It When You’re Dead”. Whichever lucky great-grandchild inherits your messenger bag, our descendants will be there to help them.

11 Mar 19
Hustler Money Blog

As a first responder — police officer, Firefighter, Paramedic or EMT — we just wanted to say thank you for your services because of how much you put on the line by saving lives! We’ve provided a list of stores that offer various promotions, exclusive deals, and special rates to first responders! Save on everything […]

03 Mar 19
In this week’s top stories: Sketchy AirPods 2 rumors, everything to expect from Apple in March, the 2019 AAPL shareholders meeting, Shot on iPhone content winners, and more. Read on for all of this week’s biggest news. This week marked AAPL’s annual shareholders meeting at Steve Jobs Theater. This year, discussion ranged from whether or not Apple should have more conservatives on its board to new iPad Pro features. Further, there was disagreement among shareholders about Apple’s $1 million donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Read our full coverage here. A pair of sketchy reports regarding AirPods 2 emerged this week. One report suggested that Apple will release AirPods 2 on March 29th, which aligns with a similar rumor from last month. Further, a separate rumor claims that AirPods wireless charging will be able to charge to full in 15 minutes, but the case will be slightly thicker and heavier. Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that Apple will launch native sleep tracking features on Apple Watch by 2020. Apple acquired sleep tracking company Beddit in 2017, but the Apple Watch still lacks native sleep tracking functionality. Apple this week officially announced the 10 winners of its Shot on iPhone contest. These winners were chosen by a panel of judges including photographer Austin Mann and Apple’s own Phil Schiller. Winning images were captured on the iPhone 7 through iPhone XS Max. View the images here. These and the rest of this week’s top Apple stories below… iOS | macOS | tvOS | watchOS | iOS 13 concept imagines new volume UI, Control Center multitasking, iPad mouse support, more Before CarPlay, Apple previewed ‘iOS in the Car’ with a very different design iPhone | Comment: Latest Samsung and Huawei folding phones make iPhones look cheap – but there’s a catch Apple announces the 10 winners of its Shot on iPhone contest Woz alert: Apple co-founder predictably concerned iPhone falling behind on foldable displays iPhone and Android hacking tool used by FBI and DHS on sale on eBay for as little as $100 Analyst: The ‘worst’ is over for iPhone sales as price cuts help Apple in China Folding iPhone patent application shows how the company might solve one problem Mac + iPad | iPad Pro Diary: I finally found a reason to have an Apple Pencil USB 3.2 standard will be twice as fast, but the naming mess will get worse Review: Saddleback Leather iPad Pro sleeve is chunky but protective and beautiful Behind the workflow: Designer Neil Vilppu combines iPad artistry with Mac familiarity Apple plans new store for Galleria Dallas; Plano and Frisco, Texas locations may close Top Apple stories, retail | Store upgrades begin at Australia’s Apple Bondi on March 24th Today at Apple supports International Women’s Day with sessions highlighting creative achievements Apple Watch | Report: Apple aims to release native sleep tracking features for Apple Watch by next year FlickType gesture keyboard for Apple Watch launches SDK for third-party app integration AirPods | Sketchy report suggests AirPods 2 will be available to purchase starting March 29 Rumors: AirPods wireless charging will charge to full in 15 minutes, thicker and heavier case Review: RHA’s CL2 Planar are the $900 in-ear headphones I wish I’d never tried Apps | Halide creators launch Spectre, an AI-powered long exposure camera app for iPhone Soor is a beautiful Apple Music player with gesture-based navigation BBEdit 12.6 now sandboxed on macOS ahead of Mac App Store return Apple News + Video | Survey suggests healthy iPhone upgrade intent, lukewarm interest in an Apple streaming service Apple News monetization ‘abysmal’ and ‘atrocious,’ say publishers, thanks to three problems Top Apple stories, company | March Apple expectations: News and TV event, iOS 12.2 release, AirPods 2 rumors 2019 AAPL shareholders meeting: New iPad Pro features, philanthropy controversy, Apple health push Apple confirms Project Titan layoffs in new filing, engineering positions most affected Report: Phil Schiller has a friendly ‘NFW’ shorthand for killing bad ideas Apple Goldman Sachs partnership surprised Wall Street, but it makes sense – WSJ Subscribe to 9to5Mac’s YouTube channel for more videos. This week’s top videos | Final Cut Friday: How to create reusable, customizable title cards using Motion 5 [Video] OWC ThunderBlade review: a silent, rugged, and super-fast external Thunderbolt 3 SSD [Video] Happy Hour Podcast #214 | This week Benjamin and Zac discuss Apple’s Shot on iPhone contest winners, Halide’s new long exposure app Spectre, Apple’s latest iPhone marketing refinements, foldable phones and iPhone competition, the rumored Apple Pay credit card and new Wallet app features, Apple Stores closing in Texas due to patent trolls, rumored sleep tracking features for Apple Watch, and more. 9to5Mac Happy Hour is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play Music, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. Stacktrace Podcast #025 | Continuing on the topic of iOS 13 — will the iPad use a new home screen UI, rather than good old SpringBoard, and what could that look like? How could improved keyboard APIs for 3rd party apps make the iPad even more capable, and will the future of computing involve devices with foldable screens? Stacktrace by 9to5Mac is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players. Making The Grade | Making The Grade is a weekly series from Bradley Chambers covering Apple in education. Bradley has been managing Apple devices in an education environment since 2009. Through his experience deploying and managing 100s of Macs and 100s of iPads, Bradley will highlight ways in which Apple’s products work at scale, stories from the trenches of IT management, and ways Apple could improve its products for students. Making the Grade: Apple and Microsoft are the unlikeliest of friends in education How Wi-Fi 6 addresses key networking problems for the enterprise Makeblock Neuron Explorer Kit is a useful addition to a STEM lab iTunes U and iBooks Author are suffering from software rot Subscribe to get all 9to5Mac’s stories delivered to your inbox daily. And to 9to5Toys for the best deals from around the web. Featured in top image: Dell 38-inch UltraSharp Curved Monitors, Grovemade’s Desk Shelf System, Nixie Tube Clock, Apogee Quartet, KRK VXT6 Studio Monitor speakers, Classicbot Classic Vintage Mac Toy. Read about the setup over on 9to5Toys as part of the ‘Behind the Screens’ series. 
26 Feb 19
Apple’s products have been something of a boon to the premium leather industry. There’s a significant overlap between those who appreciate the aesthetics of Apple devices, and those who find leather a beautiful material – in both cases, willing to pay a premium for a quality product. That’s something Apple itself has exploited, of course. Apple will happily sell you a variety of leather accessories for its products, from a Pencil Case through iPhone covers to sleeves for iPad and MacBook Pro. But there’s also a whole slice of the leather industry working exclusively or partly on making leather accessories for iDevices … I first encountered Saddleback Leather when one of its leather backpacks caught my eye. And part of what made it stand out was the company’s 100-year warranty – which applies to all its products. So when Saddleback announced a leather sleeve for the latest 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, I decided to check it out. I tested the 12.9-inch one. When I reviewed the backpack, I noted that there are two main schools of thought when it comes to leather products. There are thin and sleek ones, designed to match the Apple design aesthetic, and there are chunky traditional ones, designed to look timeless. I enjoy both. Apple, unsurprisingly, went for the sleek look (though doesn’t yet offer one for the 11-inch or new 12.9-inch models). Saddleback, in contrast, is all about the traditional look. It’s not just looks you’re choosing between here: there are trade-offs involved. Apple’s sleeve is more compact, so takes up less space in a bag, but offers a limited degree of protection. The Saddleback sleeve is chunkier, but offers much greater protection – and also doubles as a stand. Look & feel The Saddleback sleeve looks like a very traditional leather folio case. It’s a solid piece of full-grain cow leather, which is even thicker than boot leather. It’s secured by two thick leather straps. The leather is available in three colors: Chestnut, Dark Coffee and Tobacco (shown). There’s a cutout for the camera – on which more shortly – and heavy-duty stitching. The leather is reasonably stiff (but not rigid) and smooth to the touch. It’s also water-resistant, though not waterproof. Open it, and inside is a beautifully soft pigskin lining. There are four very heavy-duty leather corners to hold the iPad. The company says there’s some trade-off between protection and accessibility, and it prioritised protection. I think you’d have to be very unlucky indeed to damage your iPad while it’s in this case, even if you dropped it onto concrete. One thing I’ve noticed before about this type of leather: it is very prone to scratching. Personally, I don’t mind at all – I view it as all part of the beauty of leather – but if this bothers you, you can stop reading here. Though wiping with a damp cloth does reduce the visibility: In use You can insert and remove the iPad easily enough: the downside is the accessibility of the power and volume buttons. I found it was easier to slip it out of the corner to use the buttons than to try to get my fingers through the gaps provided. Saddleback says the 11-inch version is easier to access. The straps hold the sleeve very securely closed, and there’s room for the Apple Pencil to remain attached, the straps providing added reassurance that it’s not going anywhere. (Yes, I did end up buying the Pencil, but that’s a story for an iPad Pro Diary update shortly.) The sleeve can also double as a stand. Fold the sleeve back on itself, and the straps fed back into their slots to hold it in a V shape. You can use it horizontally, to angle it on a desk, or vertically – for watching video, viewing photos or similar. Horizontal orientation does put it at a comfortable angle for typing, but it is very slightly bouncy. Not much, and it’s fine for casual typing like emails, but I wouldn’t want to write any long-form pieces on it. In vertical mode, it sits very nicely on a table for viewing. One thing that strikes me as overkill on both Apple’s Folio Case and this one is the camera cutout. It’s really rare I use the rear camera of the iPad at all, and if I do, it’s not going to be inside the case. So I honestly think both Apple and third-part companies could omit the camera cutout. Optional Magic Keyboard sleeve If you use your iPad for serious amounts of writing, you’re going to want a hardware keyboard. The Brydge keyboard is my choice, but there are those who carry Apple’s Magic Keyboard – so Saddleback offers a $59 sleeve for this. Like the iPad sleeve, this is made from the same cow leather and the same soft pigskin lining on the inside. It has a large flap, and a simple wrap-around strap to secure it. It’s perhaps a little overkill. If you’re carrying both iPad and keyboard, you’re probably putting them into a bag, and personally I don’t think the keyboard needs much protection – especially as this sleeve does add a fair amount of bulk. So while it’s cute, I think it’s really a solution in search of a problem. One other thing to note: this is currently only available in Tobacco, so you’ll want to order the iPad sleeve in the same color if you want them to match. Pricing and conclusions Apple’s iPad Pro Leather Sleeve for the 10.5-inch model costs $129. It doesn’t currently offer it for the 11-inch or 12.9-inch models, but when it sold one for the original 12.9-inch iPad, that cost $159. The Saddleback sleeve costs $119 for the 11-inch iPad, and $129 for the 12.9-inch one. This isn’t cheap, but does compare favourably to Apple pricing. It is, though, quite a different beast. If you’re always going to carry your iPad in a bag, and just want a sleeve to protect it from scratches, you’d be better off with the Apple one. If you ever carry the iPad on its own, however, as I sometimes do, then the Saddleback offers a lot more peace of mind. The Saddleback Leather iPad Pro Case is $119 for the 11-inch version, and $129 for the 12.9-inch one. The keyboard case is $59.
26 Feb 19
Marking Our Territory

In one of my most vivid memories from childhood I am holding Indy, our aged and infirm family Dalmatian, on the floor of the veterinarian’s office with my mother. Suffering from interminable seizures, and nearly unable to walk, Indy is past the point where we can convince ourselves that even the most dedicated and loving […]

24 Feb 19

2019-02-24 13:52:30 [ad_1] NEW YORK (AP) — As Nick Haschka bought four small horticultural businesses over the past two years, he had to help his new employees navigate almost constant change. “They’ve had to get used to a new owner, new management style, and many new processes and tools,” said Haschka, owner of The Wright […]

21 Feb 19

2019-02-20 19:38:58 [ad_1] In this Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019, photo Nick Haschka, owner of The Wright Gardner, center, and Jason Biting, operations associate, load plants onto a delivery truck in South San Francisco, Calif. (Photo11: Jeff Chiu / AP) New York – As Nick Haschka bought four small horticultural businesses over the past two years, he […]

20 Feb 19
National Post

NEW YORK — As Nick Haschka bought four small horticultural businesses over the past two years, he had to help his new employees navigate almost constant change. “They’ve had to get used to a new owner, new management style, and many new processes and tools,” says Haschka, owner of The Wright Gardner in South San […]

20 Feb 19
Financial Post

NEW YORK — As Nick Haschka bought four small horticultural businesses over the past two years, he had to help his new employees navigate almost constant change. “They’ve had to get used to a new owner, new management style, and many new processes and tools,” says Haschka, owner of The Wright Gardner in South San […]

15 Jan 19

Saddleback leather-based continues to be earning leather-based bags for different reasons which is generating them with good quality. Actually the quality is so very good which they provide a hundred calendar year warranty on it that it will hardly ever tumble apart. It is a seriously great deal. Even so, you can find several types […]

12 Jan 19

LIGHTWEIGHT LEATHER BACKPACK FOR WOMEN OR MEN – A simple, lighter-weight design makes the Bucket Backpack the perfect bag to carry it all. The design features a wide open interior pocket for carrying books, a laptop, camera and other tech, with two interior pockets to for a cell phone or tablet.
COMFORTABLE TRAVEL BACKPACK – With cushy Neoprene lined leather shoulder pads for extra comfort and adjustable shoulder straps that won’t dig into your ribcage or love handles, the Bucket Bag works great as a carry on for travel or as a school or hiking backpack.
100 YEAR WARRANTY – We are so confident in our leather backpack designs, everything we make is backed with a 100 Year Warranty. Our company motto is “They’ll Fight Over It When You’re Dead”. That’s not just talk, it’s a fact.