Santana Canada

15 Feb 19
Phish By The Years

Dan’s Picks Volume 06: 1992 Precision and playfulness are the words of the year. Fast, action-packed, high-energy, and incredibly on-point playing mark 1992. The band sounds more synced-up and connected than ever, allowing for greater group flexibility and variation in and around songs. Jams which followed the same structures in previous years become fuller, more […]

14 Feb 19

590 –  Khosrau II was crowned king of Persia. 1564 Galileo Galilei, Italian astronomer and physicist, was born (d. 1642). 1637 – Ferdinand III became Holy Roman Emperor. 1804 – Serbian revolution started. 1805 – Harmony Society was officially formed. 1812 Charles Lewis Tiffany, American jeweller, was born (d. 1902). 1820 Susan B. Anthony, American suffragist, was born  (d. 1906). 1835 – The first constitutional law […]

11 Feb 19
National Post

TORONTO — Filmmaker and industry pioneer Toni Myers is being recognized for a lengthy career that includes crafting out-of-this world IMAX features about earth and space. Gov. Gen. Julie Payette will present the veteran producer, editor and storyteller with the insignia of Officer of the Order of Canada. The private ceremony was to take place […]

10 Feb 19
The Shoot, The Spirit & The Wrestling

  Koko B. Ware vs. Rick Martel ~Bird, Bird, Bird. Everyone’s favourite jobber, Koko B. Ware kicking off WrestleMania 6 which honestly is a good way to hype the crowd as he is fairly over and does an excellent job of making his opponent and hyping the crowd. Now despite what it may say on […]

09 Feb 19
Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love

Among the various articles that came out in these days of the frenetic life of Sanremo, with one, I was genuinely pleased. I translate it for you. Riviera24 Article – Click Here The whole world is supporting IL VOLO in Sanremo, the performance on you tube, commented by the United States to Russia. Greece, Egypt, […]

09 Feb 19
Simon Chapman AO

Some years ago, the ABC ran an almost continuous promotion across several weeks for The Librarians, a poke at an occupation popularly synonymous with purse-lipped, dull people who love orderliness. The promo gag centred on a gormless Kym Gyngell taking his garage cover band very seriously, and channeling a flailing Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil. […]

08 Feb 19
The Scorecrow

The Indians are a hard team to figure out. With their current roster, they have some great talent. Players like Francisco Lindor, Jose Ramirez, Corey Kluber, Trevor Bauer, and others you would think they should be the top team in the A.L. The 2018 season really was a confusing one.

08 Feb 19
Hack's Back Pages

Most of my savvy readers have heard of the great Al Kooper, and they know he bears no relation to shock rocker Alice Cooper. Kooper had a hand in many significant musical moments of the ’60s and ’70s.  He co-wrote “This Diamond Ring,” a huge hit for Gary Lewis and the Playboys in 1963.  He […]

08 Feb 19, Posted 2/7/19 From Press Release Puerto Rico Lacrosse is pleased to announce its Women’s U19 Tournament Training Roster in preparation for our international debut at this summer’s Federation of International Lacrosse’s (FIL) Women’s U19 World Championships in Peterborough, Canada. This experienced group of 22 players was selected through three player assessments conducted throughout the […]