12 Apr 19
Sanuk - Svenska skolan thailand

Veckobrev 15 – Phuket Vi jobbar mycket på skolan med planeringar som eleverna har tagit med sig från sina skolor i Sverige. Förmånen med små klasser här är att vi hinner med mycket och kan hitta på mycket som är … Continue reading → Source:

11 Apr 19
Christina Mroz

Today’s Healthy Feet Tip is one that not many people like to hear because people love flip flops. I understand that flips flops are easy to slip on and great for warm weather and the beach however wearing flip flops has significant negative effects on the health of the feet. Katy Bowman does a great job […]

09 Apr 19
Cactus Hugs

For some, the Coachella Music and Arts Festival is not about the music, the food, or even the actual event – rather for a select few, it just means it’s time for their annual trip to the Palm Springs Area to hang out a a party for a few minutes in order to take home loads of free shit. This used to be a thing that happened but really wasn’t promoted, but not anymore!

09 Apr 19
An Unboring Path

At my house in Virginia I am surrounded by trees: giant trees, trees with bark, trees with leaves that fall off, trees kids can climb. We do not have concrete trees. We do not have trees that cannot be content with one trunk. We do not have trees with lattice-work trunks. When I first came […]

08 Apr 19
Willoughby Whippets and Tibetan Spaniels

Small children are claiming to see a woman wandering the parks at night. Some say she lives in Sylvan Glade. They say her clothes, mat, and stool are her sole possessions, and she only takes from nature what she needs to survive. They say she devotes 16 hours each day to burning off tapas. They […]

05 Apr 19
The Art of Jay Alders

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] This week we got to chat with professional competitive surfer and big wave charger Torrey Meister. In this interview, we took the opportunity to ask all the questions you would want to ask a big wave surfer, such as: What is on your mind right before you drop in? Do you ever hesitate? Do […]

05 Apr 19

Report name: "Growth of the global flip-flops market 2019-2024" Flip-Flop Market report provides information on sector size, production, analysis, price, revenue, costs, gross margin of the flip-flop market. To understand all this, this well-studied report will reward the market situation in general, along with future market forecasts. It also determines the forecast until 2024 which […]