14 Dec 18
Archy news nety

Winter storm watches and warnings have been issued for various provinces in Georgia thanks to a system that brought snow and ice to parts of the state. Realtime storm updates are offered. MONDAY, DEC. 10, 2018 7 am: Georgia Power reports 98 state-wide breakdown affecting 2,320 customers. Georgia EMC reports 3,592 customers affected by dropout […]

14 Dec 18
Winged Beauty Butterflies

This satisfying image brought me to thinking. Sure, I know that this Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge has been home to tens of thousands of butterflies, for as long as we can reckon. Yes, that puts these Pickerelweed blooms close, very close to butterflies like this Gulf Fritillary. I have no doubt that these little […]

13 Dec 18


thefingerfuckingfemalefury: phobs-heh: khan2kool: sassafras-manson: ryanvallejo: ktkeen96: theecamerondallas: i have been waiting for this to show up in my dash forever ITS BACK THIS IS MY FAVORITE IT’S BACK This has to be up there with the funniest shit ever. gonna reblog it everytime IT HAS RETURNED TO US

12 Dec 18
hillscene blog

Post by Adriana Alvarez. Meet our Summer guest designer who has put her talented spin on the hillscene. Amelia Campbell is a freelance designer who has worked with us this season to add her flair not only to the design of the magazine but also to writing and using her photography skills to help add […]

12 Dec 18

Francis Perkins arrived at Jamestown in March 1608 as a Laborer. He quickly becomes involved with the settlement. He writes a letter to a friend back home describing a great fire that destroys all his belonging and much of the Jamestown Fort.

12 Dec 18
Kreativ Graphic

Hello Sassafras – A WordPress Genesis Theme created for Creative Entrepreneurs This theme just got a huge makeover. We fill add modern styling, unique widget areas and now you can add or remove the homepage content area. The demo is a must see. * Demo is using a pre-designed badge which does not arrive with […]

12 Dec 18
Allergy Momma

At long last… Here is my gumbo recipe! Gumbo is by far my favorite meal to make.  My mom is from Southern Louisiana and I was raised between Louisiana and Mississippi, always learning from my mom about Cajun food.  The Cajun version of gumbo (which I was taught was the original, but creoles will argue […]

11 Dec 18

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11 Dec 18
Larry E Vaughn

Childhood memories of the steam engine and coal mining era in central Missouri

11 Dec 18

it’s far pretty common to come across a decked up Christmas tree in December.   where did the idea of the indoor Christmas tree originate? several years in the past, humans believed that ever-green trees had a paranormal detail approximately them. Even in winter, when all the different bushes and had been brown and naked, […]

10 Dec 18
smoutebol's poetry collection

Days come and go: this bird by minute, hour by leaf, a calendar of loss. I shift through woods, sifting the air for August cadences and walk beyond the boundaries I’ve kept for months, past loose stone walls, the fences breaking into sticks, the poems always spilling into prose. A low sweet meadow full of […]