08 Apr 19
Tour pour la France 19

My first attempt to make this tour from home to and through France began in the midst of June `17. I just made it to the north of the Massif Central where the blistering heat and the appropriate weather forecast made me brake off the tour. This year`s journey will start at the end of […]

19 Jan 19

This blog is about the equipment that I used in the race, you can find the main blog about the race with links to these sub sections here on the Race Report Blog Kit, equipment, shiny shiny stuff! So much choice and such a long mandatory kit list for this race.  I’ll list the exact […]

17 Jan 19

In 2018 I completed the Montane Spine MRT Challenge. I got myself to the end but I was in a broken state both physically and mentally. (read about it here) I decided at that point to come back stronger. To rebuild and re-invent myself. In 2019 I stepped once again onto that start line in […]

25 Nov 18
Pedal to Nepal

India is one of those countries that I’ve never really given much thought to. Which is kind of crazy when you come to think of it, not only is it the second largest country by population but it has huge historical links to Britain, and there I was thinking that this was just where we […]

22 Oct 18

Carol was in hospital waiting for surgery to repair her failed new fistula graft. Storm Callum and I was on my way to the Lake District after work. On the way I passed a tree that had fallen and squashed a car, miraculously no-one was hurt. Because I had to pass Tebay services, I also […]

21 Oct 18
Pack Your Bag

I spent the week in Berlin with B seeing the sights, drinking beer and sampling some very good German food.  No need to add that I took the week off my diet and I’ll be back on full blast tomorrow.  I was out for a walk yesterday, not one of my usual walks and not […]

09 Oct 18
Pack Your Bag

The start and kit list So that was the week that was.  A full week on a, surprisingly, remote estate in Perthshire learning the basics, the fundamentals if you will, of Bushcraft from the team at Woodlore.  They have elected to start running courses in Scotland, I don’t know how long they’ve been doing it […]

11 Sep 18
Between & Beyond

Today was supposed to be a longer day, and the weather forecast wasn’t great, so I had my bags mostly ready before bed and an alarm set. I slept well at The Tors Inn, and was then fed well to set me up for the day. The other couple staying were planning not to go […]

27 Aug 18
Pack Your Bag

So the plan, a multi-faceted one.  I’ve been knocking off a 5 – 6 mile hike with a bit of a climb in it with ease.  Great, now I want to extend the range and to do so without killing myself.  How to manage it?  Well don’t climb.  To that end one of the walks […]

15 Jun 18
Pedal to Nepal

Turkey has passed in a flash, and yet on reflection it feels like a long time ago that I posted my last update. My apologies for making you wait for the next instalment but Dad and I covered the 1200km stretch between Istanbul and Trabzon in 14 days, and with an average of 9-10 hours […]

26 May 18
The complexeties of life

On the 3rd of January 2018 I set myself seven challenges to focus my mind.  These include: Complete 1000 extra miles this year on top of my new year routine.  All these miles have to be logged using my Satmap 12 device or the results of an organised event. Complete 25 mile Easter walk in […]

20 May 18
Pedal to Nepal

A dramatic week in Bosnia and Herzegovina – which bizarrely I now look back on with great fondness, funny how the mind works – was perfectly followed almost immediately by a much needed more-than-one-day rest in Stari Bar, Montenegro. The invitation to this wicked location came from Marija who was running a yoga retreat out of […]

01 May 18
Pedal to Nepal

My time in Bosnia-Herzegovina has been such a rollercoaster ride that all that came before seems uneventful and trivial. Before offloading all the ups and downs of that part I think it’s important to continue chronologically and first explain how I got there…. So I left you in Hungary, a few days south of Budapest […]

06 Apr 18
Pedal to Nepal

The crossing of Germany is coming to an end with my imminent arrival into Passau, the last German city before Austria. My time here has flown by in what was an initial haze of industry which quickly turned to beautiful scenery as soon as I left the banks of the Rhine. Don’t get me wrong […]

12 Mar 18
caroline larkman

For the uninitiated, outdoors folk like to sit around in pubs and talk breathlessly about the day they ‘had an epic on *insert mountain name*’. This is a term used to describe the sort of day involving a tale of derring-do, battle against savage weather, heroic action, or any general struggle to which the Epic […]

11 Feb 18
Pedal to Nepal

Hey Mum I’m gonna cycle to Nepal… Did I really think it was going to be that simple? Naively, yes. Well with about 5 weeks to go till my ‘planned’ departure date I can tell you with great certainty it isn’t that simple. The list of things still to be completed/worked out/started/decided upon seems scarily […]

11 Feb 18
Travel Ramblings

Day 1 – Melbourne to Torquay Halfway to Melbourne, we endured, for the best part of an hour, the most turbulent flight of our lives. We were thrown around like ragdolls, willing it to end. It was horrendous. After finally landing, we were greeted by overcast skies and 15 degrees. Not quite what we were […]