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11 Dec 18
Jeremiah Jones' Blog

The film “Avatar” is still the highest grossing film in movie history since its release in 2009. The film had a budget of $237 million, which may sound like a lot on its own until one notices how much money it made back from the box office, which was a grand total of over $2.7 […]

10 Dec 18
Cain S. Latrani

You ever find yourself sitting back wondering exactly why you even bothered to watch the show you just watched? Cause, that’s kind of where I am right now. Feeling a little like I just wasted an hour and a half of my life for no good reason. Granted, I waste more than that on a […]

10 Dec 18
Claire Savage

Spanish police actions during a Catalan independence referendum prove divisive in national and international communities

10 Dec 18
LAVENDER AFTER DARK (because life begins when the sun goes down...)

David Stallings’ poignant, highly original new piece The Baby Monitor opens at the home of Damon (David Stallings, doing double duty as actor and playwright) and Phillip (Héctor Matías), a well-to-do gay couple living in Boston.  The two are owners of an LGBTQ-friendly bookshop/coffee house, and are dedicated dads to a two-year old son named Caleb, […]

10 Dec 18

Prince Amukamara was in the back area with his back to his teammates. They clustered behind the Bears cornerback, waiting to perform in the latest Bears party: The Bouquet Toss. After intercepting Roquan Smith's second quarter Sunday night, Amukamara threw the ball in the air. His teammates fought for this as if they were at […]

10 Dec 18

To say the least, 2018 was not the greatest year in history for us Americans. The so-called cataclysms of 2017 turned out to be minor irritants in comparison to the great barfing monstrosity that was 2018. But hey, I’m doing alright. And I hope you are too. Here, roughly ranked, are the (fifteen!) albums that […]

10 Dec 18
The Meandering Maloneys

  “The people of the United States want us to kill all the men, f*** all the women and raise up a new race in these Islands.”* American soldier serving in the Philippines, commenting on the message filtering down to troops from their superior officers, circa 1900 “I knew enough about the Philippines to have […]

10 Dec 18

Is space the new frontier? What are the links between the so-called “age of exploration,” and the conquering of the American West, and the United States space program? We will be covering those questions and others in today’s podcast, The Final Frontier: History, Science, and Space Exploration. Listen, download, watch on YouTube, or scroll down […]

10 Dec 18
Hours without sleep

So today I just finished reading the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. In short, I think it is a great update to the system. The rules are much easier to find including such rules as firing through cover to attack someone. While I don’t see all of the rules changes as being needed, none of […]

15 Feb 16
Gens Album

In the world of weapons, distance has always beckoned. Spear throwers competed to see who could throw farthest. Merry Olde England’s King’s Archers allegedly had to qualify on 200-yard targets — with longbows and wood shafts. Civil War marksmen made confirmed kills past 1,000 yards with black powder and greased lead Minie balls. Buffalo hunters […]

09 Dec 18
Savage On Wheels

Isn’t this really the best-selling pickup? … Here’s an argument you won’t hear often: General Motors makes the best-selling pickup in North America. No, that’s been Ford’s mantra for nearly 40 years now, but only because Ford sells all its pickups via a single brand, Ford, while General Motors sells its pickup as the Chevrolet […]

09 Dec 18
Dungeon Master Dave

This is a new series (“jeez, Dave, how many series do you have?”) that I thought I might cook up real quick. Basically, I thought I might create some fast and easy ways for Dungeon Masters to create new settings using Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rules beyond just Forgotten Realms/Ravnica. How it works: I […]

09 Dec 18
The Organization

More Deck Recipes making use of Legend Duelist 4 and LINK VRAINS PACK 2 cards.

08 Dec 18
Micks Mental Musings

Ah, compliments. They can be such bitter sweet things sometimes. Once again I was on the return leg of the morning ride (I don’t think too many of the die-hard lycra lads and lasses get up quite as early as I do) and I’m going through my favourite section of my regular 40km route through […]