Save Khaki

23 Mar 19

Here at Who What Wear #UK, we’re all about delivering the latest and greatest shopping edits, as approved by our team. That’s why we’ve created a new shopping column, The Joy of Shopping, which will see me, Joy Montgomery, heading to all your favourite stores to test out new-in pieces IRL. From summer dresses to the […]

23 Mar 19
Archy Worldys

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. What if you were Governor of Illinois and had nothing to wear? If you are J. B. Pritzker, look at your daily routine. For the first six weeks of his tenure, Pritzker's schedule includes 70 "clothing recommendations" for events as diverse as bill signings, a state policeman's funeral, a White House dinner, flood […]

22 Mar 19
MSUM Advocate

By Kari Haaversen, Between paying tuition, rent, and other expenses, there seems to be little money left for items such as clothing. With this new trend, shopping just got cheaper. Where Did This Trend Gain Popularity? Many YouTube personalities such as Haley Pham, Eva Gutowski, and Marla Catherine have begun creating videos centered around […]

22 Mar 19

Justus Omoeko is suddenly seized by the desire to become a novelist. He wants another title other than a journalist for which thousands know him. He is soon inspired by the story of a popular prophet in town and decides to write a thriller out of the dark patch that is the life of this […]

22 Mar 19

Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015Massive thighs ruins lives (or how i learned to start worrying and stopped loving my gainz) Hi there MFA, i am writing to you as i am on my final ropes.As a squatting individual at low body fat, my waist now measures roughly 33″ (actual measurement, not pants size), and my […]

21 Mar 19

I believe our stories are important, even as I’ve believed that my particular story wasn’t really all that important. But, I thought I’d share anyway.

21 Mar 19
Las Olas

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14 Mar 19
Nicole Hinrichs

If you’re looking for the perfect destination to celebrate the luck of the Irish all weekend long, look no further. Savannah, Georgia hosts one of the biggest St Patty’s day celebrations in the country. The party goes all weekend long with lots of food, live music, beer and more beer. Whether you’re Irish or not, […]

20 Mar 19
cognition and design

THE BAD AND GOOD DESIGN There a quote from Steve Jobs that I remember till this day is, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” A lot of people can become confused by the idea that good design simply means it looks pretty. Sure, beauty is […]

18 Mar 19
Club 25 Football

Having kicked off earlier this month, the MLS is now into its 24th season of play. Coincidentally, the league is now also contested by 24 different teams, what with FC Cincinnati being the latest expansion franchise to join the fold. To celebrate these milestones, we here at Club 25 are quite pleased to offer you […]

18 Mar 19

Lying awake in a hotel room at 5:00 am is, decidedly, a waste of time. I decide to get up and go seeking coffee and/or food and a quiet place to read and/or write. As soon as I step outside the building onto the city sidewalk, I know this idea was a good one. Before […]

18 Mar 19

Sometime in the 1940’s somehow I stumbled upon a radio programme called The Brains Trust. I think my mother perhaps used to listen to it. This must have been before 1948 because I was upset by media enthusiasm when, on 12th April 1948, Professor CEM Joad (1891-1953), a key figure in the programme, was convicted […]

18 Mar 19

Spring is coming! So it is time to stock your closet with all the spring essentials. Check out what made my spring wish wardrobe list this season