07 Dec 18
Día a Day

Pensamos que la conversación es una de las partes más divertidas del aprendizaje de un idioma. Los jueves (en esta ocasión el viernes) los dedicamos a realizar una entrevista sobre el post del martes anterior. Jessica preguntó a Rober en relación con su guitarra llena de firmas y de recuerdos . Puedes leer el artículo […]

07 Dec 18
Steve Johnson's blog

“Excuse me, Sir,” said a smartly attired lad in shirt and bow tie, “would you like to come back into our room and try to win something on our stall? I guarantee you won’t get your money back.” We’d already had a look around the Year 6 classroom, converted for the Christmas Fayre into an […]

06 Dec 18

  Now science has proved every man is a rapist, and that any man so much as accidentally sneezing on a woman constitutes sexual harassment, I’m glad to read delicate philanthropists have found time between solving all the disturbing issues in the world to call for a ban on the Christmas song “It’s Cold Outside.” […]

06 Dec 18
Cristián Montes Lynch

You are Rhythm. Concepts for Cacique Rum video campaign, and finished video. / Client: Cacique. / Agency: The Farm Company (San Sebastian, Spain). / Creative Director: Fernando Riveros. Eres Ritmo. Concepts para campaña audiovisual de Ron Cacique y video final. / Cliente: Cacique. / Agencia: The Farm Company (Don Osti, España). / Director Creativo: Fernando […]

06 Dec 18
Farnham Scalextric Club

And so to the Grand Finale of this year’s Inter-Club Challenge. After two legs at Bolwextric and Farnham, the respective clubs rocked up at Home Farm in Milland for a hum-dinger of an evening. Farnham has a shortfall of drivers, which meant that ‘Bolwextric Tim’ became ‘Timmy Turncoat’ as far as his club mates were […]

06 Dec 18
Gazu's Japan Travel Blog

The following piece is something I wrote as I traveled to in and from Japan, everything is true and not falsified in any way. Please enjoy the read 🙂 14th/15th November 2018 I got to Heathrow fine and in good time, After the incident in LA I’m always on edge when it comes to travel […]

06 Dec 18
Kit Varney: Creative Blog

When I worked for a marketing company as an intern throughout the summer of 2017 I was tasked with writing a concept soundtrack for a game they were producing for the car manufacturer Mercedes. The game was very similar to Scalextric however the cars were controlled by iPads with touch-screen buttons to control acceleration and whenever the […]

05 Dec 18
Making Histolines

Me and my uncle, Franklin “wheels” Roosevelt, playing with the prototype of scalextric. Circa. 1944 and a half || via #OldSchoolCool

04 Dec 18
Wolverhampton Scalextric and Slot Car Club

Club Champs – DTM’s round 43 The final round of this year’s Friday Championships produced some of the best racing of the season – and the closest of finishes. After the heats, the top 4 were all on the same lap – Ashley top qualifying by 0.25 of-a-lap ahead of Richy.  Having qualified 6th, John […]

02 Dec 18
The Ginger Bloggard

Who would have thought you could mix a beloved children’s/manchild/possibly womanchild plaything with a Dir en Grey song to form the basis of a catchy title? I’m taking sequel-naming to new heights people and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. Actually there is. You could do an awful lot to stop me. But […]

01 Dec 18
The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu present Welcome To The Dark Ages by Page 130

(Liberated from G**ty I****s) DAY ONE It’s 2 minutes to 3 as I turn off the engine on High Park Street. I’m two minutes early, but I can’t help feeling like I’m really late. The Unexpected Item In Toxteth Town Hall has been on display for three hours already. Mince pies have been baked and […]

30 Nov 18
Farnham Scalextric Club

Two rounds of the annual Farnham vs. Bolwextric Inter-Club Challenge have been held, with Farnham visiting Hampshire on the opening leg and the return fixture having been held at Farnham. Farnham came in for a thrashing on the away leg. Because of the different number of races and lanes (six at Bolwextric, four at Farnham), […]

29 Nov 18
The Isle Of Thanet News

Hornby Hobbies will be moving its offices back to Margate in January and will be creating new showrooms at the site in Ramsgate Road. Hornby moved distribution to Hersden in 2014 and office functions to Discovery Park in 2015, ending more than 60 years of work in Margate. But now the Scalextric and model train […]

29 Nov 18

It was really good to stay with Jenna in Oaxaca City. Last time we used Warm Showers was back in northern California at the start of September. Since then there hasn’t been much need or opportunity a lot of the time. So we got out of the habit and it started to feel like too […]

28 Nov 18
Primer Impacto México

'Roma': La Infancia Recuperada T’Roma’: La Infancia Recuperada Tengo que agradecerle al director Alfonso Cuarón que haya recuperado una infancia que yo creía perdida para siempre. Ahí estaban en la pantalla el Choco Milk que yo tomaba de niño; los Gansitos congelados en el refrigerador; la Scalextric con que jugaba; el auto Valiant blanco que […]

27 Nov 18
Farnham Scalextric Club

It was supposed to be a bit better than this first rough cut but this is still a nice memento of the Group B rally event we held at Farnham way back in the mists of time. Unfortunately both the filmographers and the editor have had rather a busy year and it just hasn’t happened. […]