18 Feb 19

I’m not sure there’s a more dreaded situation than someone calling you up and saying, “Hey!  What are you doing this weekend?” Uggggh.  Even if I’m doing absolutely nothing, with the way you’ve worded the question, you’ve now forced me to answer, “I’m not sure?  I think there was a thing we were doing?  I’ll […]

17 Feb 19
Help promote

It is extremely likely you have discovered the chance to obtain compensated for filling out surveys. However, you might not be fully believing that this chance is legit. It is good to become skeptical because discover, you will probably be taken in by scams who choose to focus on naive and naive people. For more […]

17 Feb 19
Internet Explore

For individuals who require help finishing their holiday or special occasion shopping promptly, there’s a handy option to consider. Gift cards are actually excellent stocking stuffers for Christmas. For more information on wendy’s premium sandwich , visit our website today! as well as convey your ex, good tidings or good luck whenever you are not […]

17 Feb 19

“By our store issued gift card and also you worries are gone”. “Don’t be concerned about waiting in lengthy lines or fighting the mob in the mall”. “Obtain a gift card and then leave the shopping for your recipient”. Well you need to be honest sounds good. In the end who would like to take […]

17 Feb 19
Lori C's Scentsy

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

15 Feb 19
Drops of Juniper

Welcome to Drops of Juniper! I am an essential oils enthusiast, foodie, daydreamer,social worker and an amateur songwriter.

14 Feb 19

The senses that humans and animals obtain are very important. They are also difficult to survive without. However, there are some people that have one or more senses missing, like Helen Keller. It is doable, but it is difficult to adapt to everyday tasks. As I am sitting down in my chair, I can feel […]

14 Feb 19
The Disney Fashionista

We’re loving the Scentsy x Disney collaboration, after all, it combines Disney cuteness, with scent-sational aromas. If you loved the Mickey and Minnie, Princesses or Winnie the Pooh collections, just wait till you see the new Stitch Scentsy Buddies!   These sweet little buddies are inspired by the one and only Stitch, our favorite alien […]

11 Feb 19
UAE News in Dubai

   Cisco today introduced that its global ecosystem of customers, designers and partners are accepting the company’s ambitious vision for a new period of networking. Dubai Vacancies last week, Cisco’s new network can recognize intent, reduce threats, and find out in time – representing among the most considerable advancements in the background of business networking. […]

11 Feb 19
Beautiful,Free and Wonderful

Hello Everyone, I hope the beginning of the year has treated you well.   Glade Enchanted Evergreen Candle: (Rebuy $2.00) This is one of my family fave. candles for the winter season. I will be buying the tree scent next year. 2. Scentsy Love Story Shower Gel ( Not rebuy $5.00)- I will not be […]

10 Feb 19
My Housewife Life

What’s wrong with being at home? Hubby and I have been on holidays now for a week and a half – we talked about going away but in the end we thought about the expense and the opportunity we were giving up to get on top of the house. So we decided to stay home, […]

09 Feb 19
The world thru rose colored glasses

Chapter 2 February 8, 2019 A follow up to: How does the city of Oak Creek Wisconsin and Sidello Properties Treat  Elderly Disabled Residents? SO…..  It has been 14 days since the Original Story was written and great deal has happened since then.  This unfortunate story of the account of what is happening to “M” […]