07 Feb 19

A few days ago I showed my mother these images shared on facebook She was ecstatic and told me that now she can finally come back to do doilies. Crochet doilies have always been her passion but now we are full of them, so she thought that it made no sense to make more of […]

06 Feb 19
my green cushion

Mein Strickmonat Januar Der erste Monat im Jahr ist schon wieder vorbei und es ging mal wieder schneller als gedacht. Für dieses Jahr habe ich mir vorgenommen mehr zu stricken und im Januar hat das schon ganz gut geklappt. Ich habe fast jeden Tag gestrickt und auch ein paar Projekte und Altlasten fertiggestellt. Momentan habe […]

31 Jan 19
amiguruMEI あみぐるメイ

Happy 2019! To mark this as my first post of the year, I have a special surprise for everyone! Yes, you guessed it right: a free pattern, of course! And since I was born in the year of the pig, I had to make a cute little piggy just for the lunar New Year. Please […]

30 Jan 19

Hello there! I’m on a roll again, lol! There’s a lot on the ‘to-share’-roll! So more to come soon! This is another piece of handmade work I wanted to show to you. Again a pair of men’s socks I made for my dear husband, who doesn’t want anything else anymore, lol! I like the yarn […]

29 Jan 19
Stefanie Crafts with Wool Paper Fabric

Good afternoon. I wanted to post something happy today as I’ve been dealing with a sinus headache. It has been preparing for rain around here so the muggy weather has been making me (I take Zyrtec just about every day) and the husband sneeze constantly and I also had trouble sleeping last night. A Cozy […]

27 Jan 19
Olivia Knits

I’ve said before I don’t mind starting over. I’ve been know to start a project 5 times to get the pattern right. But this is a first. I swear I tried this sweater on as I went and, though bulky, it still seemed to fit. Then it came to the sleeves. There seemed to be […]

25 Jan 19

Finished Projects Improvised colorwork sweater Pattern: Improvising a bottom up sweater Yarn: Lana Rara Rare Swiss Wool – a Sport weight woolen yarn from endangered Swiss sheep breeds (2/3): Saaser Mutten, Spiegelschaf, Bündner Oberländerschaf, Engadinerschaf. Plus mulesing free merino wool (1/3). Needles: Lykke Slava mittens Pattern: Slava by Handmade Riot Yarn: Fox&Sheep yarns Organic merino, Sport weight non-superwash yarnNatural color […]

22 Jan 19

[advertisement: free yarn sample, unpaid links] During Yarncamp 2018, I was offered a ball of Schachenmayr Regia Premium Alpaca Soft. After some initial problems (testing a set of dpns at the same time, a very bad idea for a convinced magic loop knitter) and some Christmas knitting, I finally have finished my pair of socks. […]

11 Jan 19

Dear reader, I hope this blogpost finds you well today! I just wanted to share some of the socks I knitted recently. I am knitting socks mostly in the evenings. Just after finishing the dishes I take an hour or so to sit down and do some stitches. In doing so within a couple of […]

09 Jan 19
kmkat & her kneedles

I finished the child’s sweater for the warm clothing drive. It was intended to be a stashbuster, and it kinda was. I played yarn chicken with the navy blue and won. Then I played yarn chicken with the dark gray for the bottom stripe and ribbing… and lost. The yarn is no longer available; I […]

31 Dec 18
The Crafty Therapist

And just like that it’s the end of the year!!! Does anyone else feel the 2nd half of the year went in a flash? What happened to October, I blinked and it was gone! But that said, I did make rather a lot this year and so this post is all about my favourites and […]

24 Dec 18

Het boek bloemenpoppen haken is geschreven door Bas den Braver, ook wel bekend van Zabbez. De bloemenpoppen zien er allemaal even lief en vrolijk uit. Hoewel ik Sierui Otto wel wat weg vind hebben van een stoere rocker. De poppen worden ongeveer 20 cm groot als je werkt met Catania van Schachenmayr en haaknaald 2,5. […]

15 Dec 18

Not doing craft markets anymore I was no longer following the latest trends in the world of children’s toys but a few days ago a friend updated me making me discover the LOL and also giving me the inspiration for a Lol-shaped pencil decoration, with Christmas on the doorstep it would have been a great […]

05 Dec 18
Happy Knitter

Finished size:70″ (178 cm) wide x 22 1/2″ (57 cm) deep after blockingSize in rows: rows 1-32 once + [rows 33-68] 7 times Yarn:SportweightMC: Schachenmayr Catania Solids color navy 8.04 oz (228 g) = 623 yds (570 m)CC: Alize Bella Batik Design color 4150 4.16 oz (118 g) = 465 yds (425m) Needles:US 2 (2.75mm) […]

04 Dec 18
Lanas, agujas y algo mas

Acabo de empezar este precioso chal, la lana me gusta mucho, y aunque tiene tonos frescos y veraniegos quiero que sea bien abrigado para el invierno. La lana es 100% acrilico, Micro Cosmic Color de Schachenmayr y el chal es el Regenbogenschwester . Espero tenerlo listo para la Navidad, y ya tengo en vista otro mas […]