15 Dec 18

Not doing craft markets anymore I was no longer following the latest trends in the world of children’s toys but a few days ago a friend updated me making me discover the LOL and also giving me the inspiration for a Lol-shaped pencil decoration, with Christmas on the doorstep it would have been a great […]

04 Dec 18
Lanas, agujas y algo mas

Acabo de empezar este precioso chal, la lana me gusta mucho, y aunque tiene tonos frescos y veraniegos quiero que sea bien abrigado para el invierno. La lana es 100% acrilico, Micro Cosmic Color de Schachenmayr y el chal es el Regenbogenschwester . Espero tenerlo listo para la Navidad, y ya tengo en vista otro mas […]

01 Dec 18

Geweldig om cadeau te geven deze scrub handschoen. Om deze handschoen te haken heb je 1 bolletje Schachenmayr Cleany nodig. Het gratis Nederlandse patroon van deze scrub handschoen kan je downloaden op de website van Schachenmayr. Veel haakplezier! Lisa

19 Nov 18

[advertisement: unpaid links, free samples]   This was my third Yarncamp in a row and I am sure I will attend the next one in 2019 as well. With its barcamp background, Yarncamp is so very different from the usual knitter’s meet-ups where you mainly buy yarn, take workshops you had to book in advance […]

12 Nov 18
In The Rounds

One of the several reasons why I love knitting is the sense of gratification one gets by seeing your project grow.  You can see your progress, your efforts and time becoming a thing. This past weekend, I saw the efforts of my labour come together fairly quickly as I’m knitting away for Christmas and, conveniently […]

08 Nov 18
stgeorge knits

This week, I have been mostly knitting hats. I love hats. I wear them all the time. One reason is, obviously, the fact that I live way above the Arctic Circle and the winters here are long and cold and I like to keep my head and ears warm. Any other time a hat keeps […]

06 Nov 18

Knitting season is in full swing as we have arrived in November already! In this episode I share with you my fall accessory knitting projects and we take a little trip to see the annual sheep shearing event at Spycher Handwerk here in Switzerland. Also I am dipping my toes into a new hobby: Fabric […]

02 Nov 18
Center for Cistercian and Monastic Studies

The Conference on Cistercian and Monastic Studies Schedule is now complete.  The first four panels will be held at the Lee Honors College (LHC), and the remaining six panels will be held as  a part of the International Congress on Medieval Studies, and the times and locations of those offerings will be publicized at a […]

31 Oct 18
Aleriona's passions

I have talked to you about Lukas, our family mascot. In January he is going to be three years old! Well, last week we adopted two lovely kittens, Aria and Stella. Lukas first got excited about the pets, but soon got too scared. They are far too dangerous for him, as he thinks they are rather […]

15 Oct 18

Lekker zachte en warme uggs voor de kleine babyvoetjes. Schattig, maar ook stoer. Het gratis Nederlandse haakpatroon van deze baby uggs kan je downloaden op de website van Schachenmayr. Wel eerst even NL selecteren en dan klikken op ‘Continue with download’. Veel haakplezier! Lisa

13 Oct 18
The Tangled SkeinCA

Hope you all enjoy the first episode with  VenomousFlower Melinda of rhyFlowerknits and I, we had a lot of fun!! Jumped off the needles: FOs Summit Shawl Test Knit for RowsomKnits out of Fisherman’s wool in brown and cream, Cascade in green on size 5 mm (US 8) needles. Falls Church Cowl by Taiga Hilliard Designs out of my hand […]

11 Oct 18
The Tangled SkeinCA

Hello everyone, hope you enjoy the episode. Jumped off the needles: FOs Summit Test Knit for RowsomKnits out of Fisherman’s wool in brown and cream, Cascade in green on size 5 mm (US 8) needles. Falls Church Cowl by Taiga Hilliard Designs out of my hand dyed 10 colour mini set, Schachenmayr Regia 4-fädig 4-Ply Solids & […]

08 Oct 18

Deze tas is gehaakt met vasten en de kreeftsteek. Mooie kleurkeuze. Het gratis Nederlandse haakpatroon kan je downloaden op de website van Schachenmayr. Wel even NL selecteren voor de juiste taal. Veel haakplezier! Lisa Ga naar Patroon