Schatt Morgan

03 May 18
Severance Knives

KA-BAR GRIZZLY STYLE AUTOMATIC KNIFE LIMITED EDITION! Schatt & Morgan Titusville, PA. Queen DFC USA. 5 1/4″ Closed 4 1/4″ Flat Ground Clip Blade Etched “SCHATT & MORGAN CUTLERY CO. EXPRESS” Nickel/Silver Bolsters, top and bottom Mottled Wood Scales (not sure what) Brass Liners The blade is released by pushing the metal plate along the […]

11 Jan 18
The Truth About Knives

“Kenneth Daniels CEO and President of Queen Cutlery has announced effective January 10, 2018, that due to issues with cash flow, Queen Cutlery Company has been forced to cease all production and close it’s Titusville Pennsylvania facility, and furlough it’s employees while it goes through a period of reorganization” The above notice went out today […]

22 Dec 17
Easy and Elegant Life

The tree is almost complete, thanks to an intervention by The Architect who even got the progeny excited about decorating. Taking a quiet moment to reflect on the tree, our ornaments, friendship, family, and the joys of the Christmas season is really the ultimate luxury. Take a moment today to toast your little corner of […]

10 Dec 17
stormylntz and stuff

I am not a knife collector but I appreciate their usefulness for a daily carry item. I probably own 10 each of WR Case and GreatEastern Cutlery knives and 5 each of Leatherman and Victorinox multi tools along with a similar number of Schatt&Morgan pocket knives. Additionally I have a couple Benchmade, Spyderco and Emerson […]