Scott Bonnar

09 Feb 19
The WPBSA World Seniors Tour

This is the draw: Last 64 Patrick Wallace 4-0 Steve Bird Garoid O’Connor 4-1 Andrew Milliard Lee S. Martin BYE Pat Patel 4-1 Boris Lazarov Sean Lanigan 1-4 Marcus Lord Anthony Bonnar 4-1 Ray Grail Scott Raper NS –  Leo Fernandez W/O David Moritz v Craig McGillivray Barry Pinches NO SHOW v Andrew Isitt NO […]

14 Dec 18

On Jan. 26, both the UFC and Bellator were supposed to really go head-to-head with shows in the la region. It would have been the very first time the promotions piled their cages so close with the exact same night since September 2014, once Bellator rented a room at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut and […]

22 Oct 18
Brig Newspaper

University of Stirling’s men’s football team has reached the 3rd round of the Scottish Cup for the first time ever.

21 Oct 18
What's Lorraine watching?

I have been at the tail end of a terrible cold and cough that has been incredibly persistent. As a result I have thrown myself under an afghan with plenty of hot beverages and have been wildly catching up with all kinds of programs that I have been intending to watch. I’ve been trying to […]

16 Aug 18
Ultimate BLT

Well here we are gents (or Joel, given you’ll be the only one reading this), another epic season is coming to a close, and we’ve got the #2 and #4 teams ready to do battle in the 2018 grand final. We’ve lost a founding member, bringing the league down to 8.5 coaches, and a finalist […]

11 Jun 18

Hello again, in this Update I will briefly run down some new shows on the Highspots Wrestling Network for the subscribers of that service. There are six new wrestling shows on the front page of the Highspots Wrestling Network and I will list them here with line-ups. No spoilers for these shows as I’m starting […]

25 May 18

We’re counting down 10 of Bellator’s biggest moments before Bellator 200. Today, we look at the promotion’s big free-agent signees.

21 May 18
Draft Doctors

Injuries For 21/05/18 I noticed that the other lads have a standard paragraph before their article each week so that new readers know exactly what they are in for.   BUT! You know exactly why you’re here, you like to watch some random guy sling keyboard warrior banter at the athletically gifted, yet currently broken […]

14 May 18
Draft Doctors

Injuries For 07/05/18 You may have noticed a small change to my Twitter account @thepotatobake. I have undergone a formal name change. The handle stays, because I really do like potatobake, but the actual name is different. I am now Cameron McLachlan, and I would like to be referred to as the least successful, least […]

10 Apr 18
Beatrix Swanson Scott

Harry (Mark Bonnar) and Max (Jane Horrocks) have tried parenthood once before. It didn’t go very well – their son Nick has left their lives. Now, they have a chance to start over with Jån, a flat-pack built-it-yourself son by next-day delivery – a ‘high-quality product’ programmed to their needs. This is the premise of […]

24 Mar 18

🎯 Targets STK: Jack Steven, Seb Ross, Hunter Clark BRI: Dayne Zorko, Dayne Beams, Cam Rayner DFS Strat: Saturday Weather Update: Round 1 Injury Report: Round 1 🎯 Targets PA: Ollie Wines, Brad Ebert, Riley Bonnar FRE: Lachie Neale, Nat Fyfe, Andrew Brayshaw DFS Strat: Saturday Weather Update: Round 1 Injury Report: Round 1 🎯 Targets HAW: Tom Mitchell, Isaac Smith, Jaeger O’Meara COLL: […]

21 Feb 18
The Sports Daily

  Shop all things UFC at Amazon! (The MMA Manifesto is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to   Which fighter has earned the most money over the course of their UFC career?  We’ve […]