Scrub Daddy

10 Dec 18

We live in a wasteful world of big company profits and complete disregard for our environment. Since July this year, I’ve made a pact to continually reduce our plastic waste and carbon footprint in general, and I’m going to share some top tips with you on how you can also cut down. Some of these […]

09 Dec 18
Beyond the Sea

After our interesting and unexpected expedition to the past, we now must figure out what happened. And boy, is there a surprise in store…. We arrived in the desert with Elithros returning to life, thanks to Finryn. Ezra asks how long we’ve been gone– and we notice that the dig site looks completely worn down and it […]

06 Dec 18
The Narrow Edge

This is a redrafted version of a story that originally appeared in ‘Children, Churches and Daddies Magazine’ v.277. by Kilmo   Horse was starting to worry. He’d secured the IED to the best of his abilities, but they were climbing into the hills along the old interstate and  half the time the truck felt like it […]

06 Dec 18
Kiji Fics

Lisa sat on the bench in the bus station while Llewelyn settled Carla Jean in her seat. She glanced at her wrist at the watch Llewelyn had given her in the absence of her own: it was a little after eight. She could see them both talking through the big windows, watched Llewelyn smiling and […]

05 Dec 18
A moment in Snowdrop

Everybody loves to tell you their birth story.  I never really got to share mine due to the circumstances that followed Paige’s birth.  But now I am going to tell it. We had made it to 37 weeks, what a relief.  We were so happy.  It felt like such an achievement that I am sure […]

05 Dec 18
Captive Chloe

I have been contemplating my relationship with my captors since I last wrote. I realized I slipped in my last post, when referencing the one they call Dad. I will get to him, but first let me explain the three others. First, there is the one called Mom, also mentioned previously. She is a demon […]

05 Dec 18
So...I met a guy

I spoke to my father today. It was the most meaningful conversation I have had with him since I have become an adult. My father finally seen a pic of my son. My son turns two on Sunday. Sad ain’t it. Well he’s always seemed as if he was uninterested. When I had my son […]

04 Dec 18
Shark Tank Guide

Who doesn’t love a sponge with a smiley face? Apparently everyone does! After getting a deal on Shark Tank with Lori Greiner ($200,000 for 20%), Scrub Daddy has gone on to sell more than $170,000,000! I love using the Scrub Daddy at home. It makes washing dishes easier and more fun. Order your own Scrub […]

03 Dec 18

  The Skinny Instant Pot Cookbook: $8 This cookbook is specifically for Instant Pot recipes, which is how I do 99.9% of my cooking these days. This book has TONS of great recipes, and anyone can make them, they’re not complicated whatsoever. This would be a great gift for a recent college grad, or newlyweds! […]

03 Dec 18

Follow and Subscribe to Turtleboy podcasts on SoundCloud or iTunes by clicking here.  Follow and like the Turtleboy Sports Returns, and Clarence Woods Emerson to keep up with the hilarious turtle rider commentary. Want to advertise with Turtleboy? Email us at for more information. If you like free speech and want to support what we’re […]

03 Dec 18
Hop on over to Amazon where they are offering up this 4-Pack of Scrub Daddy Sponge Daddy Scratch Free Supersoft Absorbent Sponges for just $2.25 shipped (regularly $4.49)! Note that this item does have a minimum order quantity of 2 so you’ll need to order two 4-packs to score this deal! These sponges usually ship within 1 to 2 months. These sponges clean more surface area and retain more water! The flex texture changes texture with water temperature and the super soft resofoam provides a velvety smooth texture. They also feature sud generating material that creates more soap & suds with less need for detergent. Bryn LOVES her Scrub Daddy Sponges! 
03 Dec 18
Lucien Maverick's Den

A morning making lunch for someone.  Well, technically it’s breakfast food, but why not?  French toast is a perfectly good food for lunch.  Especially when I wrap it around maple breakfast sausage links.  Not healthy, but we had just come back from a run.  My young companion’s time was terrible, but she’s just starting.  While […]

02 Dec 18
The Vain Mama Travels

6 months post partum and i can still recall one of the most memorable moments of my entire life, giving birth. I was never hospitalized nor confined in a hospital so i never knew the feeling of being in one so everything was foreign to me. Moving on, here is the timeline of what happened: […]

02 Dec 18

The Highlights Mi Casa es su Casa Simone and Cecil host a get together to let everyone know they have moved back in together. They also thank everyone for helping them get to that point (cue flashbacks) All the couples came including newbies (lowkey forgot their names since Bravo did em dirty); Quad is there […]

01 Dec 18
Kenai Organic Farms

Becoming a mommy, especially for the first time can be overwhelming. Getting the new mommy in your life one of these fun, easy DIY items can help. Some are practical and some are good to use for self-care, both are extremely important when one is a first-time mother. Homemade Facial Scrub Melt coconut oil so that […]