Sea Buckthorn Juice Market Growth

08 Jul 19
Conflict Resolution

         The next sugia of our Av Mishna מועד קטן has 36 lines of Gemara and concludes on .דף ה. ומתקנין קילקולי המים שברה”ר וכו’:  דף ה.  אמר ר’ יוחנן לא שנו אלא שאין רבים צריכין להם, אבל רבים צריכין להם אפילו חפירה מותר.  אמר רב אשי מתניתין נמי דוקא.  דקתני עושין כל צורכי רבים.  […]

14 Jun 19

Antioxidants are excellent compounds that prevent the development of problems with the cardiovascular system that support good vision and youth. City dwellers living in a polluted environment (smoking, car exhaust) are particularly in need of products containing more antioxidants.

24 May 19
Dawn Siler

This article may contain affiliate links. See our Disclosure for more information. With its Instagram-friendly packaging and promise of cleaner ingredients, Drunk Elephant has become one of the hottest skincare brands on the market today. Whether in your feed or on your vanity, you can’t help but be drawn to the brightly-coloured bottles. And the […]

05 Feb 19
Vogenix Self Tanner

2019-02-04 14:56:15 Celebrities have been endorsing beauty brands for years, often collaborating with big players to promote their favourite products or even create specific lines. Now they’re taking their love for beauty one step further by launching full-fledged collections that bear their name. “The past few years show that harnessing celebrity star power is a […]

30 Jan 19

15 Simple Homemade Face Moisturizer for Soft Skin – Moisturization is the key to healthy skin. Our skin needs all the moisturization it can get to stay soft, supple. No matter what your skin type is, moisturizer is must, and hence, in this article, we have decided to share few simple yet effective Homemade Face Moisturizer recipes […]

04 Oct 18

1. Government to expand Van Dhan Vikas Kendras in tribal districts After the launch of the Van Dhan Vikas Kendra atBijapur by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi on 14th April, 2018 and his call to converge Jan Dhan, Van Dhan and Govardhan Schemes, the Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA), Government of India proposes to expand […]

09 Sep 18
Prairie Manufacturer Magazine

Micro-distilleries are becoming big business in Saskatchewan — and the world is taking notice.  By Joanne Paulson.  Drink less. Therefore, drink better. And, while you’re being discerning, drink local. That’s the new mantra of the modern spirits connoisseur — often a millennial, sometimes a locavore, and invariably a lover of finely-crafted consumables. The local food-and-drink […]

28 Aug 18
Helsinki Affair

When you think about Finland, probably first things that come to mind are cold climate and lack of sun. You are probably wondering where Finns get all vitamins and how they stay healthy in harsh weather conditions. In fact, Finns have a secret superfood – local berries. So what are those berries and how they […]

28 Jul 18
argan oil suppliers morocco

Prickly pear seed oil   amazes me ,this is  a fantastic great deal. I recently became aware of its  numerous  health benefits  to my   Facial skin,     History Most of the plant parts benefit humans and animals both internally and externally and have been used throughout the world. For instance, in traditional medicine, Opuntia ficus indicahas […]