24 Apr 19

What is Sebago Lake? “Sebago Lake is the deepest and second-largest lake in the U.S. state of Maine. It is in Cumberland County, and bordered by the towns of Casco, Naples, Raymond, Sebago, Standish and Windham. The seasonally occupied town of Frye Island is on an island in the lake. Sebago Lake is known for its erratic and sudden changes in weather, likely due to its […]

23 Apr 19
Ranya, the memory keeper

This is Ugly Ugly is hand-me-down boy clothes, convincing me they looked good, and that no one would notice cause we couldn’t afford enough girl ones. Ugly is being at the mercy of Eid money from richer family members to even begin to think of buying new clothes. Ugly is buying one bottom with two […]

23 Apr 19

The first fashion marketplace founded in 1994, BasicNet controls a portfolio of iconic brands, including Kappa, K-Way, Sebago and Superga.

19 Apr 19

Two of Maine’s top craft brewers, Foundation Brewing and Orono Brewing, are collaborating on a special release of Earth Day-centered IPAs to benefit clean water efforts in Maine.

16 Apr 19
Serendipitous Sailors

Hello all sailors! ​ I'm currently doing a footwear research and design project for marine/nautical footwear. I've gone to shops and talked to staff as well as looking at the current market (musto, helly hansen, sebago, zhik) but I want to ask you guys and girls, real sailors about what you wear. I've been told […]

13 Apr 19
Potato News Today

Fred Bensley of Stillbrook Potato and Pastoral Company is one of four certified potato seed growers in Crookwell, New South Wales, Australia. He is a fourth-generation potato grower and learned on the job from a young age. “I remember the days when Dad used to be ploughing and I’d have my own little toy tractor, dragging […]

06 Apr 19

Anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time with Bailey always has a funny story to tell. Why? Bailey is unassumingly funny. Without even trying he can be quite witty. The reason is because he really doesn’t care what other people think. If he thinks something, he often says it. As you can imagine […]

05 Apr 19
Maine Adventures, LLC

Maine Adventures, LLC has officially launched. After spending many years guiding business clients to the successful completion of their mission critical projects, I’ll now “also” be guiding my adventurous clientele into the woods and on the waters of Maine. This is especially important, given a recent article in the Bangor Daily News, where it was […]

04 Apr 19
New England Memories

Marilyn Weymouth Seguin was born and educated in Maine and has spent parts of the last twenty-seven summers vacationing at camps in the Sebago Lakes Region. She recently retired from full-time teaching in the Writing Program of the English Department at Kent State University in Ohio, so now she and her husband can spend more […]

03 Apr 19
SnapShot Variety

4/1 – Worked from home. Leila and Evie P. played lots of April Fools tricks after school. Nora and co over for dinner. Had a fire outside. 4/2 – Teacher conferences after work. Swam laps @ soPo pool. 4/3 – Worked in Freeport, met up with Chris and Sean at Pats. 4/4 – Worked from […]

01 Apr 19

Well, it’s not like we’re going to rely on the produce to stay alive, but it was always the idea that we would grow some food there. We’d been hoping and planning that it didn’t all come at once, so we could have a chance at eating it without letting it go to waste. As […]

01 Apr 19

[ad_1] When the place we call home is also the place where we work and create, it defines us as much as we define it. Makers and founders everywhere are at the heart of the communities where they do business. This series, And Nowhere Else, examines the relationship between the places they live and what […]