Seiyuu Digest

14 Jun 19
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Jun Kasama debuted as a seiyuu in 2013 but only recently has been in the eyes of the public. This month we take a look at the career of this powerful, unique baritone, skilled dancer, seiyuu and narrator.

14 May 19
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Takuya Eguchi is possibly one of the most prolific seiyuu out there and rarely do people miss him out of a project. Loved by his peers, Eguchi has made his career in a solid manner and in a way many seiyuu wish to be able to follow. With a decade long career, it is safe […]

14 Apr 19
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Yuma Uchida has quickly climbed the ladder in the seiyuu industry. He’s one of the most versatile talents from the 90’s born generation of seiyuu. We take a look at his exciting career with this Seiyuu Digest.

15 Mar 19
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Taku Yashiro is a seiyuu on the rise. Having a steady career by now, the seiyuu has been showing little by little that he has the potential and the skills to become very successful in the seiyuu industry.

04 Mar 19

I’m two months late with this one, but I wasn’t gonna abandon this annual tradition entirely. I don’t know about the rest of you, but 2018 felt like a relatively weak year for OPs, though there were still some remarkable standouts and a plethora of solid enough contenders fighting to round out this top 25. […]

15 Feb 19
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Creative, versatile, talented and underappreciated.

15 Dec 18
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Musical actor, stage actor, model, seiyuu, singer, radio personality are just some of things Toshiki Masuda is known for. At 28, it seems like he has only scratched the surface of his talent.

04 Dec 18
The thought dump

A life of adventures. A life of stability. Which path do you choose? Which is the right one? Even though it is the most major decision that you have to make in your life, it is but just another branching point. What matters is creating your own story from the choices you made. – The […]

15 Nov 18
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For a seiyuu with a little over 20 years of career under his belt, it is not often that this seiyuu gets the recognition that he deserves. Takayuki Kondo is one of the most versatile seiyuu of his generation and a chameleon at that, so more times than not one will miss him as his […]

03 Nov 18

It took me forever, but I finally finished the fandisk! YAY! To be fair, while I did enjoy C: R back when I played it, I can’t say it blew me away or anything. Still, I was looking forward to the FD for three reasons: 1. you don’t see FDs getting localized everyday, 2. judging from […]

14 Oct 18
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When it comes to well-versed seiyuu one can mention a plethora of names, however one can not fail to mention those who, aside from their innate talent, have many years of experience under their belts. One prime example is Kouki Uchiyama. KANJI 内山 昂輝 BORN Aug 16, 1990 OCCUPATION seiyuu, radio host, narrator, actor. HEIGHT […]

08 Oct 18

I’m glad I could finally finish this post lmao. Took me long enough to publish this as schoolwork started to pile up the week after the con (* ;w;). Anyway, attending this year’s con was very thrilling to me since I was with my mom, as it was her first con after more than year […]

14 Sep 18
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With almost 20 years of career under his belt, Morita is a staple for all anime fans, as the seiyuu has brought to life his fair share of iconic roles, but that it’s not the last of it. Aside from his roles, Morita is further known for his unrivaled talent in almost all departments of the […]

14 Aug 18
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With almost a decade of work as a seiyuu and despite some consistent performances under his belt, he is still looking for his big break in the industry. This month we take a look at the career of one of the most underrated seiyuu in the industry: Atsushi Tamaru.

10 Aug 18

Preamble: This time I am bringing the Anime Concept Thoughts (ACTs) to the table. Once again, ACTs posts pertain to discussions of a certain concept in anime. It could be a discussion of a theme in an anime series, or an analysis of a common concept over a multitude of anime works. Today’s topic will […]