14 Jun 19
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The Light Meters market report gives a sorted image of the Light Meters industry by the technique, incorporation, and analysis of study and data picked up from various sources. The report exactly elaborates the basics: descriptions, departments, applications and Business chain overview; business regulations and plans; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures and so on. In addition to […]

12 Jun 19

In this video series, I’ll go over in detail how to use On1 Photo RAW 2019 to save, cull, edit, and process your images. In this episode, I demonstrate my portrait retouch workflow. My On1 Effects Presets are on sale. 40 awesome presets for $15 BUT, you can save $5 by using the promo code: […]

12 Jun 19
Dr. Stein's Photographic Establishment

This is a reprint of a column I wrote for Camera Electronic in Perth – A very good firm to deal with. How you do anything has a great deal to do with the supplies you have available. Analog photography is no exception – and these days unfortunately the machinery and raw materials are getting […]

10 Jun 19
Transient Eye

This is a very very late user review of the Leica M10, based on just over a year of use. It is a deliberately image-heavy post, with a varied selection of photographs that I hope show some of the capabilities of the camera.

09 Jun 19
Steel City Snapper photography blog

You can’t fail to be struck by the advertising hoardings in Times Square, whether it be the high-tech animated electronic boards, or the more traditional versions like in today’s photo. I’m a little disappointed with the roll of Ektar I shot in NYC – not due to the film itself (the colours are glorious), but […]

06 Jun 19

Scritto, redatto e pubblicato da Gerardo Bonomo.     Basculaggi e decentramenti. Basculaggi e decentramenti fanno parte delle procedure più complesse nei generi fotografici; si applicano di norma alla fotografia di architettura e allo still life. nell’immagine qui sopra una MPP ( Metal Precision Production ), una folding inglese degli anni 50′ caricata con dorspo […]

03 Jun 19
Market Research Reports

“The Digital Light Meter market report is a complete research on the current state of the Digital Light Meter market with a focus on the regional market. This report presents the global Digital Light Meter market size (value, production, and consumption), splits the breakdown (data status 2013-2018 and forecast to ‘2025’), by manufacturers, region, type, and application. This […]

31 May 19
Richard Fletcher OCA Photography Blog

Introduction Part 4 of Expressing Your Vision looks in detail at light both natural and artificial, and how it is the most obvious, yet vitally important element in photography.  Before understanding how light in the scene impacts how we see the subject or creates our aesthetic vision of what is before us, we need to […]

28 May 19
Ed Steinerts: Photographs

Fuji GW690II Sekonic L-228 Light Meter Ilford HP-5+ Developed in D-76 diluted 1:1 or Ilfosol 3 diluted 1:9  

27 May 19
Dr. Stein's Photographic Establishment

This a repeat of a column written for Camera Electronic in Perth – a very good firm to deal with. Why is always a good word – particularly if you are a four-year-old and want to torment your parents. You have to judge the number of times you can get away with it before you’re […]

27 May 19
Marine Today

Contact us if you are looking for Sekonic Corporation – Japan Marine Equipment, Spare Parts, Ship Supply, Service or Support. Manufacturer Name: Sekonic Corporation Country: Japan Description: Products: Contact our office today for quotations and orders.

21 May 19

A fascinating look at Modern China by Daniel Cai. Travelling through Xiamen and Beijing and documenting on his first all analogue experience.

19 May 19
Dr. Stein's Photographic Establishment

Does anyone remember the Bogdanovich motionpicture from last century? 1971, I believe. and the most attractive thing about it down here was the possibility of seeing Cybil Shepard in the nuddy. I can’t remember if we ever did. Absolutely nothing else sticks in the mind. Unfortunately that is also the case with many of the […]

14 May 19

Disclaimer: Unlike most film reviews that have comparison shots of the same subject, taken under different settings and exposure values, this review will feature a set of photos that show the film’s capability to perform under different lighting conditions. As the photos are part of an ongoing project, I could not set up shots for […]

12 May 19
Shaïny Vilo

DSLR  notes to go back to: We shoot raw as theres more data so easier to edit or fix Colour space need to be big, the bigger the more colours you can get. Default is Adobe Rgb (abigger colour space would be profoto) Format card before any shoot as receiving data slowly damage it ISO […]