Sergio Tacchini

02 May 19
Sweet Swell Good Old Days

Wish I still had that Sergio Tacchini jacket to be fair Touch here for the full post on Sweet Swell Good Old Days tumblr

29 Apr 19
Sean's Siena Hockey Updates

Football hooligans often appear to be less interested in the football match than in the associated violence. They often engage in behaviour that risks them being arrested before the match, denied admittance to the stadium, ejected from the stadium during the match or banned from attending future matches. Hooligan groups often associate themselves with, and […]

24 Apr 19
Bon Bon Lifestyle Webazine

( Sergio Tacchini works in collaboration with the talented neo-cubist artist Adam Lister on a new iteration of a pair of tennis shoes made for the Fall/Winter 2019 season. The high-end designer… More:

24 Apr 19

Global Professional Tracksuits Market Report incorporates presents growth scenario, opportunities, market share and Professional Tracksuits industry size. The report begins with the definition, market scope, classification, and Professional Tracksuits market size estimation. The Professional Tracksuits market competition, market dynamics, industry plans & policies and future demand is analysed. The limitations and threats to the development […]

10 Apr 19
Literary Hub

I grew up during the dawn of the sneaker era, the genesis of which was not only concurrent with the golden age of hip-hop but constitutive of it. In the same poor neighborhoods that spawned rap music, sneakers were a kind of vocabulary for abundance, a way to undercut poverty while underscoring style and toughness. […]

30 Mar 19
On Tap Media Context

Postmodernism 15th Nov 2018 Postmodernism straddles art, media theory and lots of other bits in between. The Simpsons are post modern inasmuch as they were portrayed used iconic iconography like a ‘Clockwork Orange’. John Travolta was cool in the 70’s disco film ‘Saturday night fever’. His star had waned until Quentin Tarantino cast him into […]

28 Mar 19

#Lookbook – The theme for the latest SELF MADE’s Spring Summer 19 collection is the mix of the 90’s Hip-hop vibe in Los Angeles and the designer’s Philippine origins. The attentive research put into the development of this new Season has influenced a complete makeover of a sports heritage brand such as “Sergio Tacchini” through […]

26 Mar 19
Archy Worldys

Screenshot of the "Au DD" clip from PNL. – Screenshot Some people really have business sense. Barely unveiled in the clip DD, the jacket imagined by Off-White for NLP, is already available for the modest sum of 69 euros in forgery, reports the site And everything is there, the logo (the arrows) of the […]

26 Mar 19
The Colors of Tennis

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Rome, Italy to enjoy the history, culture, food, and tennis? If you love tennis and travel then check out: #VantaggioTennisTravels

21 Mar 19

BAPE x PSG Tee – Navy Tee Sergio Tacchini x Gosha Rubchinskiy – Orange Palace adidas Terry T-Shirt – White

13 Mar 19

  Directed by Francesco Bonasia by CATTURAproduction Starring: Hugokpz Styled by: Ramona Tabita Producer: Federico Morgantini Music by: Dj Taiwan © Cattura All Rights Reserved 2019   Self Made by Gianfranco Villegas x Sergio Tacchini SS19 collab from Cattura on Vimeo.     © Cattura All Rights Reserved 2019               […]

11 Mar 19

Perfumes & Colognes > Perfumes for WomenIn 2014, the fragrance house Sergio Tacchini introduced a fruity and floral perfume for women called Sergio Tacchini Precious White. Top notes of pear, peach and watermelon begin this fresh fragrance with fruity and luscious tones in the opening. The middle notes are comprised of magnolia, white rose and […]

11 Mar 19

Perfumes & Colognes > Perfumes for WomenAs its name implies, the aroma behind Sergio Tacchini With You is going to stay with you for quite a while. This perfume was released in 2012, and its target demographic was younger ladies. The goal for this fragrance was to create something for the modern young woman, and […]

11 Mar 19

Perfumes & Colognes > Perfumes for WomenIntroduced in 2014 by the fragrance house Sergio Tacchini comes a romantic and alluring perfume for women called Sergio Tacchini Fantasy Forever. The top notes include blueberry, bergamot and rose for a soft and fruity opening. The middle notes are comprised of white cedar, jasmine and sandalwood for a […]

11 Mar 19

Perfumes & Colognes > Perfumes for WomenReleased in 2009 by the fragrance house Sergio Tacchini comes Sergio Tacchini Precious Pink, an elegant and feminine perfume with clean and crisp tones throughout. The top notes are comprised of lemon, lily of the valley and green apple for fresh green notes in the opening. The middle notes […]