07 Jun 19
Cleave's Blant

I was inspired by a thread on an online cycling forum to create this blog entry to document my bicycle history. I updated my original post with my latest bicycle information and corrected or added to some old information. These are all the bicycles I’ve owned (that I can remember) since beginning of my cycling […]

02 Jun 19
Political satire

The report Within the Journalism world, news can be split up into two main categories, real or fake. Of course, it would be hard to believe that fake news is such a prominent thing in today’s society that it warrants its own category of news. But that is quite the opposite. Globally, fake news is […]

31 May 19
Duffy's Titanium and steel bikes

Beautiful Serotta Legend with Campagnolo Chorus build.  Record titanium seatpost really finishes the build nicely!  54cm, well deserving of the Legend name!

10 Apr 19
The Washington Informer

Chuck Hicks could hardly contain his emotions Sunday afternoon while standing in front of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, as people of many races and religions locked hands and sang “We Shall Overcome.”

02 Apr 19
Peak Cycles - Blog

THE FITTER George Mullen George has 19 years of fitting experience and has completed thousands of fits. He has completed Serotta Elements™ and Serotta Advanced Fit™ courses as well as Specialized™ BG fit school. What makes George unique  is simple – experience.  The time spent fitting people over the past two decades is what makes […]

12 Mar 19
Forty Four 16

The first time I did Eroica California, I struggled to choose which gearing to use. I wanted to do it 100-percent accurately, as Claude Criquielion would have—I was riding a replica of his bike. But I was at least 30 pounds over weight and nearly 60 pounds over my old racing weight. I opted to […]

08 Mar 19
Forty Four 16

For Eroica CA this year, I’ll ride a Ben Serotta-built Murray 7-Eleven Team bike. I bought it assembled and it appears that most of the components were part of the original 1983/4 build. I swapped the bars, stem, saddle and built new wheels. Otherwise, it’s original. Who rode the bike remains a mystery.  Of course, […]

16 Jan 19
Episcopal Cafe

“On the issues of border security and our immigration policy, we agree with President Trump that we face a crisis of heart and soul, though we differ dramatically in our understanding of it. Differences aside, we are clear that inventing a new crisis by closing the government and adversely affecting so many innocent people does not help to address border security.”

11 Jan 19
Forty Four 16

Warning: This is LONG. And, perhaps, dry as hell.  Part 1: How to Fit My Bikes? Recently, I completed a two-years quest to properly fit my fleet of vintage road bikes. At least I think I did. After lots of research and trial and error, I’ve raised my saddle 2cm and moved it forward about […]

11 Jan 19
What's in my closet | Second Life Fashion Blog

Now I have to admit I have not seen the movie at all (yet) but from the title I just have to assume it is related to computer gaming. However I can imagine that there would be a point where you hear “Ready player One?” and you just think…..”Oh heck no I need a break!”. […]

10 Jan 19

2019-01-10 20:01:19 [ad_1] The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce will host its first Small Business Roundtable on Wednesday, Jan. 16 from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. at the chamber office. The program, geared toward small businesses, will feature experts in the field of finance, banking, human resources, marketing and legal. A moderator will lead a panel […]