18 Jul 19
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13 Jul 19

Elaine Degiorgio is with Elaine Heru Rising and 2 others. 9 hrs · Message from Lao Tsu brought in through Trance Transmission. Behold I come forth at this hour to grant every blessing from the Great Central Sun – For the Golden Temple of Light ignites once more – for many hidden Truths are […]

13 Jul 19
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Pandora jewelry is recognized worldwide. Pandora have created some amazing charm bracelets and a 100 % wonderful involving intricate charms. More and more women are for guys to hide charm bracelets than ever, but sadly some unscrupulous people make fake Pandora jewelry so as to profit. Pandora style beads usually come in rhodium, silver, glass […]

12 Jul 19
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11 Jul 19

SaraBeautyCorner – DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail ArtDIY shamballa bracelet! In this shamballa bracelet tutorial I show how to make Macrame bracelets. For this DIY bracelet you only need a string and a few beads. Shamballa bracelet in this DIY tutorial consists of a usual square knots and several colorful beads which I added to the […]

10 Jul 19

The Protected Man Shamballa style custom made bracelet is the perfect fit for the man/men in your life. This bracelet contains Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Beads as well as Hematite Crystal Beads. Black Tourmaline is a Force Field Protector. It provides protection against negative energy and is one of the most powerful crystals that helps with anxiety. It also helps with confusion and chaos!

Just like Black Tourmaline, Hematite helps absorb negative energy and is a great protection crystal as well! It also calms you down in times of stress and worry. Hematite also helps regulate blood flow through the body and can relieve headaches and issues with anemia.

With both of these crystal combine, you will have the ultimate protection around you at all times.

Please allow 2-3 business days for order processing.

Disclaimer: Each bead is made from raw crystals and can contain imperfections. No two crystals are the same. We strive to give you the greatest, purest quality crystals and we stand by our products 100%. Our goal is to make you happy with your order.

05 Jul 19

Partez à la découverte d’une mode masculine unique et authentique grâce à une collection de bracelets en cuir pour un style chic et décontracté.

03 Jul 19
Herren Hemden

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