17 Dec 18
Art Salazar

I’ve always thought of a mule as someone stubborn…of course, other than a real mule…the product of a donkey and a female horse, a mare…mules can’t reproduce…and they are in the category of a “beast of burden”…thanks Mick Jaeger…the mules carrying the gold back down the mountain in The Treasure of Sierra Madre…and always carrying […]

17 Dec 18
Saudi Arabia Breaking News

Saudi Arabia Breaking News: Saudi Arabia to Target U.S. With Sharp Oil Export Cut, Sources Say – Yahoo! Finance News. Saudi Arabia to Target U.S. With Sharp Oil Export Cut, Sources Say  Yahoo! Finance News (Bloomberg) — After flooding the U.S. market in recent months, Saudi Arabia plans to slash exports to the world’s largest oil […]

17 Dec 18
Spiritual and Cultural Tour Guide🇮🇳

Tamil Nadu’s predominantly temple tourism attracted 34, 00,00,000 domestic & 48,00,000 foreign tourists/devotees in 2017. Our temples  are supporting 50,00,000 people in Tamilnadu alone through direct & indirect jobs. Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai was tagged as the ‘Cleanest Iconic Place’ by the Government of India in October, 2017.   The ancient town of Madurai is a […]

17 Dec 18

Managed to get a shower in yesterday. The building made me wait ’til 2:30, tho. Those hot water hogs were up and active all morning. I know no other way to put this: I was attacked. By something. I spent the morning in my pjs and a big hoodie, waiting until I had enough hot […]

17 Dec 18
Cinema Truth

If there is a syntax of cinema, Steven Spielberg is the most fluent.  But he doesn’t have to be the director.  Anyone who believes in and learns to apply film grammar can direct a movie correctly, setting challenges that create problems and limitations and then figuring out how to solve those. This is not about […]

17 Dec 18
Jennifer ~ Tar Heel Reader

Happy Monday and welcome to my stop on the Master of his Fate blog tour!  Today I have a review of the first in a shiny, new series by Barbara Taylor Bradford and now available from St. Martin’s Press. My Thoughts: Master of His Fate, the first in a new series by Barbara Taylor Bradford, […]

17 Dec 18

We have heard of the famous saying, ‘A stitch in time saves nine!’ This is true when it comes to taking care of your health as well!  If you are experiencing heaviness and swelling in the veins of your legs and feet, you are probably having varicose veins. And it is necessary that you get […]

17 Dec 18

The underdogs are back. No Carson Wentz, no problem. Rallying behind Nick Foles, the Philadelphia Eagles beat a very, very good Los Angeles Rams team, 30-23, in something of a potential playoff picture-altering game. As always, win or lose, we hand out 10 awards. 1) The ‘Robbing Season’ Award: The Eagles’ defense The 2018 Eagles […]

17 Dec 18

Chapter 1: Relative Strength The night continued on and we talked for a bit more, but we were all exhausted so we retired for the night. Scald my eyes with the laser if you need to wake me up I’m going to start lustrating. [Scalding sounds like I’m torturing you. It’s completely safe!] Is it? […]

17 Dec 18
Social News XYZ

New York, Dec 17 (IANS) Researchers, including one of an Indian-origin, have developed a thin, durable and high-tech personal heating patch that could be sewn into clothes to generate heat, while significantly reducing users’ electric bill as well as energy waste in buildings. The low-cost and flexible heating patches is made from polyester fabric fused […]

17 Dec 18

The beleaguered gold stocks are recovering from their late-summer capitulation, enjoying a solid young upleg as investors gradually return.  Their buying has pushed the leading gold-stock ETF near a major triple breakout technically.  That event should really boost capital inflows into this sector, accelerating the rally.  A major gold and gold-stock buying catalyst is likely […]

17 Dec 18
News Exc Celebrity

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With Christmas Eve merely a week away it will soon be time to dig out your stockings – but you will have a hard time finding this one.

A new puzzle from the Lenstore is challenging the web to spot the sock in this busy festive scene.

The colourful image is packed full of seasonal items including Santa hats, Christmas trees and snowman, making the lone stocking almost impossible to spot.

According to the brainteaser’s creators women will find the stocking faster than men with the current record standing at 45 seconds for spotting it.

But can you find it any faster?

Scroll down for the reveal</p