20 Jul 19
Xander's Blog

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted. This seems like a good time to start again. Some of the best memories I have at my grandparents’s home are cooking in the kitchen with Grandma and Grandpa, gardening with Grandpa, and being in the garage where Grandpa had his shop. I remember playing among the wood […]

06 Jul 19
Jacob's Shopsmith Repair Shop

Headstocks rebuilt in July 2019 Murray, VA, 1997 machine Carpenter, TX, 1983 machine McCracken, KS, 1979 machine Troupe, FL, 1993 machine Pronga, IA, 1983 machine 2 on hand to be rebuilt, 2 incoming

02 Jul 19
Shop Tales and Lore

Recently I went one-on-one with a bathroom ventilation fan that had developed an annoying squeal and become slow to start.  I fully expected to have to replace the entire unit, which is original to our home (and thus about 40 years old).  But after only a few minutes into the job, I was pleasantly surprised to […]

30 Jun 19

Download Game of Thrones Season 6 (2016) Torrent ※ Download: Game of thrones season 6 torrent 7 SAFE Sites to Download Game of Thrones Season 8 Torrent 2019! Game of Thrones season 8 kickass So while not a great deal really happened, this scene requesting that we envision the key partnerships and ill wills of […]

30 Jun 19

How to Install Eclipse in Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver ※ Download: Eclipse java download for ubuntu How To Install Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 18.04 You may also like the post below: Wonderful instructions — they helped me a lot. Steps to Download and Install Eclipse Linux version on Ubuntu via command line The below given […]

31 May 19
Jacob's Shopsmith Repair Shop

My shop and web store were closed the first half of June for a trip but I am back and accepting headstocks for work now. Be sure to utilize all of my online resources to help you maintain, troubleshoot and repair your headstock. This includes my videos, downloadable info, and various reference pages here on […]

29 May 19
Chemical Insight Reports

Industry Overview of  Sanding Belts Market The global Sanding Belts market research report studies market overview defining; definition, types, applications latest trends to identify the revenues and the progress of the market over the forecast period. The report offers preventive and premeditated management along with emphasizes the summary of the global Sanding Belts market along with […]

21 May 19
KCSpence's Semi-Random Ramblings

So, it’s May 21st….I vaguely recall saying something about how April was going to be more like March or May more like April…. Remember that old adage, “April showers bring May flowers.”? Well, looks like it’s now going to be, “May showers bring June flowers”…or “…June high temperatures.”  I’m dreading the heat this summer, and […]

01 May 19
Jacob's Shopsmith Repair Shop

Headstocks rebuilt in May 2019 Hanson, IL, 1990 machine Weaver, CO, 1988 machine Sanford, OK, 1985 machine Braig, TX, 1982 machine Swimeley, WY, 1980 machine Katzenbach, NV, 1985 machine Dudek, GA, 1983 machine Jenkins, SC, 1979 machine Marr, VA, 1990 machine Sturgeon, ME, 1982 machine Email me to schedule your service for June. Some recent […]

28 Apr 19
Over the Wireless

Last October I ordered a new Jet 1221vs lathe and bed extension. The Shopsmith had been a great first lathe, but I was after something more compact, and also at a much more comfortable height. After much indecision I decided to order the stand and stand extension Jet make specifically for the lathe – while […]

27 Apr 19

“How to Make Money in the Home Based Salvage and Recycling Business” [ad_1] IMPORTANT! READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE!! Notice May 23, 2017 – Recently a person bought the ebook and then asked for a refund weeks later because he was “aghast” that the manual did not include all the various federal, state and local regulations […]

13 Apr 19
Zero Waste McMinnville

John’s initial introduction to woodworking was watching his father-in-law working on his ShopSmith woodworking system. And when he let John try a few things, the die was cast. No issue, when his father-in-law passed, it was decided that John should get the system. However, it sat for approximately 25 years as  John was working and didn’t have […]

09 Apr 19
market research report

Global Sanding Belts Market Report 2019 – Market Size, Share, Price, Trend and Forecast is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Global Sanding Belts Industry. The global Sanding Belts market size of is xxx million in 2018 with XX CAGR from 2015 to 2018, and it is expected to reach xxx million by the end of […]

29 Mar 19
Jacob's Shopsmith Repair Shop

My repair shop and my web store were closed the first half of the month for a trip but are open now. Some slots for May repairs are now available and more will be available mid May. Reservation slots for headstock repairs for April sold out quickly as usual. 6 Headstocks rebuilt this month: Reese, […]