Shoulder Brace Trends

25 Jun 19

THE FIRST SCHOOL SHOOTER of the 1990s was an Asian boy who played the violin. I laughed when I heard an account of the rampage from my friend Ethan Gooding, who had survived it. Ethan forgave me my reaction. I think he knew by then that most people, facing up to a real atrocity, as […]

24 Jun 19
Archy news nety

We are truly privileged to be alive today, for we are witnesses to the phenomenal career of Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini, born 24 June 1987. The master has created unforgettable memories for a generation of football lovers, set records that may have been broken and left to us. Have we? My friends, we have indeed. […]

24 Jun 19
Healthcare & Life sciences Research

Orthotics can be characterized as the brace, support or splint used to align, prevent, support or to address the working of versatile body parts, for example, knee, wrist, shoulder, neck and so on. The medical field which manages the design and assembling of these devices is known as Orthotics. The orthotic devices are fundamentally used […]

21 Jun 19
GMI Research

Sports medicine devices are specialized devices that are widely used by the fitness and sports industry to prevent and promote rehabilitation for sports-related injuries such as fractures, sprains, soft tissue damage, joint dislocation, strain, and musculoskeletal injuries, etc. Surgical and therapeutic device are two basic categories of sports medicine device which include various types of products […]

19 Jun 19

There’s so much more out there than Apple Watches and Fitbits. Athos We’re sure you’re familiar with the Apple Watch, Fitbit’s trackers, Garmin’s wearables and all of the other activity tracking devices. But what about a smart helmet? Or a posture sensor?   Now playing: Watch this: High-tech fitness equipment for your home 1:13 There […]