Shrinky Dinks

08 Dec 18
It's All Happening

Originally written (with a young voice) for an editorial during my first summer in Manhattan. June 2016. Do you ever have one of those moments when you start to shrink? It’s right after you look around the room you’re in and realize everyone is way cooler than you. So you feel very small and you quietly […]

07 Dec 18
Making unique and sustainable gifts for loved ones during the holiday season can be a challenge. This year, SCRAP Humboldt will hold a series of one-hour workshops for those who love giving and making handmade gifts and holiday décor. It’s scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 15, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at SCRAP, 101 H St. in Arcata. All projects and classes are family friendly, eco-friendly and giftable. Registration and more information are available at or by phone at 707-822-2452. The schedule of craft activities is as follows: 11 a.m., upcycled ornaments; noon, repurposed wreaths; 1 p.m., succulent cork magnets; 2 p.m. “Amaze-Balls”; 3 p.m. handmade cards or gift tags; 2 to 4 p.m., Shrinky Dink gift tags, jewelry charms or ornaments. SCRAP Humboldt is Humboldt County’s only creative reuse center and a nonprofit organization.  
06 Dec 18

Yes, Virginia!  Winter is on the way and we saw our first snow of the season this week!  WOOHOO! Here’s what we’re up to in the art room this week: Kindergarten Kindergarten artists are learning about polar bears.  Students had a chance tell everything they know about these Arctic creatures and boy, do they know […]

04 Dec 18
Recover Urself

There are a lot of traditions that don’t involve alcohol that you can partake in while in recovery. Let’s face it, a lot of us are adults trying to find our way in this new world of sobriety which can really get lonely; especially around the holidays. Most everyone has their routines or are trying […]

02 Dec 18
Be New Orleans

  365 New Orleans is focused on local artists and businesses. Every single day, for one year, a new person or place will be highlighted. Follow along on Instagram: @365NewOrleans    Monica came to Jazz Fest for the first time a month after leaving a man at the altar. She was in need of some […]

28 Nov 18
tumblr backup

dresupi: 9. Meet Cute “Heya, Darce.  Get over here and meet the Shrinky-Dink!”  Tony called across the lab.  He turned back to Scott.  “You’re gonna love Darcy.  She’s awesome.” “What does she…” Scott turned to ask Tony a question, but he was already gone.   A soft touch on his arm made him jump, he […]

19 Nov 18
Mug Makes!

* Mini Mug helped, too! With my current schedule, I am lucky enough to have the time to volunteer at Mini Mug’s school. The other day, I volunteered in art class and they made leaf rub prints. These are Mini Mugs… So I thought why not use them and make a garland for the season. […]

18 Nov 18

I’m at camp this weekend and it’s a blast because I get to work with lemon juice as invisible ink and that’s super fun. The way it works is you take lemon juice and use a Q-tip or something similar like a paintbrush to draw a picture or write a secret message on paper, then […]

18 Nov 18

Hi there friends, I wanted to share photos of my first retreat I held yesterday at the Elks club lodge in Ballston Lake, New York. Let me give you the backstory, part of the training program I have been a part of for almost 3 years, encourages us to hold a creative retreat. I wanted […]

18 Nov 18
Redwood Times
Folks who’d rather not head to the stores for a Black Friday shopping extravaganza have an alternative way to jump-start their holiday season by making creative gifts from a bevy of reusable materials. SCRAP Humboldt is offering its second “Buy Nothing … Make Everything Day” Friday from noon to 6 p.m. Different family friendly craft projects — including repurposed object charm bracelets and succulent cork magnets — will be offered every hour. Amaze-balls are made with layers of crepe paper and are filled with a variety of small trinkets and gifts. (Heather Shelton — The Times-Standard) “We don’t need to go out and get new things. We have plenty of things that are already here on our planet,” said Malia Matsumoto, director of SCRAP Humboldt, a nonprofit creative reuse center in Arcata. “Using our creative imagination to create items that you can give as gifts that people are going to love and cherish,” she said, “those gifts are infused with things like heart, kindness and love and all kinds of other things that (don’t) have a price tag on it.” All ages and skill levels are welcome at this event, though children under 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult. The cost is $5 per person per craft project. Advance ticket purchase is advised by going to SCRAP Humboldt’s website at Malia Matsumoto made this giant polar bear out of bubble wrap. It’s on display right now at SCRAP Humboldt in Arcata. (Heather Shelton — The Times-Standard) “It’s a great event for people to come down with their families,” Matsumoto said, “because everyone is at home for the holidays or visiting relatives for the holidays. It’s a great time to come and have a really fun activity together.” The schedule for Friday’s “Buy Nothing … Make Everything Day” is as follows: · Noon — Succulent cork magnets. Turn corks into small succulent holders that people can stick on their fridges. “We cut these little corks and we put little succulents in there,” Matsumoto said. “They definitely live and they grow. It’s a fun little gift for anybody.” A variety of repurposed bows are available at SCRAP. (Heather Shelton — The Times-Standard) · 1 p.m. — Holiday garland. · 2 p.m. — Amaze-balls. These colorful bundles are filled with toys and other fun gifts, all wrapped up in layers of crepe paper. “It’s a wonderful-looking ball, and inside there are all kinds of trinkets and treasures and fun things you can use for creative reuse,” Matsumoto said. “There might slides in there, there might be game pieces or little chachkes and fun stuff … This is one perfect gift you could give somebody.” · 3 p.m. — Repurposed object charm bracelets. Choose from a selection of repurposed goodies at SCRAP or bring in meaningful items from home to revitalize. Tools and supplies will be provided. · 4 p.m. — Shrinky Dinks. Learn how to adorn and shrink plastic to create gift tags, jewelry charms and other gifts. “We’re making Shrinky Dinks out of No. 6 recycled plastic,” Matsumoto said. “… You start with a larger image, you put it in the oven and it shrinks down to a smaller image — the colors get crisper, the image gets crisper and it’s a really fun activity … Last year, I had a holiday party and everyone made … little ornaments for my tree.” · 5 p.m. — Ink-stamped tags and gift wrap. Learn to carve a cork into a stamp, then use that stamp to make cards, gift tags and wrapping paper. Also, create origami folding boxes and fabric bags and learn Japanese fabric folding techniques to create reusable gift wrap. SCRAP Humboldt has a whole section of holiday items that are available to purchase. (Heather Shelton — The Times-Standard) “Instead of just having paper where you open it up and use it up and it’s done, you recycle it,” she said. SCRAP Humboldt — which has been a community resource since 2012 — provides educational programs on creative reuse and operates its Arcata store, providing inexpensive arts, crafts and office supplies, as well as a wide array of other items. “Because we’re a donation-based creative reuse nonprofit, everything in our store is everywhere between 30 and 80 percent off retail prices,” Matsumoto said. “… Because it’s all donation based, new things come out every day.” SCRAP has diverted more than 24,880 pounds of material from the waste stream so far this year, she said. “That’s more than the weight of 20 grizzly bears,” Matsumoto said. She added: “Our work in 2018 has reached nearly 1,500 kids with the help of our dedicated staff and more than 1,100 hours from our amazing volunteers.” In addition to the Make Everything Day, SCRAP Humboldt has plenty more activities planned over the next few months. A fall Camp SCRAP for kids begins Monday and runs through Wednesday. A winter Camp SCRAP is slated for Jan. 3 and 4. To sign up, go to A “Campaign Sign Bird House” workshop is set for Saturday, Nov. 24, from 1 to 3 p.m. The cost is $20, with materials provided. “Woven Wall Hangings” will be taught Nov. 29 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. The cost is $15. SCRAP Humboldt is located at 101 H St. in Arcata. More information about all of SCRAP’s programs and activities can be found at
12 Nov 18
C o g n i t i o n ♥

For this blog I wanted to do something different. Instead of doing something from the book specifically, I wanted to learn something for myself. Though we did something similar to this in class, I wanted to expand it and learn more myself. I asked three of my friends a series of questions to learn more […]

10 Nov 18

TIL that Shrinky Dinks came out the same year that I did: 1973. October 19th, to be exact.

31 Oct 18

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything here. I feel like the month of October didn’t slip away from me – it ran at full force. So, a quick recap? The leaves started to change colors here around the start of the month. I can’t believe that I forgot the vibrancy of autumn. […]