Shrinky Dinks

20 May 19
80s Baby

For this edition of the Toy Box I would like to talk about some less championed childhood toys. These toys sort of fell into the gaps between action figures, play sets,  stuffed animals, and the like, but each was a lot of fun in its own right and deserves to be remembered. I don’t want […]

16 May 19
mrs. jigg

We have been using shrink plastic, a material that thickens and shrinks once heated, to make personalized crafts and gifts.

15 May 19

Wednesday, May 15th 2019 ClaraJane rollerskates around friends at the morning bus stop:   After school, Gavin reads while ClaraJane works on Shrinky-Dink jewelry (in rollerskates):                     Gavin tries to convince his sister that one day she could be, like, an Art Scientist on Roller Skates: […]

13 May 19
Inventors of Tomorrow

A collection of hands-on activities for kids to learn about submarines.

12 May 19

I have been hearing the same question asked at several Outdoor School style trainings I’ve attended this year. How do we integrate subjects so that we can be outdoors, teach about the environment, foster a love for nature – and still meet standards? There is an advantage to being an educator for almost 20 years […]

02 May 19

(working as part of a ‘Japanese 72 season micro-climate’ artist collaborative initiative within Treesisters) Japanese season called ‘Kokuu’/ Grain Rains. 20th April until 4th May .Micro climate ‘peonies bloom’ 30th April – 4th May. Going a bit cuckoo myself trying to keep up with this fleeting seasons! I have been spending more time than I […]

26 Apr 19
I have my doubts

I’m going to prom tonight! So I’m getting this out of the way tout de suite (tout de suit?). I forced myself to watch another documentary last night. I don’t know if it’s a matter of being responsible, disciplined or self-loathing, but making myself consume more educational content out of fear and guilt is working. […]

26 Apr 19

Shrinky DinksCool StuffBox Contains 21 Precut Shrinky Dinks Plastic Shapes8 Color Pencils 6 Pipe Cleaners 2 Key Chains6 MagnetsInstructionsAdult Supervision Required! Shipping/Packing: Cost is actual via USPS First Class or Priority Mail…shipped in USA only…buyer will be emailed a shipping tracking number. Sorry, no international orders!!! Payment Info: Credit cards and electronic payments accepted thru PayPal. […]

26 Apr 19
Join editors Elliot Williams and Mike Szczys to recap the week in hardware hacking. This episode looks at microfluidics using Shrinky Dinks, expanding foam to build airplane wings, the insidious effect of time on component solder points, and Airsoft BBs used in 3D printing. Finishing out the episode we have an interview with two brothers who started up a successful business in the Shenzhen electronics markets. Take a look at the links below if you want to follow along, and as always, tell us what you think about this episode in the comments! Direct download (67.6 MB of audio splendor) Places to follow Hackaday podcasts: Google Play iTunes Soundcloud Spotify Stitcher RSS Episode 016 Show Notes: New This Week: Elliot’s headed to VCF Europe this weekend VCFe 20.0 – Vintage Computer Festival Europe He hopes to play the vector game Space Duel there Mike’s off to KiCon 2019, both Anool Mahidharia and Kerry Scharfglass are presenting Interesting Hacks of the Week: Making Microfluidics Simpler With Shrinky Dinks Last year we saw electronic droplet manipulation: Microfluidics “Frogger” is a Game Changer for DIY Biology Making a Flying Wing With Expanding Foam This Old Korg Can’t Have Too Many Samples The processor in this project uses a QUIP-64 package QUIP == quad in-line package Mowerbot Keeping The Lawn In Check Since 1998 URL hack for the good stuff Steel-Reinforced 3D Prints Stepper Motor Mods Improve CNC Flat Coil Winder 3D Printed Tank Track Pops Together with Plastic BB for Hinge Airsoft pellets are in frequent use for clever 3D printed designs: Cycloidal Robot Actuator by LoboCNC – Thingiverse Airsoft Pellet Bearing Kite Reel Winder by riskable – Thingiverse Airsoft Ball Bearing Drawer Slide by EasilyBuild – Thingiverse Quick Hacks: Mike’s Picks: Vintage Camera Flash Turned OLED Desk Clock Vintage Slide Viewers Make Beautiful Retro Emulators Watch These Two Robots Cooperate On a 3D Print Elliot’s Picks: Video Mangler For All Your Video Mangling Needs Characterising A Potentiometer With A Stepper Motor Mechanical Integration With KiCad Can’t-Miss Articles: Why Satellites of the Future Will be Built to Burn Component Shelf Life: How To Use All That Old Junk Interview: Left-to-right: Sheng, Mike, Xuan, Ken (translator) Here’s the story of starting a business in the Shenzhen electronics markets of Huaqiangbei. Two brothers, Xuan and Sheng, started up Xuan Hoa in 2013 and built a successful cellphone tool company, having overcome much along the way. They sat down with Mike in a coffee shop to recount their experience. Thanks to Scotty Allen of Strange Parts for connecting us for this fascinating story. Plastic razor blades are an interesting specialized tool. (Also Xuan Hoa brand) Xuan Hoa branded screwdrivers Note the Hackaday (and Dangerous Prototypes) stickers on the front of the Xuan Hoa booth. Mike and Xuan pose beside the Xuan Hoa booth in Shenzhen, China
24 Apr 19
Best DIY ideas

This easy to make Mother's or Father's Day craft for kids is the perfect homemade keepsake to give to mom, dad, grandma or grandpa. Use Shrinky Dinks to create a DIY initial and headshot keychain – they're simple to make but totally unique. Anyone can mak

This easy to make Mother's or Father's Day craft for kids is the perfect…

24 Apr 19
It’s as if the go-to analogy these days for anything technical is, “It’s like a series of tubes.” Explanations thus based work better for some things than others, and even when the comparison is apt from a physics standpoint it often breaks down in the details. With microfluidics, the analogy is perfect because it literally is a series of tubes, which properly arranged and filled with liquids or gasses can perform some of the same control functions that electronics can, and some that it can’t. But exploring microfluidics can be tough, what with the need to machine tiny passages for fluids to flow. Luckily, [Justin] has turned the process into child’s play with these microfluidic elements made from Shrinky Dinks. For those unfamiliar with this product, which was advertised incessantly on Saturday morning cartoon shows, Shrinky Dinks are just sheets of polystyrene film that can be decorated with markers. When placed in a low oven, the film shrinks about three times in length and width while expanding to about nine times its pre-shrunk thickness. [Justin] capitalized on this by CNC machining fine grooves into the film which become deeper after shrinking. Microfluidics circuits can be built up from multiple layers. The video below shows a mixer and a simple cell sorter, as well as a Tesla valve, which is a little like a diode. We find [Justin]’s Shrinky Dink microfluidics intriguing and can’t wait to see what kind of useful devices he comes up with. He’s got a lot going on, though, from spider-powered beer to desktop radio telescopes. And we wonder how this technique might help with his CNC-machined microstrip bandpass filters.
20 Apr 19
Faris Family

To make this washing machine, I first grabbed a box. I used a box cutter to cut out a door. I used a big piece of plastic from something (possibly part of a pizza box, but who knows…I had been holding onto it for a LONG TIME, intending to make “shrinky dinks”!) I attached it […]

19 Apr 19
Fifth Talent Farm and Upholstery

Looking for a quick craft to make with the kids or a DIY Mother’s Day gift, the kind of gift kids can make with as little of your help as possible? This super easy Tic Tac Toe board is sure to win big! This project is fun for kids who love to paint (which is […]

17 Apr 19

Marley Majcher is the CEO of The Party Goddess!, a nationally acclaimed full-service event planning and catering company, and author of But Are You Making Any Money? (a witty and lauded business guide for  smart entrepreneurs just like you) and a leading small business expert in Los Angeles, California. From understated elegance to rock star […]

14 Apr 19
Celeste's Bullet Journal

See the summarised instructions on page 2 here I’ve recently become obsessed with pins. Well, not recently. I’ve always loved them, I’ve just never really had an applicable use for them. Until now. Look at my bag, isn’t she pretty. But pins are sporadic with their prices. Some are free (like that wonderful Amnesty pin […]

13 Apr 19
Adventures in reading, running and working from home

A bit of a late review here as I’m over half-way through my next two books (“Henry and Cato” and “The Library of Ice” – about 60% of the way through both!) but a great read that my lovely friend Sian gave me for my birthday in 2018 – she always gets it spot-on with […]