22 Apr 19

The global reusable water bottles market is fragmented due to the presence of large number of players in the market. In 2016, five players in the market held 6% share in the global market. The market is experiencing intense competition as new players keep entering the market by offering high potential growth in the market. […]

21 Apr 19
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15 Apr 19
#viennacontemporary Magazine

Don’t miss this week in Vienna:

13 Apr 19

Since we had our adventures on the great wall with our maskot Sir Pork (see “Update part one [. . .]”) we have been through some stuff and are currently at the Green Zone café in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. This is the story of how we got here. After sleeping out in our […]

12 Apr 19
ArezzoWeb Informa

Domenica pomeriggio alle ore 18 il Palapsort Estra ospiterà il big match dell’ultima giornata di campionato di Serie C Silver. L’Amen Scuola Basket Arezzo, con il morale alto dopo il blitz di Fucecchio, sfiderà il Colle Basket dell’ex amaranto Moroni. La compagine della Valdelsa segue la SBA di soli due punti in classifica, aggiungendo così ulteriore […]