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22 Mar 19

View From The Couch is a weekly column that reviews what’s new on Blu-ray and DVD. Ratings are on a four-star scale.

17 Mar 19
Amy Writes Sometimes

In the USSR’s Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears (1980), which won Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards the following year, the heroine Katya proclaims: “Life begins at 40.” As the 40th anniversary of the film’s official release date approaches, it is ripe for revisiting.

02 Mar 19
Silent London

Who can resist a good film book? Not me. Sometimes I have to close my eyes when I pass a bookshop, just to save my bank balance.. Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to dip into several new silent movie-related books – some of which have been sent to me to review. In fact I have […]

01 Mar 19

The essence of a grifter, even a well meaning one, is wrapped in the essence of risk and danger vs. reward. In “A Lot Of Nerve” [Ian McCulloch/Thistle/280pgs], it is about the lead character of Jones knowing where to see his limits versus the capital to be gained. Like most criminal protagonists, he always seems […]

28 Feb 19
The Inside Reel

Located two hours outside of Chicago right over the border in Wisconsin, Beloit is a small little town with a bustling and cool artisan scene with some local bars but also some great little eateries (Bushel & Pecks and their Bloody Marys deserve mention). In the latter half of February, just as a balance of […]