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15 Dec 18

On the eleventh day of Perezmas, pop culture gave to us… ELEVEN nasty scuffles!!! 2018 was a year for beef! Let’s see who served it up the best (below). Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Things have gone downhill FAST for these two rappers over the past few months, ever since their […]

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11 Dec 18
à la mode

Founded in 1872, Bloomingdale’s was one of New York’s first ever department stores and has been a much loved shopping destination ever since. Located on 3rd Avenue, the main entrance to the store features flags from across the globe. Across nine levels, you can expect to find astounding range of clothing, cosmetics, accessories and homewares. […]

11 Dec 18
Andre Eger

Pajama dressing is the latest trend to mix comfort and style.  Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Chrissy Teigen have been spotted wearing pajamas in public.  When it comes to pajama dressing, accessorizing and a proper fit is key to nailing the look.   If staying in our pajamas all day is wrong, we don’t want […]

03 Dec 18

Hello Everybody, Sarah Jessica Parker has a love affair: Its not shoes but fragrance. In her life and travels she has sought scents and smells, bringing home oils and perfumes that have inspired her to create her own scents. “One of the first things I bought as a young adult who was earning my own […]

30 Nov 18
Midwest in the City

It’s been exactly 1 month since my husband (Patrick) and I got our keys and moved into our first New York City apartment. It’s crazy to think how fast our place has come to feel like home. We still might not have things hung on the wall, but we do have curtains (after 6 hours […]

29 Nov 18
I couldn't help but wonder...

In this Variety interview with Michelle Pfeiffer, Sarah Jessica Parker reveals that “empowerment was a word that was never used once on our set, in a writers room, among female actors.” The real subject of Sex and the City? Love, according to SJP. This is problematic for some viewers who have heralded the show as […]

28 Nov 18
News Exc Celebrity

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It turns out it wasn’t just money and a meaty storyline for Sarah Jessica Parker that led to Kim Cattrall putting the kibosh on a third Sex And The City movie.

According to E! Tuesday, it was the intended story arc for Cattrall’s character Samantha that killed all hope of another installment of the popular franchise.

The outlet claimed that the script called for Samantha to be on the receiving end of sexting and ‘d**k pics’ from Miranda’s 14-year-old son Brady and that that was the final straw. 

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27 Nov 18
Is That Joyce?

No Mr. Big and a possible affair with a teenage boy? I think we can all agree a third “Sex and the City” movie is not what anyone wants. Let us start with some context. In early 2018, Sex and the City fans were given a faint glimmer of hope of a possible third movie […]

26 Nov 18

The plot thickens as new details emerge about the canceled Sex and the City 3 movie. A source close to the project is revealing to E! News what led to the demise of the highly-anticipated third installment. According to the insider, it wasn’t just Big’s all-consuming death that discouraged Kim Cattrall from signing on for the third movie, […]

24 Nov 18
Abycats' Thoughts

Of all the outstanding titles that grabbed our attention this year, these 10 stood out. By Book World Reviewers Nov. 14, 2018 Good and Mad The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger By Rebecca Traister The author of “All the Single Ladies” pays tribute to female rage with a look at the history of women who got things done […]

22 Nov 18
Too Many Tomes

“I know someone who believes that Hugo Boss scents constitute proof that God does not exist.”