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26 Apr 19
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We located a Bluetooth sensor on each hand hotter to music how hot it got. Photo: Sarah Kobos For this replace, we examine present critiques of hand heaters, browsed bloodless-weather-sports forums, scoured masses of product listings throughout retailers, and reconsidered our existing listing of dismissals. We quick-indexed 19 fashions, and prioritized excellent reviews, marketed heating […]

25 Apr 19

First principles thinking, which is sometimes called reasoning from first principles, is one of the most effective strategies you can employ for breaking down complicated problems and generating original solutions. It also might be the single best approach to learn how to think for yourself. The first principles approach has been used by many great […]

25 Apr 19 / Ottawa Sportspage

Racing in front of her friends and family in her home province of Quebec made cross country skier Zoë Williams’ first World Cup an experience to remember.

24 Apr 19
Lift Blog

The Caribou-Targhee National Forest recently accepted an updated road map for Grand Targhee Resort, which could eventually result in the western Teton mountain operating as many lifts as the more famous one to the east.  The 2018 Master Development Plan serves as a guide for what could change over the following decades and includes a […]

24 Apr 19
KahliBuds Tea News Giovanni Albertini is accustomed to opulence. At this checkpoint on the Switzerland-Italy border, a two-hour drive from Milan, he spends his days evaluating well-coiffed travelers and scouring their Gucci and Louis Vuitton luggage for contraband. He and his Swiss border patrol colleagues have assessed diamonds, pricey wines, and caviar, among other luxuries. But the […]

24 Apr 19
Dandelion's Expedition

This weekend began heinous but concluded wonderfully. The gate to hwy 20 for Washington Pass swung open Thursday morning. Knowing that climbers and skiers from all over the state would migrate to the North Cascades on the first weekend of the opening, Damien and I opted to go slightly further East to dodge the crowds […]

24 Apr 19
Ski Store

Since time eternal, man has wanted to obtain the power to find out if he could walk on water. In some way he discovered that Skiing would be a good option. Nevertheless, he’s selected a task that’s a a bit more intense than the usual casual stroll over the waves could be. Skiing could be […]

24 Apr 19
BIC Graphic Blog

Athletic activity among Americans has steadily increased since 2013, even gaining 1.6 million participants since just 2017. According to the Physical Activity Council, athletic participation in fitness sports, individual sports, team sports, outdoor sports, etc. is being integrated back into the daily lives of many consumers. (1) We already know there is a lot of […]

24 Apr 19
The Mad Ramblings of Mrs S.

Confession time.  I, the Fakebook hating activist who believes that the blue and white logo needs burning atop of a pile of rumours, gossip and snaky lies, have an addiction.  It, like all great loves, is one that has grown from small beginnings.  No grand passion but a liking, respect and interest which has grown […]

24 Apr 19

It’s been a flighty few weeks here on the western side of the Atlantic. I’m sitting typing this in a garden in central Arizona while we wait for the start of the Arizona Trail Race, but that will (hopefully) be a story for another time. Before the warmth, sun and cacti happened, I spent 10 […]

23 Apr 19
Red Boat by the Sea

When we were presented with another school break in February we jumped at the chance to meet up with our good friends (and former neighbors) in Germany. They left for Europe around the same time we did but settled in Munich because of jobs and the language. Our friends live in a beautiful suburb with […]

22 Apr 19
The Wandering Yorkshire Lens

Reykjavik- Þingvellir National Park- Strokkur Geysir- Gullfoss- Hjalparfoss- Kerið- Lava Tubes- Hella- Seljalandsfoss- Skógafoss- Sólheimajökull– Dyrhólaey- Reynisfjara- Fjallsárlón- Jökulsárlón- Ice Caves- Hof Viking Church- Blue Lagoon. Things to be aware of: It’s expensive. Both food and fuel are expensive in Iceland this is because of the costs to import and the high levels of tax […]

22 Apr 19
Western Heart & Home

Without a doubt, captivating views are in store when you explore areas in and around McCall, Idaho. In September and early October you will see brilliant colors in the city and state parks of this town, featuring beautiful Payette Lake. This gorgeous mountain settlement is located a little more than 100 miles north of Boise, […]

21 Apr 19
Dave Weale Consulting

420! The favourite holiday of pretty much everyone involved in the cannabis industry. I figured I’d take this opportunity to share a little bit about my own experience with cannabis over the years and talk about the impact this wonderful plant has had on my life. Note: This article ended up being a bit of […]