15 May 19

Deep cleans and clarifies the skin
2-in-1 Facial Cleanser + Makeup Remover
Oxygenates the skin

29 Apr 19
Kelly Driscoll

There’s something special about K-beauty. No matter what draws you in (ingredients, packaging, something from another country) you can’t deny that having some Korean skincare products on your shelf can give you the warm and fuzzies. Although there are drawbacks to K-beauty addiction, and one of the biggest ones can be where to buy it! […]

16 Apr 19
Beauty Siren

I first posted my project pan at the start of the year with 19 products I wanted to use up, or use more of in 2019. Now that we’re in April, I thought it was a good time to check in on how I’m doing so far. I haven’t taken any additional progress pictures but […]

01 Apr 19

Hey all! For my last project pan , I partnered up with another beauty blogger (who’s also doing a P.P) so that I didn’t forget my target, lose focus or abort mission. I found having a panning buddy made the whole process of panning (or decluttering) just so much more fun, which is what using […]

25 Feb 19

Rozjaśniająca maska na noc. Pięknie pachnie, jest różowa, ale nie nadaje się na maskę na noc.   Przede wszystkim maska ta nie wchłania się bardzo długo. Po nałożeniu wyraźnie czuło się ją na twarzy (jak zimny kisiel albo tłusty krem starej generacji). Do rana wchłonęła się tylko częściowo, nadal miałam tłustawą mazię na buzi, tłuste […]

07 Feb 19

Hiya Everyone! Hope you are well~ I have been following K-Beauty (Korean-Beauty) and Asian cosmetic trends for years now and I love their ideas and innovations. The interesting thing I have noticed while living in UK is that the Western brands started to become heavily ‘inspired’ by Asian beauty industry since some time ago. A […]

27 Jan 19

Hello All~ As this is my first post I have decided I wanted to write about something I am greatly inspired by. I am interested in South Korean beauty trends a lot as I think they are very innovative and cultivated. Korean products are often my first choice cosmetics and in this post you will […]

22 Jan 19
Beauty Siren

While I had a few products I wanted to use up, I didn’t really participate in a project pan last year. I’m not sure if this will be too ambitious or not but I’ve identified 19 items that I really want to make progress with in 2019, even if I don’t use them all up. Read […]

20 Jan 19
Beauty Siren

This idea is a complete rip-off of what Rachael did here so do go check that out! 2018 is my first complete year of blogging, and my first complete year of empties posts. So I combined that with my love of putting data into spreadsheets and charts and analyses everything I used up! I used […]

15 Jan 19

Philippines is known as one of the country that has a hot temperature. Every summer it makes Philippines much hotter than the usual temperature, and people can’t do anything about it. Since the sunnies company already has their product that is good and useful for summer, which is the shades that comes with different various […]

07 Jan 19
Beauty Siren

My last 2018 empties post! December for me is definitely the time to focus on clearing out and using up as much as possible to make room for all the new Christmas goodies. Makeup L’Oreal Paradise Ecstatic Mascara Compared to other mascaras I currently have open, this one was no longer performing as it used […]